You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like High School Show Choir.

Stranger: Perv?

You: That's not the usual greeting..

You: I usually go for a more subtle "Hello", "Hi", or "Hi I'm Bob. You are?"

Stranger: Hello Bob, are you a pervert?

You: No, as a matter of fact I'm not.

Stranger: Fantastic. This is strange, usually no one lists High School Show Choir as an interest.

You: I've noticed that too. I guess tonight's just lucky.

You: So I assume you're actually in high school if you're here?

Stranger: Unfortunately, yes. I'm a junior.

You: Me too!

You: Unfortunately?

Stranger: I'm gay. My classmates don't like that, Bob.

You: I know what that feels like. I used to be in a similar situation. But enough about that, stranger.

You: And my name's not Bob. That was a hypothetical situation.

Stranger: So then what is your name?

You: Guess.

Stranger: Well I'm going to need some hints, then.

You: Think Casablanca.

Stranger: That's a little before my time.

You: Me too, but it's a classic.

Stranger: Actor or character?

You: Sorry, one hint per session.

Stranger: Spoil sport. Okay I'm on the Wikipedia page, and I'm gonna shoot off names.

You: You only get one guess.

Stranger: Do enjoy being difficult?

You: It's a passion.

Stranger: Humphrey?

You: God no. I would've changed my name by now if so. My turn to guess yours.

You: First of all (this doesn't count as my hint) m/f?

Stranger: I'm assuming you're asking male or female. Male

You: Ah, okay. I'm ready for my hint

Stranger: The Sound of Music.

You: George?

Stranger: No cigar.

You: Guess we're both out of luck.

Stranger: Guess so.

You: So same time tomorrow, and we'll try again?

Stranger: If the High School Show Choir tag isn't crawling with people, you mean.

You: Oh but of course ;-)

Stranger: Then see you tomorrow, Bob.

You have disconnected.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like High School Show Choir.

You: Hey stranger.

Stranger: Hey yourself. For my hint answer yesterday's question.

You: Getting right down to it, eh? No small talk? Nothing about the weather? Nothing about the news?

Stranger: I'm waiting.

You: I'm huffing at you.

Stranger: Still waiting.

You: Character.

Stranger: Rick? Or I guess maybe Richard?

You: Nada.

Stranger: Dammit.

You: Same question to you.

Stranger: Very original. Character.

You: Yeah, well. Max?

Stranger: Close.

You: Are you serious?!

Stranger: No of course I'm not! That's not remotely close to any other character's name.

You: Okay wow.

Stranger: Sorry, I'm not in a very good mood right now. Maybe we can talk tomorrow.

Stranger has disconnected

You: Okay..

A/N: Because this wouldn't be one of my fics without a boring and long author's note! Yay so I'm writing again for anyone who followed my last story that is currently on hiatus. I don't think I'll be continuing that for awhile but new project yay!

This first chapter has turned out suspiciously like "Little Numbers" (if you haven't read that yet I highly recommend you step away from my garbage immediately and go read it!). It wasn't my intention to make this a Little Numbers copycat and that's not what it's gonna be in the future.

I'd love any reviews-negative or positive. If I suck, please tell me immediately. If I should be a published author already (ha!) please tell me. Any problems? Mispellings? Format issues?