You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like High School Show Choir.

You: Franz?

Stranger: Nope.

Stranger: You didn't even wait for my hint. It was a good one.

You: Oops..

Stranger: So I guess it's only fair that I make a guess without a hint, too.

You: If you want...

Stranger: Victor.

You: You know, my name was almost going to be Victor. But then my mom had some hormonal freak out in the delivery room and said she hated that name.

Stranger: So I'll take that as a no?

You: Right.

You: Wait no, wrong.

You: You're right about it being wrong.

You: Way to confuse me.

Stranger: It was just a question.

You: A confusing and difficult question.

Stranger: If you say so.


You: We've reached the awkward part of the conversation where we can either completely change the topic or just disconnect.

Stranger: Keep talking? So far this has been the highlight of my day.

You: Sure. How about you tell me what was bugging you yesterday?

Stranger: Sorry about that..

You: No big deal, do you want to talk about it?

You: You don't have to, its just that if you wanna I'm here to listen.

Stranger: Thanks. It's just a bunch of Neanderthals at my school who are harassing me.

Stranger: This one guy seems to have made it his personal mission to make my life a living hell.

You: That sucks, I'm sorry.

Stranger: Usually it just rolls off my back because I know it will get better one day, when I'm on Broadway and he's stuck in some deadbeat job in this small time for the rest of his life. But lately, I'm getting really sick of waiting for "one day".

You: So don't.

Stranger: Don't what?

You: Don't wait for your "one day". Go get it. Show this bully that you refuse to be his victim.

You: Mind if I tell you a little story?

Stranger: Go ahead.

You: I came out in my freshman year. I'd known since I was eleven and I was sick of pretending to have crushes on girls like my friends. I thought everything would be easier if I told the truth. I was so wrong. I went from top of the social heap to the very bottom, even below the science geeks. My friends stopped talking to me except to throw slurs in my direction. My former best friends became my biggest bullies. One night in January, there was a Sadie Hawkins dance. I asked my only friend in the school, the only other gay guy. I didn't like him like *that* (to risk sounding like a middle school girl), but I wanted to go to the dance. I wanted to feel like a normal kid. The dance sucked. We left early and were waiting for his Dad to pick us up when three guys appeared out of nowhere. Two jumped on him and started pounding him. The third shoved me down and smashed my head onto the ground. I was knocked out cold immediately, and I don't remember the rest of the attack. I woke up in the hospital the next day with a severe concussion and three broken ribs.

Stranger: Oh my god.

Stranger: What happened next?

You: The other guy, Declan, was in the ICU for two weeks. His parents refused to let me see him up until the day he was released. He told me he was going to finish high school in New York City, living with his grandparents. That's when I knew I couldn't face three more years in that hell. I barely survived it with Declan by my side, no way I could do it alone. So I transferred. My parents found an all-boys boarding school just a few hours away with a strictly enforced no-bullying policy.

You: The point is, I ran. I ran away from my tormentors because I couldn't take it anymore. But you can. You can be stronger than I was.

Stranger: How? I don't know how to be strong...they're all so big and strong and everything.

You: Strength doesn't have to be physical.

Stranger: But that sure would help.

You: Ha, yeah, it would.

Stranger: Thanks for telling me that.

You: I'd be lying if I said it was my pleasure but it's fine. I rested my demons long ago.

Stranger: I better get going, my step brother is banging on my door.

You: See you tomorrow?

Stranger: Tomorrow, stranger.

You: One last thing.

Stranger: Yeah?

You: It's Blaine.

Stranger: What is?

You: My name. My name's Blaine.

You have disconnected

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