Hidden in Plain-sight

I pick up my school bag and sigh as I give Teto a slight salute before parting ways in the hallway. My phone beeps yet again and I take it out of my bag before groaning. I stuff it back in my bag after shoving my necklace down my shirt before sprinting out of the school and down the road.

"Now. Now. Now. Why now?" I sigh as my phone beeps at me.

"Oh shut up." I snap at it before rounding the corner, jumping over the dumpster and landing gracefully before taking off again. A large building glares at me and I pause to glance at busy traffic. I groan in annoyance, I really didn't have time to wait.. Taking a deep breath I glance both ways before rocketing in and out of the busy traffic. I hit the sidewalk and glance both ways before pushing the doors open.

"Here~" I groan. The receptionist looks up at me before motioning with her pen to the elevators. I frown and glance at the elevator, they take to much time... I walk towards the stairs, open the door and quickly take the stairs two at a time, and arrive at the fourth floor in 1.8 seconds, and push the door open to show a spacious looking office room.

"Rin reporting in." I sigh as I walk in, letting the door slam behind me.

"You took 3.8 minutes to get here. Your last time was 3.5." the leather chair turns and Haku looks at me with a frown. I sigh.

"I know. I ran into traffic."

"No excuses." she orders, making me bow my head. She clears her throat and I look up slightly.

"Anyway. I called you here to meet-"

"Kagamine Len." I turn toward the voice and narrow my eyes before holding my arms up in a protective stance.

"Rin. I'd like you to meet your new partner." Haku says with a smirk. I look the boy over, he didn't LOOK that bad. His crystal blue eyes take me in as he walks toward me from the opposite door. His hair was a messy, blonde and held back in what looked like a ponytail. I frown. He was a head taller then me and wearing a black shirt and dark looking blue jeans and regular looking boots.

"She's my new partner?" he asks, raising an eyebrow at me as he looked me over. "She's as flat as a board..." he grumbles at me. My eye twitches and I bring my foot up to meet the side of his face. Only to have my foot caught and brought up higher, much to my surprise.

"Are those...orange panties?" he asks in amusement. I narrow my eyes at him and he drops my leg, letting me fall to the floor.

"Pervert." I snap.

"You're telling me she's your best?" he asks, ignoring me and turning to Haku, who gives him a nod. He looks me over again and sighs, offering me a hand.

"Sorry. Len Kagamine." he says formally. I eye his hand before taking it and bending it backwards as I stand so he falls against the floor. He hisses and sweeps his legs under me, I easily dodge the move and slam my foot on his chest.

"That's. Enough." Haku snaps. My gaze meets Haku's and I move off of Len.

"Now that you two have met, let me explain formally." she says as she crosses her hands and leans against her desk.

"We have been studying your skills closely, and you are the perfect match for each other. From this day forward, you are Rin and Len Kagamine. Agent R02 and Agent L02. As you know, each partner is picked specially for each other. Please get use to each other and wait for your next assignment. Take the bike." Haku orders giving me a piece of paper and the keys to Len.

"Before I forget." she says, clapping her hands together. "Your rings."

I frown as I pull my necklace out of my shirt. Len easily pulls his necklace off his head and holds it out to me. Sighing I hand him mine and take his.

"Put them on." she orders. I break the chain and slip the ring on my left hand and wince as it pricks me. Len and I glance at each other. Partner-Spies have rings that they trade with each other so they can be easily tracked and can send a shock to the other when something happened or if help is needed.

"Now, I've already picked out your living arrangements, you are to live with each other and get used to working together. After a year and a half of living together, you can move apart if you'd like, but you are still partners. Len will be attending your school Rin, and Len, Rin will be attending your training classes. As soon as your training is complete I will send you missions. Please wait till then." Haku smirks at us before pressing a button, the floor gives way under us and I clench the paper and narrow my eyes as I take in the situation. Falling at 10 mph, weight 110, roughly hard impact. Len's hair whips past him as be glances at me before he loops his arm with mine as we slam against each others side and throw our legs out. We slow to a halt and I sigh.

"She didn't need to use the trap door." I grumble, Len and I slowly walk down, pressing against each other so we don't fall.

"I've heard of her throwing people out the windows." Len says. I wince.

"She's sadistic." we say at the same time. We walk down a bit more and I take one of my bobby pins out before dropping it down. I hold my breath and relax as I hear it hit the ground.

"We can fall." Len says as be releases my arm and drops down, landing easily on his feet as I absorb the fall with my bent legs before standing up. Len glances at his key and looks around all the cars.

"I want to drive." I say as I hold my hands out for the key. Len turns to look at me, his lips twisting into a smirk.

"DO you?" he asks. I narrow my eyes at him.

"I can't let you drive." he says before leaning down. "Someone might see those panties of yours." he breaths into my ear. My eyes widen and I slam my fist against his shoulder.

"I hate you." I snap.

"You don't have to like me." he hums as he marches over to a black motorcycle. He swings his leg over before looking at me.

"Well?" he asks. I wince. I'd rather walk. He smirks.

"You walk. And I'll track you down." he threatens, showing me my ring. I sigh in defeat and walk over to him before swinging my leg over as well.

"Hold on." he says as he reeves and I quickly wrap my arms around Len's waist, much to my distaste, to hide in his back from the soon to come wind. We take off. The wind bites at my showing skin and whips my hair back.

"Where are we going?!" he yells back to me over he wind.

"734 Woodward!" I yell back. Len reeves again and easily weaves in and out of traffic before pulling to a stop. A short trip, Haku must want us close. I quickly get off the bike and wobble slightly.

"Your driving is crazy! We could've died!" I snap at him. He rolls his eyes and shoves his hands into his pockets. I glance at the paper before stuffing it into my school bag and pushing through the door.

"Welcom- Rin!" Gumi attacks me and pulls back just in time to look at Len. She looks from me to Len to my fingers before her eyes widen.

"This way~!" she says quickly as she grabs my hand and drags me in back.

"It happened!" she declares happily. I sigh and pull my white bow out of my hair.

"Where exactly are we?" Len whispers in my ear, sounding slightly annoyed. I wince.

"Cosplay cafe." I mumble.

"And it's a-" Gumi starts.

"Hottie." Meiko finishes, leaning against the counter and examines Len closely. A long day was coming. I could feel it. Len flashes her a dazzling smile.

"Stay away from my partner." Kaito orders as he smacks Len in the head with his tray.

"I just smiled!" he snaps, rubbing his head.

"Hey!" I yell. Everyone quiets and looks at me.

"Thank you. Len this is Teto and Gumi, Kaito and Meiko and...Miku and Luka..." I trail off, looking around.

"Where ARE Luka and Miku?" I ask.

"Mission." Meiko waves me off. I nod and glance over their outfits before wincing.

"Gang week?" I ask.

"You got it." Kaito says as he points a finger at me.

"I'll just go home then-" Len starts.

"Actually, orders from Haku. As a training exercise, you have to work here." Meiko says holding up a slip of paper. Len narrows his eyes before grabbing the paper and looking it over and groaning.

"I'm going to go change~" I say as Gumi and Teto smile at Len menacingly. I rush to the changing rooms and pull my outfit out of the drawerlabeled as mine and quickly undress before changing. My black shirt had its sleeves cut off and I was wearing short black shorts that had chains hanging down, I stuck a few band aids here and there before slipping into my combat boots and fingerless gloves.

"Done." I hum as I walk out to find Len waiting for me. His hair was slicked back, but still messy, he was wearing a black shirt and cargo pants with multiple holes, he had his black shoes on and had one hand bandaged in white while the other had a black glove. He was chewing on a toothpick in irritation as he watched me.

"Tsk. I don't see why I have to help." he grumbles. I roll my eyes and hand him a tray.

"It's not that hard. Here. All you do is serve food. See look-" I drag him towards the curtain that separated the cafe from the kitchen and staff room. "That's table 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on." I explain to him as I point to the rows. He nods and I turn, slamming into his chest.

"Rin are you trying to pull a move on me?" he asks in amusement as I stumble back.

"No! Why would I want to?!" I snap, shoving against him before storming out to the cafe.


"We're leaving!" Teto and Gumi call as they wave to us from the back door.

"Bye!" I yell as they walk out before turning back to the table I was sitting at with Len.

"It's a lot harder then it looks." he complains as he leans against his hands.

"Not really, you'll get use to it." I shrug as I play with my bag.

"You two head out first, Kaito and I will close." Meiko says as she wipes her hands on the dish towel she was holding. I smile and stand.

"Thanks so much." I say as I throw my bag over my shoulder.

"Bye Rin! See you tomorrow Len!" Meiko calls after us. Len and I step out into the alley and I relax.

"What's our address?" he asks holding his hand out for the paper. I smirk and turn to look at him, holding the paper up.

"You want this?" I ask, before moving it away from him. "To bad." I say as I open it and look the address over with a slight frown.

"It looks like...we live there..." I say, pointing to the building across the road. Len sprints across the road, leaving me to rush after him.

"What's the hurry?" I yelp as he unlocks the door and runs up the stairs and pauses.

"You were in such a hurry, why stop now?!" I demand. Len turns to look at me with a smirk.

"It's like we're a married couple." he winks as he flashes my ring at me. I flush and grab the key from him.

"Your an asshole." I snap as I put the key in the lock and quickly unlock it.

"That's rude Rinny." he complains. I hiss and turn, throwing the key at him with as much force as I can.

"Don't call me that and leave me alone!" I yell as I sprint down the hallway and turn into the first bedroom and slam the door shut before locking it. Glaring at the door I back away and fall into my bed.

"On the plus side, Haku was nice enough to give us furniture, we can get cozy on the couch!" Len calls from the living room. I grab a pillow and groan into it.

"Shut up!" I miss being a solo spy already.

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