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This is the main story for the oneshot of mine called My Serpent, this takes place before it though.

Setting the boy down on the front step of his only living relatives, Albus Dumbledore regarded the small cookie cutter house with a mad gleam in his eye, knowing what the boy would go through to become his weapon he smiled to himself, 'See you in 10 years Harry Potter.' With that he turned and apperated away. Never knowing that his 'well thought out' plans would go so horribly wrong.

As the last vestiges of the 'crack' that went through the air dissipated, Harry Potter's eyes opened and, for a moment, the killing curse green eyes glowed gold.

********************10 Years Later**********************

Albus Dumbledore stood outside of the normal house of number 4 Pivet Drive, Surrey. Straightening his cloak and putting on his brightest smile, he knocked on the door.

Yelling spread through the house and a slap sounded from somewhere in the confines of the humble abode.

Small footsteps could be heard walking towards the door, and the sound of deadbolts dropping. The door swung open and revealed a child.

This child was beautiful, like an angel, with pale, porcelain, skin and aristocratic features: high cheekbones, doe eyes, a button nose, and rosy pink lips. His waist length hair was tied back, black, almost blue, with tints of red throughout. He was very petite, so much it was like looking at an eight year old rather than a ten almost eleven year old. His eyes were 'Avada Kedavra' green, Dumbledore shuddered lightly, it was discerning to have eyes the color of the killing curse watching you.

The only thing that said something was wrong, was the bright hand mark on the pale skin, and the molted bruises that peeked out from under to big clothes.

The child's eyes flashed as he beckoned Dumbledore into the home. His near silent footsteps echoing loudly. The Dursley's sat around their dining room table, the stacks of food smelling gourmet and more than enough piled in front of the two whales and the horse only had a small bowl of granola, she was on a proclaimed diet.

"Who are you?" Whale number one asked. Bacon and eggs spittle flying from his mouth and his mustache.

The horse's beady eyes were trained levelly on the 'esteemed' headmaster.

Whale number two never looked up from his food.

"My name is Albus Dumbledore and I am the Headmaster at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I have come to talk about Harry Potter's admission into my school."

Whale number one proceeded to throw a tantrum so massive, it would have made a two year old proud, and said he wouldn't abide by such freakishness.

A long exchange between Dumbledore and the whale and horse lead to the reluctant acceptance of the circumstances and an agreement for little Harry Potter to go to Hogwarts.

Severus Snape sighed, drew himself up and knocked on the door to number four Pivet Drive.

Heavy footsteps moved from the back to the door, and the door swung open.

"Petunia," Snape sneered in contempt, "Where is your nephew?"

Petunia Dursley snorted and screeched, "Don't you dare say I'm related to the freak, come inside, lest the neighbors see you."

Snape was surprised, but just wrote it off for future reference. He stepped into the threshold and looked towards the stairs, waiting for Petunia to call down the little 'prince'.

When she didn't say anything but walked to the door under the stairs he was wary. She unlocked all the deadbolts and swung the door open. Snape then began to wonder what was in the cupboard, so he walked over to her and looked in.

Laying on a threadbare cot in complete darkness was a small child. His body was clothed only in to big shorts that hung precariously off of bony hips, it was obvious this child rarely ate. It was also obvious that the child was abused, dried blood covered his frame and molting bruises shone angrily. Snape couldn't see the boy's face because he was facing the inner wall and his long black hair, with red tints, covering it. The word 'freak' shone an angry red, glaring at Snape from the young child.

A growl ripped out of his throat, he shoved Petunia aside and grabbed the child. Apparating out of that vile house and to Malfoy Manor, he ran into a sitting room that held the Lord and Lady of the house. Two words left his lips before panic ensued. "Help him."