A/N: Okay, so I have a new Story and this time it is a fanfiction of Yu-Gi-Oh! However, it is not about the characters in the said Anime/Manga but actually telling my side of the story regarding the actual cards. Below I will mention which cards from the card game I have used with regards to who the characters are and whatnot. I am not sure whether I am allowed to post links to pictures of the cards, so if you wish to see them, all you have to do is search:

Concepts/characters marked with a * indicate that the card name is exactly the same as mentioned here.

Junon – High Priestess of Prophecy

Ermite – Hermit of Prophecy (mentioned only)

Grand Spellbook Tower*

Heiron – Hierophant of Prophecy

Batel – Spellbook Magician of Prophecy

Temper – Temperance of Prophecy (I understand that Temperance of Prophecy is actually female, but I made Temper male for this fic)

Spellbook of Wisdom*

Secret Village of the Spellcasters*

Magical Blast*

Magical Explosion*

Ragnarok – Divine Dragon Ragnarok

Troop Dragon*

Bellerin – Lord of D.

Diffusion Wave-Motion*

Spellbinding Circle*

Mirror Force*

Dark Mirror Force*

Magic Jammer*

The loud ringing of the alarm clock promptly woke up a usually lazy Junon. She opened her eyes knowing that she had to be on time for this particular day. Today she was going to join an elite group of Magicians known as the Prophecy Guild. After looking at her strange, brightly coloured clock given to her by her deceased adoptive grandfather Ermite, she realised that did not have much time to get to her destination today.

Junon rushed as she looked in the mirror at her messy tuft of long, deep pink hair. She styled it haphazardly and donned her extravagant spellcaster garments. They were coloured all white with gray-silver outlines, all of which contained a shiny green stone to match her eyes. She also wore a hat that matched the rest of her outfit.

Junon was finally dressed and after taking so long she looked at the mysterious clock again. Junon paused. The clock, coloured red, yellow and blue had a weird unsettling aspect to it, despite looking quite innocent. Regardless, it still reminded her that she was almost certainly going to be late.

The young sorceress left her small house for the giant building that stood right in the centre of the city. It was the Grand Spellbook Tower, and it was so big that it could be seen all around the city of Prophitia. She ran quickly for about ten minutes, but then quickly ran out of breath. Exercise was never really Junon's forte, but despite that she still kept a reasonably slender figure.

"Wait a sec, I just remembered. I am a magician. Why do I have to run around like this?" She said to herself. The very reason she was going to the Grand Spellbook Tower was because she was a fantastic young magician. She recited a small incantation in her head to cast a basic spell. In a split second, she materialised a broom out of thin air. Junon would use the broom to fly rapidly to her destination.

Remembering all those broom-flying lessons she had in the past as a child, she went through the basic steps of levitating steadily before surging unexpectedly through the skies at lightning speed, nearly bumping into a tree along the way. The speeding continued until she reached the Tower, at which point she was forced to jump off it, to avoid crashing into the Tower herself. The broom vanished, as her materialisation spell would wear off. Three people were waiting for her at the tower.

"Ah, Hello there. You must be Junon. Welcome to the Grand Spellbook Tower – The World's greatest Educational and Research facilities for Spellcasters and other Spell-sensitive beings. My name is Heiron and I…" Heiron would be interrupted. Either side of him were two young men, about the same age as Junon. Heiron actually was much older than the three of the young magicians, but his appearance was deceivingly youthful. He wore a black outfit with gold embellishments and was quite a cheerful, laid-back fellow. In fact, he was maybe a little too laid back at times. Heiron was the leader of Prophitia, and often his subordinates wondered whether he could actually run the area properly.

"I know who you are and I know where we are, Lord Heiron. We have actually met many times!" Junon replied, annoyed by the fact that the goofy leader of the Magical region had trouble remembering faces from time to time.

"Right, right. Now allow me to introduce these two very special young men!" Heiron put his hands together in excitement. The two men stepped forward.

"To my left I bring you Batel, the youngest ever graduate of our Spellcaster Academy." Batel was indeed young. He was also quite short, even more so than his age suggested and wore a long blue robe that reached the floor.

"Nice to meet you, Batel! It's so great to meet such a young talent" Junon said cheerfully. She loved meeting new people, or at least those who she thought would be kind to her.

"You look younger than I expected" Batel said, with a blank expression on his youthful face.

"Why… thank... you…" Junon replied, wondering if the boy was complimenting her.

"That wasn't a compliment. For someone who is older than me, I expected some more… development", Batel replied whilst blankly looking at Junon's chest. Junon's breasts were actually average in size for a female of her age, but she instantly became annoyed with Batel.

"Why you…!" Junon was about to punch Batel, but Heiron was about to intervene. However, it would seem that Heiron may not have had to do that. Batel, despite his small frame could protect himself. He pointed his index finger upwards, and then clicked his fingers. Junon felt a creeping sensation. It touched her skin and was moving swiftly. She felt uncomfortable. It was only until the thing crept out of the top of her outfit and onto her bare shoulders that she realised what it was.

"M-Mouse! Mouse! Get it off me!" She screamed. The mouse of course was conjured by Batel and was moving around all across Junon. She screamed some more, whilst Heiron and the other man attempted to get the Mouse off her. Batel stood still, and after a few seconds, he released his Spell. The mouse was gone. And there was a brief silence.

"That was for patronising me", Batel said.

"But was that really necessary? A top magician should behave less childishly and more Adult-like", Heiron said, almost as though he was Batel's parent. Batel didn't reply and Heiron continued.

"Anyways, without further Adieu, Junon, please meet Temper!" Temper was older than both Junon and Batel. He didn't like talking much and made sure to keep his face hidden in his hood. His personality was somewhat gloomy but like all the Magicians there, he was a talented magician and had just as much passion to serve and protect his people.

Junon let out her hand in order to shake Temper's. They shook their hands.

"So, Temper? That's a nice name. Nice to meet you!" Junon said, optimistic that this second new acquaintance was better than Batel.

Temper said nothing.

"Ah, not much of a talker, eh?" Junon finally said, using a fake smile to hide the fact that the first time meeting her new acquaintances was somewhat awkward.

"Now then, as you know, we magicians of the Grand Spellbook Tower are dedicated to the collection, study and the protection of the Mystical Artefacts known as the Legendary Spellbooks. My predecessors and I before me believe it is of paramount importance to find these Spellbooks in order to educate ourselves of new magic so we can further protect our land for years to come." Heiron said.

"While I do agree with this philosophy, wouldn't others interpret this as… selfishness?" A cold, concerned voice came from Temper's hood. Junon was surprised that he could actually speak.

"That's a very good question indeed, Temper. In fact, we did have a few disputes over some of the Spellbooks with neighbouring Lands, but we managed to resolve them, so no worries." Heiron said, smiling with assurance.

"I'm guessing that the three of us have been gathered to look for some of the Spellbooks…" Batel said.

"Indeed, young Batel! Whilst the hunt for more Spellbooks has usually been entrusted to experienced Spellcasters, we do 'reward' the very promising Spellcasters the opportunity to go and look for some themselves. After all, in the future, it'll be you guys who will protect Prophitia!" Heiron replied, raising his hands in a holy and theatrical fashion.

"So, where is the first Spellbook, Lord Heiron?" Junon eagerly asked.

"Ah, well we have gathered sightings of the Spellbook of Wisdom not too far from the Secret Village of the Spellcasters. Luckily for you guys, it's relatively nearby compared to the other Spellbooks which are yet to be found."

"And it's also the place where I was bought up by Grandpa, yay!" Junon said, interrupting Heiron.

"Yes, yes. Now, tread carefully. You never know what you might come across when you're there. I'm putting all of my faith in you young guys."

"Right, no pressure", Temper said, making the mood slightly uneasy with his cold aura making every word come out of his mouth send shivers down Junon's spine.

"And, what does this book look like?" Batel asked.

"Well, it's green - very much like Junon's eyes and has a common characteristic of having a circular jewel in the center of the covers of the book." Heiron replied, almost unsure that he would come up with the answer.

Junon, Batel and Temper had been sent by Heiron to travel to the nearby Spellcaster Village by foot in order to retrieve the Spellbook of Wisdom. It had mainly been marred by Batel annoying Junon with various cheeky taunts. As usual, Temper said nothing.

"Jeez, does that little runt ever shut up? And as for Temper, his silence is starting to creep me out! Why does my first assignment in the Prophecy Guild have to be with two oddballs?" Junon thought to herself.

"Junon… Junon!" Batel said, trying to grab her attention.

"What?!" Junon said, attempting to block out Batel's voice with thoughts, but couldn't help but reply to him.

Bang! Junon bumped her head into a big aging tree in front of her.


"I was gonna tell you about that tree, you know", Batel said.

She had not been paying attention to her surroundings, but now it was clear where she and her comrades were – The Secret Village of Spellcasters! This village would have plenty of trees around. It was practically a forest area with lots of little huts and cottages for Spellcasters to live in. The area was pretty quiet itself, just as Junon remembered it to be back in her days growing up in this place.

"I wonder where we look first…" Junon wondered

"This… is where my magic can come useful!" Temper said with great pride. Although the man did not talk much, when he did it was always meaningful.

Temper let out some exotic magical Artefacts. They were two gold pots, which he held in his hand. He blew into both of the pots, and some luminous, harmless flames would ignite.

"This is a secret Magic style called 'Temperance Magic'. Only a select few know this magic", Temper mentioned. Junon grew infatuated with the rare sound of Temper's deep voice.

"Ignite, Temperance Flames – Guide us to the Spellbook of Wisdom!" Temper raised his voice for the first time, almost as though he was speaking to the pots and the flames themselves. The luminous flames responded, rising up in intensity and then casually pointing in the direction to where the Spellbook was.

After much running around (of which Junon would promptly run out of breath!), they finally reached they destination. It was a vast uninhabited area of the village. The flames that Temper was holding were now conveniently pointing directly below the three magicians.

"Is it me or is the Spellbook of Wisdom hidden underground?" Junon casually asked

"No, it's just you", Batel announced.

"Could you please stop being yourself for just one second?"

"Okay then! Hey look, it's me, Temper!" Batel said, pausing for a while as though Temper would, saying nothing at all before looking at his pocket watch. Junon and Temper both glared at the little magician.

"Alright boys, let me show you guys how to find a Spellbook. Stand back!" Promptly, Batel and Temper stood back expecting fireworks.

"Magical Blast!" Junon let out a spherical blue-purple flame from her hands and fired it towards the spot where the Spellbook was buried. The sphere was barely half a meter in diameter and didn't do much damage to the ground below.

"What the hell was that?" Batel asked. Temper said nothing, standing there somewhat unamused.

"Shut it Batel! I got this one!" Junon tried again, only this time she put more effort.

"Magical… Explosion!" Junon focused her energy a lot more into her hand. A much larger, more potent spherical flame came out, and this time it was green. The severity of the magical explosion caused a small crater to be formed in the desolate area of the village. Luckily, nobody was hurt. Junon proceeded into the crater to notice a small, green glowing object. It was the book!

Despite the large amount of damage she caused, the book remained miraculously unharmed. She rushed to get it, with her comrades not too far behind. Junon opened it.

"What the hell?" She flicked through the pages.

"Why the bloody hell is this book blank?" she angrily wondered, "This is the Spellbook of Wisdom, isn't it?" Temper nodded. Disappointed, Junon held the book in her hands wondering why she went through all this toil and trouble to get hold of a book that had no words in it. Regardless, she was still optimistic.

"Maybe the Tower have some answers to this little riddle", Junon added. The three of them were about to walk back home, with Batel recommencing his teasing routine towards Junon. That was until they heard a strange and peculiar noise. It was a roaring sound. In fact there were three roars, two of which were identical and the third was distinct. The third roar was almost deafening and had commanded great authority. There appeared to be three dragons. Two of them were small and green, and oddly enough carried weapons, the third was much bigger in size, to the point that it was big enough to have a human riding on its back. The bigger dragon was coloured white with a slight hint of pink, and had a celestial presence about it. It also was clear that the human riding the big Dragon must have been their master, and the three magicians were almost certainly in some danger now.

"Well well well, what do we have here?! Three very young magicians carrying one very powerful Spellbook!" The Human had an odd appearance about him. He had slightly darker, tanned skin but that was the most distinguishing feature. His attire however was. He appeared to be wearing a helmet that was made almost completely out of a dragon's skull. In addition to that, his cloak and the rest of his outfit were stylised with other dragon bones.

"Who the hell are you?!" Junon asked, trying to contain her fear.

"I am Bellerin, the Lord of Dragons. I'm after your Spellbook and I won't take no for an answer", the man introduced himself. The dragons roared in unison almost as though they were introducing themselves.

"You can't have the Spellbook. Somebody else wants it more", Batel said.

"Oh? And who might want that?" Bellerin replied.

"The Grand Spellbook Tower!" Temper interrupted.

"Ah, you little kiddies are from Prophitia. I understand now, but what I don't understand is why they would resort to sending kids to do a man's job. It's almost beggar's belief!" Bellerin said. He then observed the three of them and noticed that Batel was the one holding the Spellbook of Wisdom in his hands.

"Ragnarok, go for the little runt over there!" the Dragon he was riding understood the command, it flew towards Batel rapidly, then Bellerin grabbed Batel and the Spellbook. Temper and Junon didn't even have time to react as Ragnarok set of with his master, Batel and the Spellbook.

"I'll leave you to fight troop Dragons!" Bellerin cackled. The two weapon-wielding dragons were left behind.

They took a couple of slow steps towards the magicians. Although the dragons were roughly the same height as the magicians, that did not stop them from being intimidating. In fact, one of them breathed a fireball right away but Junon's natural reflex was to fire back.

"Magical Blast!" Junon's fireball deflected the troop dragon's fireball. Nobody was hurt.

Both dragons then used their wings, this time to advance swiftly towards the Magicians. Junon Panicked.

"And I wonder why we were never taught close combat", Junon screamed.

"Calm it, Junon. I'm gonna stop them in their tracks. It's a good thing they are close too, this spell should do it", within moments Temper conjured up two circles that were surrounding the troop dragons. As the dragons were about to draw their swords the attack, the magical circles would prevent them from doing so, glowing brighter and brighter as Temper poured more magic to stop them.

"Quick Junon, finish them off, while my Spellbinding Circle is still in effect!" he said.

"Right!" Junon prepared her left hand, looking at her two targets "Diffusion Wave-Motion!"

From Junon's hands came two visible waves of wind which sliced through the two dragons like onions. They were defeated instantly.

"We have to go and rescue Batel… There's still time!" Junon told Temper.

"Right…" the Duo then materialised their brooms, mounted on them and set off at an incredible speed covering plenty of distance.

Moments later, they found Bellerin and his dragon. More importantly, Batel was safe. Everyone landed. Junon realised that they were a long way from home. Although they were in the forest, they were not in the Secret Village anymore.

"Looks like you could beat my Troop Dragons, but what about Ragnarok?" Ragnarok, understanding his task, breathed a sea of flames towards the direction of Temper and Junon. Almost as though they could read each other's minds, they casted the same spell to protect themselves.

"Mirror force!" Junon yelled. A large spherical force field protected them, but the young magicians were still feeling the heat, literally because although they were all safe from Ragnarok's attack, the surrounding forest would catch fire.

Bellerin descended from his dragon, with Batel who was now tied up using magic. The Spellbook of wisdom was clenched firmly in Bellerin's hand.

"This is what happens when kids meddle in Adult's business. I will have to kill you in order to teach you that lesson!" Bellerin said. Junon had different ideas though, as she quickly fired a powerful magical Blast towards Bellerin. The dragon magician deflected with his hand only, as though it was nothing. Bellerin then looked towards Ragnarok, nodding as a signal to fire again.

But Ragnarok was stopped. The trees surrounding them turned into chains. And several chains coiled themselves around Ragnarok. He was simply reduced to a sitting duck. Bellerin was amazed

"Alchemic Magic: Fiendish Chain!" Temper cast the spell, and the chains reacted to his command, forming a much tighter grip. Temper was not finished yet, as he cast a Spellbinding Circle on Bellerin.

"You think a mere Spellbinding circle can hold me down?!" Bellerin said, attempting to break free with his own magic. Junon, however made sure he couldn't and cast a spell herself.

"Magic Jammer!" the spell was cast inside the circle itself. Purple smoke was emitted from Bellerin. His magical prowess was slowly dwindling.

"I clearly underestimated you two…" Bellerin said, "But I will still win!"

After a slight struggle Between Bellerin's resistive magic and Temper's circle, Bellerin Just about broke free but not before witnessing Junon's final Attack.

"This is for my friend, Batel" Junon said. There was an anger in her eyes as she focused her energy.

"Magical explosion!" she fired the almighty bullet of destruction right at Bellerin. He only had a small amount to cast a spell for himself.

"Dark Mirror force!" Bellerin protected himself, but the barrier broke. Regardless, he was blown away several meters by Junon's blast, dropping the Spellbook in the process. Ragnarok finally broke free of the Fiendish chain imposed on him and tended to his master, whilst Temper and Junon made their way to Batel, hoping that he was alright. Temper also picked up the Spellbook of Wisdom that Bellerin conveniently dropped.

After noticing that Bellerin retreated with Ragnarok, disappointed that a group of kids got the better of him, he flew off into the distance. Would the three young magicians ever see him again? It didn't matter at the moment. Junon used magic to free Batel and then proceeded to talk to him.

"Batel, are you okay?" Junon asked, genuinely concerned.

"Yes, but why did you guys come? Except for the fact that he had the Spellbook… you really didn't have to save me. I only caused you trouble, Junon. I am so sorry…"

"Batel, sure enough you annoyed me plenty today but in all seriousness I felt a great need to save you. After all, all three of us are… friends…" Junon replied, being joined by Temper. The hooded magician smiled.

"Yes, we are all together as one. I have the Spellbook here", he said. Temper opened the book and noticed that the blank pages were now glowing.

"What's this?" Batel asked. After a few seconds the pages stopped glowing, and the blank pages were now filled with words! Junon went to the first page and started reading aloud.

"If one has succeeded in opening this book and is reading right now, they have truly understood the meaning of Friendship and compassion. Through thick and thin, friends stay together and help eachother. The most powerful magic can be attained though comradeship… "

After reading, Junon started sweating. She realised that the surrounding forest was still on fire but she and Temper were too exhausted to conjure a spell to extinguish the flames.

"Dammit, what do we do?! If that Bellerin guy won't kill us, maybe the flames will!" she screamed.

"Calm down, I'll sort this", Batel said confidently.

"But what can you do?" Temper asked.

"Watch me" Batel replied, preparing a spell. There was a brief pause.

Within moments, Batel conjured up small tidal waves to extinguish all the flames in a matter of a few seconds.

"B-Batel?! Now I know why you're an amazing Spellcaster, thank you so much!" Junon said.

Batel had extinguished one fire that day, but between the Three Magicians would be a fire that could never be extinguished – The fires of friendship. Despite that, however, Batel would still annoy Junon from time to time whilst Temper would stand there and say nothing. Nevertheless, what the Spellbook of Wisdom was trying to teach today was that Friendship was the true magic…