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Chapter Three

Tony found Clint on the roof and watched silently as the archer took down the decorations. It was nothing overly fancy or too corny, either. Just low emitting Christmas lights wrapped around the edge of the roof and a round table covered in a white cloth. On top of the table were Champaign glasses and a bottle of bubbly that Clint had gotten from him earlier. Off to the side there was a 'nest' of pillows and blankets for comfort during the stargazing that was likely never going to happen.

A bright light shot across the sky and Tony smiled slightly to himself. The tower he had built was ironically the perfect location to watch a meteor shower. The lights of the city weren't as over powering up here and it was up so high it felt like you could reach up and catch one of the stars as they slid by.

Admittedly, Clint's idea had been perfect. Simple but romantic and Tony would probably use it for his own gain in the future. Tony hoped he'd have more luck than his teammate, though.

"He's going to regret blowing you off." Tony offered lightly, but kept his normal off-handed attitude. "You'll probably be able to guilt him into doing whatever you want for the rest of the month."

Clint glanced his way and shook his head slowly. "I don't want that."

"Want what?" Tony's eyes narrowed. "Who wouldn't want their lover tending to their every kinky wish?" The billionaire walked forward as he spoke and popped open the Champaign. There was no need to let it go to waste. He poured himself a glass and offered the bottle to Clint who shook his head in decline. "Come on, Barton, I know there is something you want from Phil. Is it dirty? You can tell me."

Clint sat down heavily in one of the chairs with his shoulders slumped forward in defeat. "I just want him to forgive me."

Tony narrowed his eyes, not really expecting that as an answer. "What do you mean? For the paperwork? Mr. Stick-Up-His-Ass will get over it."

Clint looked up and shook his head, shrugged and then nodded. "Well, that too, now I guess. I'm such a screw up sometimes. Maybe most of the time – I don't know."

"Dude, you didn't do anything 'screw up' worthy. Trust me, I'm the king of all screw-ups. I once bought Pepper strawberries. Did you know she's deathly allergic to them? I didn't. At least fun and romance can't kill Coulson. Sure you could have done things a little differently here, but your heart was in the right place. Communication, I'm told, is the key."

With a shrug Clint stood again and got back to work. He wrapped the string of lights up slowly. "Communication is part of the problem, I guess." Clint admitted. "But no amount of talking will fix what I did to him."

Tony rolled his eyes automatically. "As I said – "

"Not about the paperwork. Or even annoying him all the time – although I should seriously try and stop doing that." Clint interrupted with a deep sigh. "I nearly got him killed. He has a right to be angry. Hell, if he broke up with me I'd understand. It would hurt like hell, but – "

"Shut up." Tony snapped with such seriousness it shocked himself. Once he had Clint's wide-eyed attention he continued. "What happened with Loki wasn't your fault. I don't know how many times we have to go over this, but get over it. Move on, we all have. Phil's just in a pissy mood. I don't know why, but he's not going to break up with you because of tonight and especially not because of Loki."

"How can you be sure?" Clint asked quietly as he set the halo of wrapped lights on the table.

Tony smirked at the question and leaned back in his chair. "Because it's obvious that he loves you, even when he doesn't act that way."

"For once Tony is right." Phil's voice floated over to them. Clint stiffened immediately and Tony glared over at Coulson who stood in the roof's door.

"Speak of the dark suited devil." Tony commented drily as he looked over at Clint and caught the archer's eyes to make sure his friend would be okay. Clint nodded minutely so Tony stood to give the couple some space. "Enjoy my roof!" He called over his shoulder after he passed by Phil.

Clint watched Tony leave before he looked at Phil in the moonlight. Above them starts were shooting across the sky. Clint watched Phil look up and smile sadly.

"I really am an ass, aren't I?" Phil asked tenderly as he walked forward and sat at the table with Clint. "I'm sorry, Clint."

"You were busy." Clint admitted and ducked his head. "It was a stupid idea anyway – you have more important things to do."

Phil heaved a heavy sigh. "Clint, I'm sorry. Yes, I was busy, but I shouldn't have spoken to you that way. I just – after Loki I've been struggling."

"I know." Clint closed his eyes. It hurt to hear the truth spoken out loud. "I screwed up, it was unforgivable and I know nothing I do will make up for – "

"Wait, what?" Phil interrupted quickly.

Clint looked back at Phil and paled under the moonlight. "I – Loki nearly killed you. It was my fault."


"I'd do anything to make it up to you." Clint pressed on, panicked in despair. "Anything you want, I'll do it, but if you don't want to be with me – "

"Clint – "

"I understand. Either way, I want you to know – "


"I love you." Clint finished and ducked his head again.

Phil reached over the table and took Clint's hand in his own. It startled Clint at first but he looked up into his lover's eye. "I love you too. I'm not leaving you. I've never blamed you for what happened. Ever."

"But – " Clint protested. Why wouldn't Coulson blame him?

"No buts." Phil told him firmly. "I never blamed you because you aren't to blame. The reason I've been so, well, bitchy lately is because I feel weak. When I was injured I felt helpless. I hadn't done any good, really, except for fake-dying. It felt like I was worth more dead than alive – it bothered me. A lot. I've been trying to prove myself, Clint."

"That's not true, Phil." Clint shook his head. "You're worth so much more alive to me."

Phil gave a sad smile. "I know. I've been stupid, Clint. I've been avoiding you because you've been working so hard to make sure I'm all right. It's just been reminding me that I'm not one-hundred percent yet."

Clint dipped his head. "I didn't realize."

"I know." Phil patted Clint's hand. "You aren't the one I'm mad at, Clint. You've been a saint."

"I've been an idiot." Clint insisted.

Phil shook his head. "No, I have. You've been dealing with guilt and I had no idea it was even there. At least your heart was aimed towards mine. I pushed you away when really I should be holding you close."

Clint looked up at Phil again. He'd been staring at their hands. "I don't deserve you."

Coulson made a sharp noise in the back of his throat that Clint couldn't identify. "Clint, I don't deserve you either."

"What should we do?" Clint asked, terrified.

Phil looked up at the sky above them. "Watch the stars with me?" He asked. "I'm not going anywhere, Clint. I don't want to. I'm sorry that I've been so distant."

Clint wasn't sure for a moment, still in the mindset that Phil didn't want him, but Phil's words were sincere. "Are you sure? Shouldn't you finish your reports?"

Gently Phil laced his fingers in-between Clint's and shook his head. "There's no place else I should be."

With a small smile Clint nodded, although still slightly unsure. "Let's watch the stars." He agreed.

Together Clint and Coulson moved over to the nest Clint had created earlier. They huddled together and watched the stars fall across the sky.


Thanks for reading my first attempt at slash ^^

Here's the original prompt I answered:

The avengers are having a peaceful night at the Stark tower eating pizza and watching films. Phil is trying to complete some difficult Shield reports and Clint is trying to drag him to the roof, so they can see the stars together.

Clint is acting like a child, which gets Phil angry and makes him behave badly to Clint (yelling).

The avengers are stunned and Clint is hurt.

Phil and Clint are married or in a relationship.

Bonus: Tony tries to speak to Clint, Steve speaks to Phil.

Eventually happy ending.