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"You're an idiot", those were the words that Ai regretted the most. It is true that he is honest to the point of bluntness but that doesn't mean that Ranmaru should get back on Ai in such a crude way!

"I want you...to date Reiji, have sex with him then dump him afterwards..."Ranmaru whispered to him. It was supposed to be an innocent game of spin the bottle. But its too late to turn back now. Last night, he already agreed. Why, oh why did he let pride get in the way?

Now he has a debt at hand. And the fact that he's with Camus makes it harder...

"C-Cryszard! A-ah!" the bluenette moaned and writhed under his darling Cryszard. The blonde dipped his head on Ai's chest and licked at one of Ai's pink buds. The ministration elicited a moan from Ai. Ai brought the back of his free hand to his lips and bit on it as they continued their passionate, mind-blowing and toe curling love making.

"Haah! Nnngnh! M-More!" he moaned out again as Cryszard started sucking on his weeping member. Camus hummed, causing a chill to run down in Ai's spine as he felt those sweet vibrations. Oh the things he does to him. Camus licked the underside of Ai's shaft, tracing a vein. He then teased the head by licking the slit, the action caused Ai to say, "S-stop teasing!". The foreign man could only smirk as he watches the normally cool and composed Ai Mikaze become a moaning and writhing mess.

"C-Camus!I-I'm going to ahn! ah!" he said but before he could finish, he came in Camus' hot mouth. Camus sat up and wiped the dripping semen off his chin. Ai shifted on his elbows as he looked Cryszard in the eye, a hungry look in both of their eyes.

And there was no turning back.


The next morning, Ai woke up with a throbbing backside. It was expected, of course. Seeing as how rough they were yesterday. Man, Camus really is an insatiable beast when it comes to bed.

And Ai wonders if Reiji is the same...

Wait what?