Hidden in Plain-sight

My breath hitches as panic sets in.

"I...I..." I stammer, as I stare at Len, an image of him as a little kid flashes before me and my eyes blur.

"Ah, that's right." Haku purrs before turning her gun to me. "You have to beginning of the code, not her. Don't think Dell will save you now." Len hesitates as he glances at me, before narrowing his eyes at Haku.

"Like hell I'll tell you." he sneers. Pain explodes in my side and I cry out, warmth trickles down my side and I clench my teeth to hold back my tears.

"4." I sob, as I glance at Len.

"Score and seven years ago." he says cockily. Haku sneers at him.

"I'm tired of your games Kagamine." she snaps as she delivers a blow to my side. I gasp in pain, falling against the chains. Len falters as he looks at me in horror.

"47hktl789306712qwpotlr783bxpow8092mckshor01849jwe jfo30582nwmd3wd205snfi29hwfo604." Len rattles off quickly. My eyes widen as I look at him, what ever it meant, it wasn't for something good. But would he really tell them...? He meets my gaze evenly.

"He told the truth." Kiyoteru says. Haku smirks as she turns the gun to Len.

"Don't tell her anything." he says evenly. My eyes widen.

"I..." I start. Haku fires at Len's side repeatedly. He groans as he falls slack against his chains, coughing blood onto the white floor. Blood pulses out of his side as he gasps for air.

"Len!" I sob. Haku walks toward him, with the grace of all her spy years.

"I'm tired of your attitude." she hisses at him as she holds the gun to his head.

"NO!" I scream before I close my eyes. "dheicj1959501babdi193pwbfo14bwidc2940sbwpgu20671b wgfoqot1057hecof18bwfo19bwof." I list of quickly.

She drops the gun from his head and turns to look at me in satisfaction. Len's head snaps up, his eyes narrowed as he grabs his chains with his hands and arches against the slab of metal, the chains around his ankles break as he throws his legs up to rest on Haku's shoulders before pulled back roughly to slam her against the metal, she slumps to the floor. Blood dying her silver hair red.

"To late." Kiyoteru laughs as Len pulls on the chains on his arms, breaking free and rushing after Kiyoteru and his computer. Len has him on the floor, unconscious, before I can blink.

"Rin...you Baka." he sighs as he rushes towards me, pulling on my chains till I'm free. I fall to my knees and Len takes off for the computer, typing quickly before saying:

"Calling for M00 and K00, the acid has been activated." into the microphone.

"Len..." I say miserably. He turns and runs to help me up.

"I'm so sorry." I sob. Len hisses slightly, most likely in pain.

"Hey..don't cry, we don't have time. We have...exactly 30 minutes to evacuate all the world leaders before they all die." he says. My eyes widen.

"But...your side..." I stammer. Len smirks at me.

"Are you saying NO to a direct mission?" he asks. I narrow my eyes as him, ignoring the pain in my side.

"No I'm not."


Len and I were sprinting over building tops at the fasts pace we could.

"What...exactly... is going on?" I pant into my headset. Len was slightly behind me, but I couldn't really complain, he was shot four times in the side.

"We...were in the same orphanage-"

"I know that, I meant after explosion." I snap.

"Heh. I was crushed under the ceiling, so Haku couldn't see me...but I saw her take you. I tried to call out for you...but you looked like you were dead. I almost died, but Dell saved me. Made me a spy at the age of 6, I was put under the care of Prima, my step mom. As soon as I was good enough I spied on you. To learn everything I could about you. Dell and Haku have been...working together, but actually, Dell's protecting the world while Haku is trying to kill it. I proved myself as being your perfect partner, but Haku refused me for a year." he says breathily. My eyes widen as I glance at Len who was obviously in extreme pain. My eyes blur with tears but I quickly shake them away as I launch myself at a large all glass building and cling to the glass with my gloves.

"Dammit. This whole city needs to be evacuated." Len hisses.

"M00 AND K00 WE NEED YOU NOW." Len growls into his headset from beside me. I shake my head.

"We need to get the world leaders out first." I say as I climb up the glass. Len follows after me and I pause for a second to control my pain.

"We NEED to do this Rin." Len says softly to me. I glance up at him and clench my teeth before nodding and continuing up after him. He pulls back before slamming against the glass and slipping inside the building. I crawl in after him and wince.

"Can't we disarm it?" I ask, as I hold my side. Len shakes his head and turns as 5 guards rush into the room we were in.

"Put your weapons down!" one snaps. Len and I share a look before putting our hands up. I could tell from the look on Len's face we didn't have much time and these guards wouldn't listen to us.

"Good." one says softly as he pulls my arms behind my back.

"I've never thought I'd go rouge." I say to Len.

"Better late then never." he chuckles. I slam my head back against the guard, letting him fall to the ground before rushing at the one with a gun pointed at me. I kick his chin and grab his gun, slamming it into his chest with as much force as I can before sprinting out of them room with Len hot on my heels.

"We've got your backs L02 and R02." a voice says over my headset. I blink in confusion before declaring it as Dell.

"Be ready for them." Len says as I stop before a large metal door. Len rushes through codes at the code box before there's a hissing sound and the door opens. I share a quick smile with Len before walking into the room.

"You two-!" a man says as he stands, there was a total of 12 men in the room.

"We need to evacuate. There is a life threat." I declare as Len walks to the window, picking up a chair in the process and slamming it against it. Glass shatters and the room explodes into yells and threats. I gasp in shock as pain explodes in my chest.

"Rin!" Len yells. I glance down and see red spreading through my armor.

"Damn." I laugh breathily as I glance at the man that shot me.

"WE ARE TRYING TO SAVE YOU. ANY MINUTE ACID WILL COME THROUGH THOSE AIR VENTS AND KILL YOU!" Len thunders. The room quiets and I lean against the table roughly. The room fills with the buzz of a helicopter. I blink away black dots.

"Out!" I order as I make a hand motion, the room explodes into activity as the men trip over themselves as they try to get on the helicopter. I fall to the ground and pull at the clothes on my chest.

"Stay with me Rin." Len begs as he drops down beside me and puts his hands over the wound and pushes down roughly.

"They hit me." I muss in shock. Len's brow creases as he looks me over.

"You're hurt too.." I breath as I glance and Len's gruesome wound that was pulsing blood through the quick bandages we threw on it.

"Not bad." he smiles tensely. I sigh.

"I can cook by the way you ass. And I hate you." I say softly. Len laughs humorlessly.

"Is now really the time for this?" he asks.

"R02 and L02, we can't take you, we are full in the helicopter. We'll come back for you." Meiko says over our headset.

"You are such a trooper Rin, I'm glad you found Len again." Kaito's voice says shortly after. I smile lamely as the room slowly becomes silent again. Len clenches his teeth.

"Tsk. They won't have time." he hisses before pulling his hands away and scooping me up. I lean against his should tiredly.

"Len...we won't make it." I say softly.

"You're getting out of here alive." Len hisses as he paces through the large metal doors and toward the stairs. My heart races and my fingers tingle.

"I'm...glad I remember you Len." I say quietly as I grip at his shirt.

"I was waiting until you did, Rinny." Len chuckles.

"Don't call me that." I say lamely. There's a soft buzzing sound and Len gasps before sprinting down the stairs. The air clicks on and it hits us almost immediately.

"Dammit." Len coughs, he slowed to a staggered walk. My throat was on fire, my eyes watery.

"Len-" I cough.

"Do- trust-me?" Len chokes through coughs.

"Always." I wheeze. Len slams back against the glass, we free fall through the poisoned air, gasping for breath. I cling to Len as his eyes roll back before falling closed. The ground was quickly approaching. My vision turns spotty as I wheeze. Acid burn my lungs as I grab my gun, aim, and shoot.

030 10 years later 030

"What the hell does she mean 'Bring these assassins to my office L02 and R02?!'" I demand as I look from my partner to the file of the two assassins before me.

"Look! If you read here, it says that they were once the best spies in the industry, but got married and went rouge. What a disgrace." he spits acidly.

"We prefer the term hero's." a female voice says from behind us. I turn fast and narrow my eyes at the male and female crouching before us.

"Rin and Len." I hiss as I point my gun at them. They rise from their positions as we call their names.

"At your service." Len says cockily.

"R02 and L02." Rin purrs with a smirk.

"By the name of the law, you two are under arrest and we are bringing you to our boss." Rinto snaps. Rin and Len share a look before laughing.

"More like we're being invited." Rin laughs as she walks past Rinto and ruffles his hair.

"Rinto, R02, male partner to Lenka, been together for a year. Best at fighting, computers a language." she says as she looks him over.

"Lenka. L02, Rinto's partner. Good at fighting, language and shooting. Named after me." Len says as he looks me over with a slight smile. I blink. What?


After much fighting, Len and Rin were handcuffed and brought to HQ. We were standing in front of Miki's desk, her chair was turned towards the dozens of tv's on the wall.

"We found them." I say proudly. Her chair turns and her eyes widen as she looks at us.

"It's-really." she gasps as she stands.

"Miki." Rin says with a smile.

"How have you been?" Len asks.

"Oh! Come here and give me a hug!" she says as she tears up. I stare in shock as she runs around her desk and hugs Rin and Len, who I should mention, hug her back with uncuffed hands. I glance at Rinto and he looks just as confused as I was.

"How's work?" Miki asks to be answered by 'goods'.

"How's taking over as Haku?" Len asks. Miki shrugs and glances at us before smiling.

"Rin, Len, this is Rinto and Lenka." she says, as said two turn to look at us with smirks.

"Rinto, Lenka, this is the original L02 and R02." she says with a smile. My eyes widen in shock.

"You...you two." I stammer. I knew of them because I read there reports, but their names had been blurred out after they were pronounced dead. Every picture was gone as well.

"We saved to world." Rin says softly as she looks at Len who smiles and takes her hand.

"How'd you two live?" Rinto asks as Miki smiles widely.

"Ha. Miki out spied us. She found us and literally snatched us out of the air with her small family jet. She's lucky my gun shot missed her, I thought she was trying to kidnap us. But, she then put her best doctors to work on us." Rin laughs.

"She took over as director after Dell left and Haku was pronounced dead. We killed her father who was gaining to much power, and who happened to be aiding Haku. We were forced into being rogue spies because we had no proof against him." Len says as he looks us over.

"Ah, and the others in our file. Miku and Luka left the service, M01 and L01. Gumi and Teto work for Miki. Mm..and..." Rin pauses as she shares a look with Len.

"Meiko and Kaito, M00 and K00, are now retired and living happily on some island." Len says. I nod in understanding.

"Please teach us!" Rinto says as he stands next to me.

"We want to be good like you." I say quietly.

"But we're rouge." Len says with a frown as he looks at Miki then Rin.

"Speaking of rouge spies...we need to go." Rin says with a wince.

"Thanks for the visit Miki, we'll stop by soon." Len says as he kisses Miki's cheek.

"Keep us off the most wanted list." Rin teases as she hugs Miki before turning to look at me.

"You don't need our help junior." she coos as she muses my hair up.

"You two are doing just fine." Len says as he walks past us to the open window of Miki's office.

"But." he says as he pauses with on leg out the window.

"You will NEVER be as good as us." Rin smirks, as they throw themselves out of the open window and into the night air.

"Off they go. Living their lives as assassin rouge spies. Hidden in plain sight." Miki muses.



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