In the Arms of Another

By the Black Rose

AN: It's short, sweet (I hope), and to the point.  Here's an epilogue I wrote, but never posted on either my long-missing website (In Rose), or to the Love Reflection ML.  I've considered writing something of the citrus variety about the weekend they spent together, but it'll have to come later (and won't be posted to   Thank you so much for reading.  Love, Rose


            Heero marched stiffly down the hallway towards Colonel Une's office.  The order to see her immediately upon his return had been waiting for him on his desk.  Even a fairly relaxing weekend couldn't relieve the tense hitch in his shoulders as his stomach swam with anxiety.  Demotion.  Already.  He set his jaw, and glared at the world.  But no matter what, it was worth it.

"Have a good vacation?" Trowa asked falling into step with his friend.


            "I take it the Colonel is unhappy with you."

            The former Zero pilot threw him a black look.  "I'm being reprimanded.  I have to go sign the paperwork on my demotion."

            Trowa's eyebrows shot up to his hairline.  "Isn't there…"

            "I disobeyed an order."

            "The orders weren't coming from her, that much was apparent." The two Preventers stopped just outside Une's office.  Heero's hand froze on the door handle.

            "Good day, Miss Une." Relena's muffled voice filtered out from the Colonel's office.  They stepped back as the door swung wide and the Vice Foreign Minister stepped out into the hallway.

            Heero just stared at her as she walked towards them, her light blue eyes darting up to meet his for a brief moment.  She smiled and nodded at him and then flicked her gaze over to Trowa.  "Good day gentlemen," she said and continued passed them.

            Heero turned and let his eyes follow her down the hall until she was no longer in his line of vision. 

"I wonder what she's doing here?" Heero spun back around.  Trowa was smiling like the cat who had swallowed the canary. 

            "Yuy, I'm busy, I'll have to reprimand you some other time."

            "Yes, Sir," Heero answered, quickly shutting the door to her office.  He turned and went off in the direction Relena had taken, completely forgetting his friend in the process.  Until the acrobat's words caught up with him: "It's about time."


            He found her looking completely at ease in his office chair, leaning back into its dark blue cushions with closed eyes and a half smile on her lips.

            "How did you get in here?"

            Her eyelids snapped open.  "Heero," she said and sat up straight in his chair.

            "How did you get in here?"

            Her smile widened at his question.  "I know a few people.  Pulled a few strings.  It pays to have friends in high places," she said, her blue eyes sparkling with mischief.

            "Apparently." He shut the door behind him.

            The smile fell from her lips.  "Are you angry with me for interfering?"

            "I deserved the reprimand, Relena.  I disobeyed an order."

            A frown creased her delicate features.  "What good am I if I can't do at least this much to help you?"

            "Your office doesn't define you."

            "Well, no, but…"  She stood up and crossed over to where he was standing just inside the doorway.  She laid her hand on his arm.  "Are you really angry with me?"

            He shook his head and looked up from the floor.  "No.  The way I see it, you owed me."

            "What?" Her eyes widened.

            "Well," he said, standing up from his relaxed position against the wall and uncrossing his arms.  "If someone hadn't issued the orders to keep me away from her…" He stepped towards her, a dangerous scowl gripping his features.  She took two smaller steps back for every one he took forward.  "I wouldn't have had to resort to extreme measures."  He placed his hands flat on top of the desk on either side of where she had been foiled in her retreat, pinning her against the immovable object. 

            "So it's all my fault?" She arched an eyebrow at him; her gaze defiantly met his. 

            "Yeah," he said and lowered his lips to imprison hers in a much-desired kiss.

            She broke away first, and leveled him with a glare.  "If you had told me how you felt, I wouldn't have believed Duo, and there would have been no need to keep you away from me."

            "You still would have believed him.  Women need…reassurance that I wouldn't have been able to provide considering the distance and opposing schedules."

            "Oh really? So that would be my fault, too?"

            Heero shrugged.  "So how are you going to make it up to me?"

            She blushed. "What? I thought I did, already. Getting you out of trouble."

            "That was just repayment for getting me into trouble in the first place.  You still owe me for believing Duo and dating someone else."

            "You got yourself into trouble.  And you never asked me to make a commitment to you.  I'm allowed to date other people…"

            "Hn.  Something I'll have to remedy, apparently." He stood up and turned away.  His heart was racing from being so close.  He wanted…things he still didn't know how to express.


            "Promise me, Relena."

            "Promise you what, Heero?"

            He bowed his head.  "I never want to go through that again. Losing you."

            "Heero, I…"  Her hand touched his shoulder; it still felt warm through the fabric of his uniform.  It brought to mind memories from their recent weekend together…

            "One day, I'll be the man you see in me." He turned to face her, gripping her hand in the palm of his. "Promise that you'll wait." His voice was a fierce whisper as he continued, his eyes staring deeply into hers.  "Promise me forever."

            She glanced down at where their fingers had intertwined before looking up again, and smiled.

"I promise."


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