*King's Apple*

by: WhiteGloves

-Epilogue 22.3-

This is the LAST!

in this—



In the middle of heavy rain, a ball bounced on the tennis court so fiercely it nearly made a hole on the ground. The ball bounced a few more times before losing its spin and rolling lastly to a player's shoe where it stopped.

"Hey, stop now you two!" said a German coach in his heavy American accent, "it's dangerous to continue playing in this rain! Are you fools!?"

One of the players, whose hair was plastered on his face and dripping wet, stared at the ball on his feet with his spectacles obscured by the rain which something he didn't seem to mind. His whole body was damp, even his tennis racquet was but he still just stood there in the middle of the court. The tall guy with the spectacles then looked up toward the dark figure of a man on the other court who was as drenched in the rain as he was.

He stared at the man long and hard. And then at the outcome of their match. It had been an intense battle.

The dark man, whose hair was also all over his face and his body drenched and cold, didn't move from his spot either. He just kept staring at his spectacled opponent with that mad gaze of his as if he was truly a madman. His eyes were too sharp and blades were on it. His shoulders were moving up and down and his breathings shallow. He did everything he could. And now the outcome.

Thunder stroke the sky. The German coach continued shouting angrily at the two.

Until the spectacled man, whose name was Tezuka, saw his opponent finally straightened. And then without a word, turned his back on him and walked on the darkness outside the court. Tezuka's eyes flickered.

"You've gotten stronger again... Atobe."

Fuji woke up with a start at the sound of his phone ringing. Everything in his room was dark.

A vacant expression came to his naturally good features.


With his senses still unable to grasp what was happening, he rolled his body over the bed so that he was facing the ceiling and closed his eyes again. Something before waking up was left hanging on his thoughts but he couldn't recall it.

Oh right... I was dreaming of Tezuka... Tezuka with cat ears...

A smile crept up the genius' lips.

But then he realized there were more to it. Why his teammate appeared suddenly on his dream, he could not remember, but something was nagging really badly on his ears. As he tried to recall what it was that was bugging his mind the genius opened his eyes.

And the phone kept ringing.

Blinking at the sudden idea of the phone, the brown haired young man looked at his clock to find that it was only half past five in the morning. Who could be calling him at such an hour?

He let the phone ring two more times before finally picking up the receiver.


"Hello, Syuusuke?"

Fuji raised his head a little with eyebrows high up the sky.


"Yeah it's me!" Fuji Yumiko went on a little energetically for a morning, "happy graduation!"

The brown haired player looked at the calendar beside the phone and remembered that it was indeed, his graduation day.

"Oh, thank you."

"Are you ready now?"

"Not yet..."

"Eh?That's not good, Syuusuke, it's your graduation. Please don't tell me you just woke up because of my phone call?"

The brown haired Seigaku had to press his lips. His silence made his sister sigh on the other side.

"Come on, Syuusuke. I know you're not that kind of person so stop playing with me, please. I'm sorry I can't be there to prepare for you but I'll be there before this day ends, I promise you."

"Where are you now?"

"I'm still here in the airport waiting for the plane to let me board. My flight was delayed. They cancelled all the 1:00 am flights so I've been here for hours. But no worries—I'll be boarding this one in few minutes so I can still celebrate your graduation with Yuta,"

"I told you, you didn't have to come home for this, nee-san,"

"Don't say that, Syuusuke, graduation is important. And I really want to see you and Yuta."

"Yuta'll be here in a few minutes I think. He said he'll come pick me up himself."

"That's nice to hear. So Yuta has become the responsible brother now? Oh— I will call you again—the plane's already calling! I'll probably be there by dinner time."

"Got it, be careful on your way."

"Okay, make sure you look good! And I want Yuta to take some pictures for me, okay?"

"Hai, hai,"

"I'll call again when I arrive in the airport, Syuusuke!"

Fuji put the receiver down and stared at it for awhile. If he could just persuade his sister like how he persuaded his mother who was staying abroad to accompany his father, he really wouldn't mind celebrating with only Yuta. Yuta's already given his word that he'll be there today and that alone was enough for him.

Walking towards the window, Fuji pulled the curtains open and saw the faint light of sunrise on the horizon.

He stared at it for awhile, before looking back at the calendar. Then his eyes travelled to his tennis bag and the racquet leaning beside it. When he arrived last night he had planned to stash them away... but he just couldn't.

Planning to keep away something he's been clinging on since he realized his passion for tennis... it was like he was preparing to say good bye to them. With these thoughts now crossing his mind, will he really...?

A soft expression came on the genius' handsome face as realization clouded his eyes...

It was indeed, graduation.

"Aniki! Stop being so awkward and hold your certificate like a man!"

Hours later, we see the Fuji brothers under the sakura blossoms of the school yard taking pictures like the rest of the people around. The ceremony was already over and the students, in their black uniform, have been exchanging tearful goodbyes with their friends and enemies alike.

The Fuji brothers were one of them—one of those taking pictures by the brick wall of Seishun Academy with perfect timing to the falling sakura leaves. Yuta has been persistent on taking pictures of his older brother right after coming out of the school gym—something that has made the older brother smile to himself for quite some time now.

"You don't need to take so much, Yuta," the blue eyed newly graduated student said as his brother took on another shot, "we don't have any place to put all these photos on."

Yuta looked at the camera play button and said without looking up to his brother, "There's nothing I can about this, you know. It was mother's wishes and nee-san's after all. They told me to must absolutely not let this day go to waste. They want to see everything. I even have a video of you while taking your certificate. Now stop being shy and let's move on— you're embarrassing me. We haven't taken a photo of you in front of the school building yet."

Syuusuke Fuji's eyes followed his brothers with an amused look on his face. Just as he was about to follow him, however, a heavy weight suddenly bounded and dropped itself on his back like a bomb.


"E-Eiji?" Fuji didn't have to look behind to know that it was his classmate and former co-teammate, Eiji Kikumaru.

"So here's where you've been. I've been searching for you around! Neh, let's take pictures with the whole club, come on!"

A snapshot came and both the Seigaku players looked at Yuta who had taken a snapshot of the two. This made Eiji gleeful.

"So where are you two planning to celebrate?"

"We're just going to a family restaurant for lunch and then Yuta's probably gonna go at St. Rudolph to greet Mizuki Hajime."

"Then you don't have anything to do tonight? Yatta! Then you can come too at Takashi's, right? All the seniors will be there! You can go, right? Right?"

"Well..." Fuji looked torn a little, "my sister's probably coming around that time too..."

"Ahhh..." the acrobatic player looked thoughtful for awhile, but then cheered in the next second as he clung on the genius' arm again, "then drop by! Just drop by then and say hi to Kawamura papa and mama, okay?"

It was Fuji's time to be thoughtful, and then he nodded.


"Great! Now let's go to the court! Everybody's waiting! Oishi's gonna give a speech—or at least that's what I've heard him practicing awhile ago! You're brother's really doing his job nicely too so now come on~ Yuta-chi's going to follow us I'm sure!"

"Hai, hai," Fuji said submissively as the red headed player started pulling him towards the tennis court. Yuta watched them and then quietly followed.

In the tennis court, all members of the tennis club were there, including the freshmens and kohais that were there to say their final good bye to the seniors.

"Echizen really didn't make it after all," Oishi was saying as he stood in the circle of the other players, "and though even Tezuka's not here, I'm sure they both have us on their mind. Even though they are not here... no, even though we're not going to be here, I'm sure Seigaku team will be okay."

He turned pointedly to Kaidoh and Momoshiro who looked back at him with straight eyes.

"It was a long journey with everyone," the vice captain continued, "I'm happy to be able to meet all of you... these last three years were all precious and memorable. Arigatou gozaimasu, everyone."

"Oishi's speech is too long," Eiji snickered on Fuji's ears while Sakuno and the other young players sniffed.

"Coach Ryuuzaki,"Oishi and the others now turned to the old lady who had been listening intently with arms crossed on her chest, "for everything... arigatougozaimasu."

And like it was a common thing on their mind, all the seniors gave their bows and respects to the coach.

Coach Ryuuzaki smiled with her eyes closed and shook hands with Oishi.

"You've all done a great deal for this team. It's time for all of you to move forward."

There were no regrets or pains on the senior's eyes. All that was there was determination to move on.

It was their goodbye.

That night, the Kawamura sushi house was a full house again with all the Seigaku tennis team there. Ryuuzaki-sensei was talking animatedly with the Kawamura parents while the rest were on the table where a large plate of sushi was placed. The first years joined them too and were sitting together with the second years while the seniors were on the next table.

Fuji was eating one of his favourite—wasabi rolls—which, until that day, were making Eiji turn blue.

"How do you eat that stuff up?" he asked with a look of someone who was ready to puke.

"Hmm?" the genius said absentmindedly, "it's delicious, you should try it."

"I'll die before putting that thing on my lips! Probably the only good thing about it is there's too many because no one wants to eat it!"

"What do you mean?" the genius blinked, "Inui eats it."

Inui, who was sitting beside Eiji who was just opposite Fuji, looked at the two with his glasses flashing.

"I do," he said quietly, "it's even one of the main ingredients of my latest juices."

Eiji turned pale and then grabbed Oishi's shoulder who was on his other side.

"Hey, Eiji!" the former vice captain said looking troubled.

"But it's really the end, isn't?" Takashi said as he joined the group moments later, carrying another plate of sushi, "I'm gonna miss you guys after this."

"Don't say like it's the end, Taka-san!" Momoshiro said with a large grin, "I mean— I'll always come here to eat! And the other senpai's house are not so far!"

"This is my jogging route," Kaidoh said dismissively as he took a gulp of his drink.

"I'm going to Tokyo U after two years," Inui said—making everyone stare at him in shock, "so I don't know about that. For highschool... I guess I can come by."

"Hey," Horio whispered to his buddies, "Isn't Tokyo U a place where students go to help for the development of Japan? If Inui-senpai goes there with his mixtures..."

Flashing glasses prompted the first year to not finish his words.

"I suppose Horio-kun wouldn't mind taking a little sip from my latest add ups, then?"


Laughter ensued in the sushi house.

It was still a bright good bye for everyone.

An hour later, Fuji decided to go back home to prepare for his sister's arrival. On the way he tried calling Yuta's phone but it was to his annoyance when Mizuki Hajime answered the phone.

"Hello, Syuusuke Fuji-kun? It's m—"

Fuji hung up.

Deciding that his brother was with his other teammates because of the ruckus on the background of the phone call, the older Fuji brother started walking on the quiet side walk.

Graduation was done. It was time to move forward.

Fuji's eyes flickered.

Move forward... where?

His tennis has won battles already... but he didn't want to keep moving forward for the sole purpose of winning. No, he has long realized that his tennis was and purely for his own and nothing more. With Tezuka with him during those times, tennis seemed to be the only thing for him too. Now that he has graduated and with Tezuka gone, his genuine feeling for his tennis has also shown. Tennis was his passion but it was never for winning. It was because tennis is tennis and he loved it for it alone.

Of course winning would be the whole great part of it. But to seek for something greater, Fuji knew there was much more to it than winning and he wants to hold on to that. His tennis will never fail him and it will never leave him... even if he stops joining tournament, his tennis will be his.

The genius stopped walking near a sakura tree which was blooming so lightly in the park where a lone post lamp was standing. It was a great view. Fuji just had to smile and close his eyes.

My tennis is... with me no matter what happens from this day on... it is always with me.

The sakura blossom seemed to appeal on his newly found peace as it swirl around him.

That was when Fuji's phone rang.

Taking it from his pocket, the Seigaku genius stared at the number and saw that it was an international call. His eyes opened in surprised.

Could it be...?

It was an international call... could it really be...? But then his parents are also abroad... maybe he was thinking too much. Why would he be calling him... after all.

Fuji answered the phone with great composure.


"Fuji. It's me."

The genius' eyes rounded. That familiar voice.


"Yeah," the soft whisper of his long time friend's name set Fuji's heart at ease as he walked along the quiet sidewalk, "I've decided to call now since I think you're free... or am I disturbing you?"

"No, of course you're not, you can call me any time you want." the genius answered quietly, glad that he was able to talk with Tezuka so naturally. Well, how couldn't he? For better and for worse it's always Tezuka and him and no other. This acknowledgement made the genius feel at ease even more. Then he realized he was glad he was talking with Tezuka. It was Tezuka.

"Happy graduation."

Fuji stopped walking and found himself on the lonely park area. He sat on one of the swings and held the phone closer to his ears.

"Thanks... to you too... it would have been yours too if you had remained."

"Do you still resent me for that?"

"Of course not. I've never resented your leaving..." the genius lowered his eyes quietly, "I'm always happy when I see the people I love reach forward for their dreams. To have the courage to do that... I admire those people the most. I particularly admire you the most, Tezuka."

The former captain's silence greeted him next but Fuji was in no hurry. He had longed to talk with his friend.

"What will you do in high school then, Fuji?" was Tezuka's question, "do you plan to continue playing?"

"Funny you should ask," the genius answered, "I was just thinking of the answer myself. I think I'm going to concentrate on biology this year... but tennis will always be my hobby. Even I can't run away from that."

"I see," Tezuka's voice sounded affectionate. Fuji knew then his friend was ready to support him.

"Hey...Tezuka..." the genius whispered moments later, "we're best friends... am I right?"

Tezuka seemed a little taken aback at this but he managed to answer.

"Of course."

"Then... will you forgive me for not pursuing after you anymore...? For not being an opponent who can... stand on the same court as you?"

The former captains' silence gave Fuji a moment to close his eyes.

He imagined himself standing opposite Tezuka and the last time it happened...

It felt like a distant memory. And it felt like it was saying goodbye to him forever.

Tennis won't leave him. But his goal will. The genius bowed his head and pressed his lips closed.

"I'll... come for you." Fuji's eyes widened at the response of the former Seigaku captain who continued, "I'll come back to Japan every now and then and when that happens, we'll play against each other. We'll play again and again. It doesn't matter. I'll always come for you."

Tezuka said it in such a manner that butterflies began to flutter on the genius' stomach.

To be able to play with Tezuka again... Fuji was speechless at this that in the end, he only managed a small smile.

"Tezuka..." he whispered quietly, a tear on his eye, "thank you."

He could feel Tezuka smiling on the other side too. It was such a nice graduation gift from him,

"By the way..." a sudden change in the former captain's voice made the genius listen intently, "has he called you... Atobe I mean."

Fuji knew the King's name was bound to leap in the conversation. For some reason it made him uneasy.

"No," he admitted quietly, "he didn't."

Tezuka took his time to answer and Fuji could just imagine his friend in his usual thoughtful demeanour. The week after Atobe disappeared, Tezuka called him to ask if he was alright. He said he was. Since then he has never heard anything about the King. Tezuka has never spoken about him either until now.

"I see..." the captain said quietly, "he's been avoiding me since he got here. I never had the chance to tell him what I thought of your break up. Until today where he challenged me in a match."

Fuji's eyes widened. Match?

Tezuka's voice became serious.

"Do you want to know... the outcome?"

Fuji hesitated, and then lowered his eyes.

Tezuka told him everything that happened. It made Fuji wonder. In the end of the conversation, this was Tezuka's last words...

"I don't know what will happen to the two of you from now on but if it takes too long for you to reunite then Fuji, promise me you'll come after me again."

This was a far greater surprise for the genius.


He heard the former captain gave a chuckle.

"If Atobe's not for you... then you're definitely for me."

Fuji reached home with still the conversation with Tezuka on his mind. He couldn't point out exactly what has more impact for him that night—was it the result of the match between the two, or the fact that Tezuka was planning to get him back. It really made the genius wonder.

Upon reaching his home, Fuji looked at his phone and wondered if his sister had tried to call while he was on the phone with Tezuka. The two former co-teammates had talked for quite awhile and it was possible that his sister was not able to connect. Fuji tried to call her cell phone.

There was no answer.

Sighing, the genius rummaged through his pockets for his key when a sudden thought made him stop. He rememberd what Tezuka said about Atobe's behaviour in Germany. About how the King had deliberately avoided Tezuka for a whole month. And then that match.

Fuji's eyes narrowed.

What exactly was Atobe thinking? And why continue the match with Tezuka in the middle of the rain? It was a dangerous feat and no player in their right mind would play in the stormy day like that (though he did remember his first play against Echizen) but still...!

And why... hasn't he called yet?

Fuji found the key and closed his eyes tightly. Thinking of Tezuka there was nothing on his mind save peace and a gentle feeling... thinking of Atobe was rather opposite—all confusing with high strung emotions and all...

Yet he couldn't deny the fact that he was hurt. Because Atobe had ignored him.

Though, it was an argument he was the one who sent him away.

Fuji felt it deep in his heart. He was hurt.

He was hurt so much it was making his eyes glisten.

But before any tears could escape his eyes, the genius suddenly stopped midway in opening his house gate for it was already open. Looking up at the house, he saw neither disturbance inside nor any lights.

"Hmm?" he murmured to himself, his thoughts jumping to Yuta as he walked the steps toward the door, and then to his sister who hasn't called him yet, "don't tell me... she's planning to surprise me...?"

Fuji smiled weakly at the thought and shook his head.

The door was also unlocked, making the genius turn the knob open and to have a look inside. He expected his sister to jump out of nowhere with confetti with Yuta, who he suspected of ditching Mizuki in the last minute for this surprise but nothing came except total silence.

By this time Fuji had entered the house and had turned on the lights. There was nothing unusual in the house except his doors being opened. It was when he heard an ominous footsteps coming closer that the immediate thought crossed his mind—burglars!

Fuji turned towards the door but it was too late—

Long and strong arms suddenly grabbed him from behind and locked him in a tight embrace. Fuji felt all the muscles in his body tinge at being held so closely.

But then he didn't scream.

For no apparent reason, he did not scream.

The man behind him pulled him closer till he was burying his face on the genius' neck. His embrace was so tight and warm. And Fuji didn't react no matter for then he realized... he knew that man.


"Syuusuke..." the man behind him whispered, his warm breath touching the skin behind Fuji's neck. "Syuusuke..." the man repeated in a soft voice.

Fuji found himself unable to respond, let alone breathe. His throat was too croaked and his eyes too full of tears.

"I love you." The man behind him whispered and then turned him around till they were facing each other.

Fuji found himself facing Keigo Atobe—the next thing—Atobe was kissing him.

It was a rough kiss—a kiss so forceful and hungry yet full of emotions that has been suppressed for a long time. Atobe didn't let go of Fuji—not even an inch as he continued on devouring the genius' lips with hands tightly clutching Fuji on his own—afraid he might disappear.

Mixed emotions didn't help Fuji in the situation he found himself in. He was being led on forcefully by the King as they kissed, until Atobe pushed him on the wall—it was making everything blurry for the genius... even making it harder to breath.

"Atobe..." he managed to stole a breathe as Atobe's lips left his to go for his neck, "wait..."

He was pressed on the wall with no way of escape. There was only Atobe's body and his hungry lips.

Fuji felt scared. Scared that it was all just a dream. So raising his hands, he clutched Atobe's shoulders tightly.

"Atobe..." he whispered, his voice too weak to be heard, "is it really you...?"

Amid the desperate intensity of the moment, Keigo Atobe stopped to look Fuji in the eye.

And there Fuji found it—those eyes that have been like flames for him—always watching him and always there for him. He found it again. And that mole. Fuji raised his palms toward the King's face and held his cheeks.

It was all real.

"Atobe..." he whispered, his mind now convinced, "it's Atobe..."

"You idiot," the King murmured as he tried to catch Fuji's lips again, "you shouldn't have thrown me out if you were going to cry like this in the first place."

He kissed Fuji again, this time, much gentler.

"I'm never going to leave you," Atobe continued as he held Fuji's face in his palms, "you selfless guy... crying out like this... how can I ever leave you, ahhnn?"

Fuji managed a chuckle at hearing the King's expression. He missed that.

They kissed.

And Atobe never forgot how the genius clutched on him this whole minute. It made him smile.

"Let's go to your room."

Fuji was pulled toward the staircase at once—

"H-hey, wait!" he called on as the King barged in his room and threw him on the bed, "m-my sister's coming tonight! We can't—!"

"Heh? Still trying to escape me?" the King raised an eyebrow as he stood at the bottom of the bed while stripping his clothes, "we've delayed this for a long time... do you know what jetlag is? I flew here straight from my match against Tezuka,"

Fuji gulped as Atobe removed his upper garments and then clambered on top of him.

"I won Tezuka," the King then said with their face so close, making Fuji blush.

"I—I know," the genius whispered, feeling Atobe's hands on his chest, "T-Tezuka told me about it awhile ago..."

"Huh?" and the King's eyebrows reached their peak. He doesn't look cool about it, "he called you? That bastard..." he looked sharply at the genius who noticed there were indeed, black circles under the King's eyes. "Let's save the talking for later, Syuusuke. I'm in no mood to wait anymore."

Fuji felt Atobe's lips on him again and this time he didn't argue. It was too late to stop the King when he was on a rampage like that. Still it was making him uncomfortable... to be in his room with Atobe with him.

Fuji felt himself blush even more.

That was when—

"Syuuuusssuke!I'm home!"

Her sister's voice alarmed all the cells in Fuji's body and the next thing—he had thrown Atobe off himself with force he didn't know where came from—sending the King down the floor with a loud thud.

"Syuusuke, are you upstairs?" was his sister's call.

"I—I'm coming down!" Fuji frantically said, "wait for me there, oneesan!"


Fuji didn't know if his heart was still with him but the sudden outburst seemed to have taken a toll on him. He could feel his back cold from sweat. Then he heard a moan behind him. Fuji froze.

Looking back, he found Atobe scratching his head down the floor looking dishevelled and unkempt.

"Hell..." the King muttered as he tried to rub his painful elbow.

Fuji walked towards him and then knelt on the floor with a smile on his lips.

"Why don't you sleep on my bed first? You can't come out like that—my sister will make a fuss about it so rest on the bed."

Atobe looked at Fuji but the genius only gave him a light kiss on the lips before standing up.

Before he closed the door, however, Fuji looked back at the King with a silent smile.

"I'll come for you later so... don't disappear again." it took awhile for Fuji to close the door.

Atobe watched as the door closed, and then chuckled to himself.

He looked over Fuji's single bed and made a mental note to send him a giant one next time. Then the King stood up and rubbed his painful neck. He then dropped himself on Fuji's bed in all fours.

And then fell asleep.

An hour later, the door of the room opened and Fuji entered the room with a tray at hand. The room was dark, yet the genius could see the silhouette of a man's body on the bed. Atobe fast asleep on it. The genius stared at the man for a moment, before walking around the bed and placing the tray on the side table.

Then he sat on the edge of the bed and touch Atobe's hair.

Fuji's eyes flickered.

Atobe looked so exhausted. Not only did he come from Germany but he came back after a match with Tezuka. What would have prompted the King to do that?

Before Fuji could stop himself, he had kissed Atobe on the lips.

Then many things happened at once—in the end, Fuji found himself locked on Atobe's arms on the bed. The man was whole awake. The two locked gazes with each other.

"Did I wake you?" the genius whispered quietly, his blue eyes not leaving the blacks, "I didn't want to disturb you."

"Please," Atobe breathed, his eyes already looking at Fuji's lips, "you can come at me any time you want... especially in a bed."

And before Fuji could stop himself, he blurted out of the blue—

"I'm sorry."

Atobe's eyes didn't leave the genius who looked straight back at him.

"About what happened the last time we talked... I'm sorry. I'm not apologizing because you left... I'm apologizing for what I said before you left... I thought it was for the best... for the two of us."

"I knew you'd say that," the King chuckled quietly, "you're just too stubborn to listen to me anyways. In the end I thought you were right. I just had to go after Tezuka too. I also thought I wouldn't forgive myself if I just let him get farther and farther away... so I left without a word."

"Are you happy now that you've defeated him?" Fuji's eyes flickered.

"Happy?" the King's eyebrows rose up in the sky so high in threatened to disappear. He then raised a little up and leaned his body on his elbow, "Straining myself away from you...you ask if I'm happy? Do you know what torment I went through day and night in that place? As I've thought I should have brought you along—but you would probably just come over Tezuka's and I'll end up worrying and unable to concentrate so I didn't! The idea that we broke up because of some stubborn ideas of yours really pissed me off a lot over there. I didn't even have the guts to talk to Tezuka— I didn't want to listen to him talk about you—I didn't even give him the chance to speak because I know he'll just say he'll steal you away! And then I received those photos from Sadaharu Inui..."

Fuji blinked several times.


Atobe's lips seemed to have gotten thinner.

"You were with Shiraishi Kuranosuke last time. He sent all your photos to me. That bastard." The King turned his sharp eyes to the genius, "So? What happened between the two of you while I was away?"

The genius felt the intensity of the King's look and had to look away.

Atobe gritted his teeth.

"That bastard... I'm going to murder him..."

"L-leave him alone," the genius breathed with a troubled look, "I... It was not his fault."

"Don't give me that," Atobe said after awhile as he crept up the top of the genius one more time, "I know Shiraishi's kind. He's just like me. It's never gonna be your fault."

Fuji looked at Atobe in the eye. The King stared.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" he asked. Fuji closed his eyes.

"Have you fulfilled your dream? Defeating Tezuka... that is one big step already...if you... if you continue..."

Whatever it was the Fuji wanted to say, it was all left unsaid as Atobe locked his lips with the genius. They kissed so passionately that for awhile both forgot how it was to breathe.

Then the King pulled himself away and stared at the genius with solemn eyes.

"Isn't it fine... to be selfish some times?" the King asked.

Fuji's eyes widened.

"Be selfish with me even more," Atobe whispered as he lowered his mouth to kiss the genius on the chin, down to his neck, and below while Fuji closed his eyes, "I'd be happier if you don't let go of me easily... be selfish Fuji because I am."

Fuji felt his body responding to Atobe's touches once again; he felt all the places where Atobe was kissing him burn. It was like the last time they've met.

As the King continued his exploration with Fuji, his whispers also continued.

"I am very selfish of you, don't you know? You made me such a masochist, Syuusuke... I'm afraid the next time you throw me away I'll kidnap you and lock you up in my room. I won't let you go anymore... I can't. So stop worrying yourself over what I want because the only one I want is you... because you're mine."

And Fuji believed him.

The night went on, but it was no longer the lonely nights where he was left with his nightmares and reminisces of the past. This night was different. This night he was one with the man he loved and was never going to be alone.

Move forward?

He knows exactly where he wanted to go now.

He was not alone.

And lastly...

The next morning we find Atobe in the Fuji table, talking to his sister early that morning about going out with Syuusuke Fuji. There has never been a large pool of coffee on the floor.

Next we find Shiraishi receiving a letter from Atobe—making Shiraishi's eyes burn in anger.

Then Tezuka. Tezuka heard the news from Atobe himself and satisfied himself with a cup of coffee.

And at the last part we see Fuji, moving in a suite near the high school he was going to enter in. It was a giant hotel, rather, and the owner was none other than—

"This way I can always keep an eye on you even if we're not on the same school," Atobe told Fuji as he looked outside the window toward the Tokyo tower with a large grin plastered on his face, both hands on his white suit pockets that makes him a ridiculously rich person. They were on the 25th floor of the star hotel.

Fuji, who had a sweat drop at the side of his face, managed a small smile.

"But you really didn't have to do this; I can find an apartment on my own..."

"No," Atobe's eyes flashed as he turned at the genius behind him, "do you know how dangerous a highschool's life is?"

"Atobe... it's not like I'm in University already..."

"No means no. I'm not gonna let anyone focus their eyes on you." Atobe looked disgruntled, "I have not forgotten those events in the camp... bastards, highschool's full of gutsy men. I'm not taking my chances."

Fuji sighed and then bowed his head—but then found himself being swept away by Atobe in his arms.

"Syuusuke," the King said with a faint smile at the corner of his lips, "I won't let anyone steal you from me. You're mine so you better prepare for the consequences."

"Atobe," Fuji tried to smile but Atobe only kissed him again.

And the genius let him on and closed his eyes.

He won't be stolen, he decided, and neither will Atobe. This won't be their last kiss. It cannot possibly be.

Fuji smiled at the thought.

I love him.



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