Normally I just look at prompts, but this one happened to spark something. Tonight there is a meteor shower and I would LOVE to watch it. Unfortunately it's cloudy, so yeah, no stars for me. I will post the original prompt at the end. But this is a fill for Avengerkink to an anonymous poster.

Seeing Stars

Tonight was the peak of the meteor shower. It was supposed to be the best one of the year and Clint was excited. He had everything planned out. The roof had been decorated and prepared for a romantic evening. Outside the sky was darkening and the stars were getting ready to fall. The only problem was Phil.

When Phil got in the mood to work it was very difficult to pull him away from it. Currently Phil was working on a serious pile of complicated shit. Clint wasn't completely briefed on the details. Even the Avengers didn't have clearance for any and all information.

All the serious stuff had to be worked through on paper because of Stark. Since Tony could break through any firewall SHIELD created without breaking a sweat all the secretive stuff had to revert back to the age before advanced technology. In other words Phil had to deal with mountains of hand written reports.

"Come on Phil, just take an hour break." Clint whined. He grinned over at Tony and Steve who were arguing with Bruce over what movie they were going to watch. Steve caught his eye and smiled a bit, clearly amused at Clint's antics. At least someone was, Phil just shrugged Clint off when he tried to drape himself over Phil's shoulders.

With a pout Clint sat in the vacant chair next to Phil and sighed. "You're really going to work on this all night?" Clint asked although he was nowhere near ready to give up on his plan.

Phil didn't even look at Clint as he answered. "If that's what it takes." In a flat, unimpressed voice.

"What is this even for?" Clint pushed. Silently Clint hoped that he could annoy Phil enough to get his way. Childish, yes, but if it worked it would be worth it. "Can't it wait another day? We're a team. We were supposed to be bonding tonight, not doing homework. I'll bet you anything that Fury wouldn't give a damn either way."

Angry eyes met Clint's and for a moment Clint paused as Phil glared at him.

"What?" Clint asked innocently, rethinking his plan. "You know it's true."

"What's true is that you are loud and distracting." Phil hissed with more venom than Clint was used to. "Go play with the others and leave me the hell alone."

Clint stared at his partner and blinked for a moment before he stood silently and did as told.

Once with the others Clint frowned deeply in thought.

With caution Steve leaned over and whispered in Clint's ear. "Shouldn't you just tell him what you have planned?"

"No," Clint insisted with a shake of his head. "I want it to be a surprise. He'll melt when he sees the roof. Everything will be okay, I just need to get him up there." Clint smiled brightly.

Steve looked skeptical but didn't say anything more as the movie started.

About twenty minutes into the film Phil got up from his stack of papers and left the room. It gave Clint just enough time to hide his paperwork and return to the couch to look innocent again before Phil re-entered the room.

It took less than a second for Coulson to explode.

"Clinton Francis Barton." Phil bellowed so loudly that JARVIS automatically paused the movie. The whole rooms attention turned to Phil who was red faced with anger.

"Ooo, someone's in trouble." Tony stated obnoxiously from the other side of Steve.

Clint poked his head around the back of the couch and gave Phil his best 'who me?' expression before he pushed himself up to his feet.

"You'll get it back," Clint fired a disarming smile in his angry lover's direction. He was attempting to be playful enough to remind Phil that life didn't always have to be so serious. "I just want to show you something."

Phil, however, was not in the cooperating mood. "The only thing you'll be showing me is where you hid my work."

Anger flared up in Clint. Why couldn't Phil relax for one night? "All you've been doing is working." Clint snapped back. "Every night for the past month – I've barely seen you, let alone spent time with you."

The tension in the room was high and Clint could practically feel the other Avengers behind him shifting awkwardly. They didn't matter though, to Clint all that mattered was Phil and Phil didn't seem to care anymore.

"Ever think there might be a reason for that?" Phil shouted back. "I can't work with you around me. You're everywhere! I can't breathe or focus and I need to focus. Are you too stupid to realize that what I do is important?"

Silence followed the end of Phil's confession.

Clint paled. Did Coulson really not want him around? Was he that annoying? Over the past month he had tried to fix things. Clint had thought there was something wrong with Phil and tried to cheer him up, but now Clint knew better. Clint was the problem.

"I'll get your stuff." Clint whispered and kept his eyes on the floor as he moved to do so.

Ever since New York and Loki Clint had felt tremendous guilt for Phil's near-fatal wounds. Clint had been positive that Loki had gone after Phil because Loki had learned that Phil and Clint were in a serious relationship.

Natasha had told Clint to shut those thoughts down, but it felt too much like the truth.

Maybe that was the reason Clint had overcompensated and upset the delicate balance of the relationship. Maybe Clint had pushed things too far. Clint and Coulson were polar opposites, which typically made their relationship work. Coulson kept Clint in line, or at least as close to the line as possible and Clint reminded Phil that the world still worked even when things got a little out of order.

As Clint retrieved the stack of paperwork from it's hiding spot in a nearby vent he swallowed thickly. What if Phil wanted to break up because of this – all of this? Clint felt numb when he handed Phil back his files and quietly left the room and it's occupants behind with a quiet, "Sorry."