Zoro/Nami oneshot

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Zoro Roronoa was a demon they said, a man who had escaped death so many times.

There he stood with those three swords and one eye open, his body told stories with the scars that traveled around him. They called him a demon, a warrior, the reaper but the one they always called him was...


He was dangerous alone but he had Captain and his friends, he sailed the sea with them. They said he acted alone but the truth behind the monster swordsman was the voice that spoke to him, that almost seemed to control him.

That voice belonged to a woman.

Not just a woman but someone who was his friend and sailed on the same ship with him.

Her name was...


They both argued and it seemed like they were not friends but everyone in the crew knew that Zoro would do anything for Nami. He was always saving her and she in returned stayed with him in the medical room when he was injured.

No one said anything but they knew.

There was bond between the two that nothing could break, not even death itself.

They had landed on another island and were enjoying there day until Usopp came back covered in blood, each member wondered what happened but one took off straight onto the island. His swords in his hand and a growl forming out of his lips.

"Where does that shitty man think he is going?"

Usopp was finally on the ship and he was panting, Robin stopped Sanji from going after Zoro and pointed to Usopp, tear were running down her face. They all looked at Usopp who was crying as well.

"I tried to help her but they held me back"

They all stepped back as Usopp placed down a bloody Nami who seemed like death itself. Chopper had taken her to the bay to work on her and Usopp stayed with him as he blamed himself.

The others waited, they could hear the screams from a distance.

They said he was alone but they were wrong for...

Sometimes it's not the monster who is the most dangerous. Sometimes, it's the person controlling the beast.

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