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Warnings: Slight torture set off by bolded and italicized words.

"This is Parsletounge."

Arching back, his head solidly caught Tom's chin and while he had a moment, he rolled onto his side and hooked a leg around the strong waist above him and slammed the older man to the ground. Taking the opportunity, he jumped up and began to run.

Tom lay there for a moment in stunned surprise. Then he grinned in feral amusement at his kittens retreating footsteps.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are."

Haridan was tired.

There was no way around that fact. Getting chased through the forest and fighting to get away from his mate was taking a toll on him.

He was sluggish and drained, trying to outrun a man he had no wish to truly outmaneuver. So it was understandable when he didn't feel the presence fast approaching, he did however, hear the startled bird take flight. His muscles bunched in readiness, but his fatigue caused him to be too slow.

Arms caught around his waist as he felt the sensation of being pulled through a tube.

Haridan landed on his feet, but his knees quickly gave way at the surprise landing. Only the iron arms encircled on his waist kept him from falling to the floor in sheer exhaustion.

He was picked up and lain on the comfiest bed he had ever felt in his life. The other side of the bed dipped as his mate joined him, those safe arms drew him closer and held him tight, "Sleep lovely. We will talk when you wake."

When he woke up, his mate's side of the bed was cold, and fear gripped him. His instincts lost him his mate. He let out a pitiful whine. Why had he felt the need to run from him? Surely his mate must hate him now. He curled in on himself, tears streaming down his face. Now he was alone.

He didn't hear the door open, nor the sharp intake of breath as the figure rushed to him.

He did notice when the bed dipped again as he was pulled into a warm embrace, the spicy musk of his mate washing over his senses and he cried harder.

"Shhh, you are fine. I'm here. What has you upset, my love?"

"When I woke up," Haridan started burying himself deeper into his mate's embrace. "You were gone and I thought… I thought…" He hiccupped.

Tom laid him down on the bed, covering the smaller male's body with his own in order to ground him. "I will never leave you. Nothing can take me away from you. Not death, nor time, nor anything else. You are my mate as I am yours.

"When I turned seventeen and came into my inheritance as a demon, I did not feel the pull of my mate. That led me to believe that they had either died or were not yet born. So I waited. I waited for years before I lost my sanity due to my horcruxes and not having you. When you were born I was too far gone to feel the bond, but old magic kept me from killing you. Now you are here. And you are mine. Mine to hold. Mine to care for. Mine to cherish. Mine to love. Mine. Just as I am yours. Yours to hold. Yours to cherish. Yours to love. Yours."

Haridan was watching his mate now, seeing the sincerity in his eyes, the love, the want, the need. So he allowed his emotions to show through his eyes. Finally convinced that this was the one man, the one creature which he would never lose, who would never leave him.

When Tom saw the acceptance, love and devotion shining in those jewel like eyes, emotions he knew were reflected in his own, he groaned and buried his head in his kitten's hair, nuzzling his neck.

"When we are finally bonded, I'm going to show you how much you have teased me, my minx, and how long I have waited for you."

Haridan let out a rumbling chuckle, which went straight to Tom's groin, making the demon groan again.

Tom pressed a chaste kiss to Haridan's forehead before pushing back and pulling his mate along. "The reason I wasn't here when you awoke was I was finalizing details with Narcissa in order for you and her to choose what you want for our bonding. That's later, however, right now I have a death eater meeting in which I cordially invite you to attend as my equal, my partner, and my love."

Haridan smiled wrapping his arms around his demon with a smirk, and cheekily replied, "Well when you put it that way, how can I refuse?"

They made an imposing picture, everyone realized as they filed into the throne room.

Lord Voldemort with his dark beauty, demonic eyes, impressive robes and stoic look made him an untouchable figure, a terrifying figure.

His counterpart was eerily angelic. Haridan Potter-Black's features were unparalleled in their beauty. Coupled with his inheritance, the added features, and the beautiful robe given to him by his doting mate, he was a god to most of the death eaters along with Voldemort. Most, not all.

The first person to vocalize his thoughts and opinion about the sphinx-lamia was the only one. Instead of being crucioed by his lord like he thought he would be, a serene and terrifying angel glided to him from the throne and asked him to repeat himself.

He did so, not able to meet the silver emerald gaze of the higher being in front of him.

"You poor bastard soul."

The man started in surprise and opened his mouth to retort, but found he could not speak.

"Ah-ah, your betters are speaking right now."

Everyone realized that the man was silenced then. Some were surprised at the easy display of wandless magic by their new Lord.

Haridan watched the twitching worm in front of him with a disinterested expression. He released his tight reign he had over his magic, watching apathetically as mostly everyone was forced to their knees by the malice and twisted emotions that saturated it. The only ones left standing, or in one case sitting, was Lucius, Narcissa, and Draco Malfoy, Ropholdous, Rabastan, and Bellatrix Lestrange, Barty Crouch Jr., and Voldemort.

The man that was the focus of the malevolent magic was clawing at his throat, rivulets of blood flowing from the open wounds, and as soon as the magic appeared, it dissipated.

Small Torture Scene

Haridan's magic reached out and grabbed the man, crushing every one of his bones. The man howled in wordless agony, or at least tried. The silencing charm still holding. Haridan's magic reacted out again, caressing almost lovingly against the broken man's form as his eyes widened in hopeless despair.

"So I'm the Light's whore?" The magic, still wrapped partially around the man, twisted a finger, sending agonizing jolts through the mans nerves, but he found he couldn't pass out. "Not worthy enough for you Lord?" A leg twisted this time. Haridan turned to the pleased and lustful Dark Lord, "Am I worthy enough for you?"

"More than enough, my love. I sometimes worry about the opposite."

Haridan gave a beautiful smile and turned back around to the almost corpse behind him. "So now that your argument is invalid, your life is forfeit."

With a careless thought his magic responded fervently, harshly tugging the heart out of the idiot's body, and floating it gently to land on Haridan's outstretched palm.

End Torture Scene

Everyone around him backed away from the ethereal creature.

"Nagini" Haridan hissed. The giant snake glided over to him. "I have a snack for you."

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