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"Well, isn't this a surprise?" Voldemort drawled, his crimson eyes glancing over Severus as he took a sip of the tea.

Snape had pulled Harry behind him, 'As if I would ever do anything to him,' he snorted in his mind, as he sat his tea down. He gracefully got up and walked to the pile of books laying on the rug next to the fireplace. "Here Harry, you can borrow these if you want."

Harry tugged his arm from Snape's grip and walked over to grab the assortment of tomes, "Thank you, see you both in classes I suppose."

With a quick smile, he walked through the door and disappeared down the corridor.

Voldemort then returned his attention to the man in front of him. "Severus, how... nice... to see you again."

"My Lord," Snape bowed, realizing what he had just done, "I did not realize..."

"I know you didn't," Voldemort replied, his crimson eyes narrowing, before he turned and sat in his chair again. "Haridan Potter-Black is my soulmate, and I will never harm him again, we spent the last few hours discussing magic and politics, he read a few books in my collection when I had to teach, and he has already guessed who I am."

Snape looked up sharply, "He has, my Lord?"

Voldemort chuckled and steepled his hands in front of his mouth, covering his smile, "Yes. It didn't take him very long." He laid back gracefully in the chair, his eyes never leaving Snape. "You pulled him behind you, away from me."

Snape paled more, struggling to find words to explain his actions, "I thought you were going to hurt him, my Lord, I acted on instinct."

Voldemort sighed, "I can not blame you for that, his life until this point has not been the best, so I will let it go this one time. The next time you pull my soulmate away from me, I will kill you, understand?"

Snape's eyes were wide as he bowed, "Yes, my Lord."

Harry made his way back into his common room, and everyone was waiting for him in their usual spots.

"Where did you go?" Fred asked, George and he were playing exploding snap on a rug in front of the settee. Cedric, Draco, and Theo looked up from their revisions. Blaise, Neville, and Terry stopped playing gobstones. Daphne and Hermione ceased their debate. They all watched as Harry crossed the room and sat in the settee in front of the fireplace, curling up on his side and laying the books on the ground next to the chair.

"I went to the Forbidden Forest first, but Professor Quirrell found me and let me stay in his quarters and let me borrow some books."

No one looked happy at that fact, but they nodded and accepted it, going back to what they were doing, while keeping an eye on the reclining figure shadowed by the fire.

The rest of the year passed quickly, and besides a couple of incidents, such as a group of Gryffindors trying to get into the third floor corridor, it was quiet. Professor Quirrell had to leave at the end of the year, leaving Emerys to find a new head of house, but he promised Harry he would see him again soon.

Emerys was awarded the house cup at the end of the year, and the send offs were tearful and happy at the train station.

"Have a nice break everyone, and don't forget to write," Harry told the rest of his house when they exited their apartment.

"Of course Harry," Cedric responded with everyone else nodding as well, "See you next year, and be careful over the break." He disappeared out into the crowds.

Everyone waved good bye and said the same, disappearing to find their families. Draco and Harry walked to out as well, their trunks dragging behind them. Narcissa and Lucius met them at the apparation point and they headed home, happy to be together once again.