AN: I'll try to keep up with updates with this story. I love both Naruto and Legend of Korra so of course, there needs to a mix. I thought this up when I was eating ribs. Please enjoy.

Chapter One: Distrust

"How did I get myself into this situation?"

Korra, the newest Avatar and master of three of the four bending arts so far in her first day in Republic city ends up in jail. All she did was defend a shop owner from those thugs who abused the bending arts and used it to bully the old man. So what if there was a little damage to the stores and the street on the block, caused by her apprehending the thugs with her own bending? The point is, she did her duty as the Avatar.

Yet, here she was in a room completely sealed by metal bending and sitting across from one of the most scariest looking woman she had ever seen.

"Let's see. Mulitple accounts of destruction of private and city property. Not to mention evading arrest. You are in a boatload in trouble, young lady!" Chief BeiFong read out the charges as she paced behind Korra before slamming her hand on the table. Korra jumped in reaction as she flinched at the policewoman's abrupt attitude.

"But there was some thugs threatening a helpless shopkeeper! I had to do som..." Korra tried to explain, but was quickly interrupted by the back of the woman as she turned away from the new Avatar.

"Can it! You should have called the police and stayed out of the way." Her voice went from loud to soft as her tone turned condescending, making Korra feel very little about her reckless actions. But she had to explain herself and show this woman that she had to do what she did.

"But I couldn't just sit by and do nothing. It's my duty to help people. You see, I'm the Avatar." Oh yeah, she just pulled that card, but Korra needed to make this Metalbender see reason.

"Oh, I'm well aware of who you are and your Avatar title might impress some people. But not me." Lin wiggled her fingers at the Avatar. Korra was taken aback at the lack of respect she had come to expect when the name Avatar was used. At least, that's what she was taught by the White Lotus masters. She quickly collected her thoughts as she got more fed up with this officer and her attitude.

"All right. Fine. Then I want to talk to whomever is in charge here."

"You're talking to her." Korra's face fell at the statement, only to perk up again at the next part. "I'm Chief BeiFong."

"Wait, BeiFong. Lin BeiFong? You're Toph's daughter!" the Water Tribe girl stated in excitement.

"What of it?" Lin replied as if it weren't no big deal to be the daughter of one of the world's greatest heroes from team Avatar.

"Well then, why are you treating me like a criminal? Avatar Aang and your mother were friends. They saved the world together!" Korra exclaimed, shocked about how they were connected in this way, yet the woman was treating her like this.

"That's ancient history and has diddly squat to do with this mess your in right now. You can't just waltz in here and dole out vigilante justice like you own the place!" Chief BeiFong started to tear the new Avatar a new one when an opening appearing in the middle of one of the metal walls. An officer peered inside before stating a bit of news that Lin was not happy to hear.

"Chief, Councilman Tenzin and his aide are here." he stated as Lin sighed in annoyance. Great. Her ex boyfriend was here to save the reincarnation of his father and he brought...him. He just had to bring that boy here when he knew how she felt about him. It's not that she hated the boy, but she did hope that he would actually commit a crime so she would have a real cause to dislike him.

"Fine, bring them in." Lin sighed once more as she stood up and watched the metal wall open up into a doorway. A moment later, the tall Airbender known as Tenzin walked in with his aide trailing behind him, his figure mostly blocked by the councilman's height.

"Tenzin..."Korra smiled sheepishly as she tried to explain herself about why she was in Republic city against his wishes. "Sorry, I got a little side tracked coming to see you and..."

The waterbender words failed her as her mind went blank all of a sudden when the sight of his aide appeared in her vision. He was like no one she had ever seen before as his handsome face came into full view. He was almost as tall as Tenzin, only being beat by a few inches and had light tan skin with the bluest eyes she had ever seen in her life. That was saying a lot since many people in the South Pole had blue eyes, including herself. But the strangest and the most captivating thing about him was his hair. She had never seen hair like his before.

It was almost like looking at sunshine. His hair was beautiful shade of yellow and was slightly spiked in the front as it hung around his face in two long bangs. The sides and the back part of his hair was tied into a loose ponytail. He was wearing a white GI jacket over a black muscle shirt along with a pair of black pants and shoes. Another unusual feature was these thin whisker tattoos on his cheeks, three on each side.

For the life of her, Korra could not speak another word or tear her eyes away from him. He was just so...appealing to her and felt connected to him in some unusual way. But not only that, there was also something very familiar about him. As if she knew him before or seen him at one point in her life. What was it about this guy that had her all flustered and her heart beating rapidly? Why did he have to be so handsome? Why was he so familiar to her like an old friend? Why was he so...


Tenzin noticed the pause in Korra's explanation and breathed in deep as he took this moment to try and sweet talk his former love into let Korra go. " Lin! You're looking radiant as usual."

"Cut the garbage, Tenzin." Lin snapped while the yellow haired aide lightly coughed into his fist, covering a chuckle. Korra couldn't help but chuckle as well at the guy's reaction to Tenzin getting shot down quick. Lin ignored both of them as she continued to question Tenzin. "Why is the Avatar in Republic city? I thought you were supposed to be moving down to the South Pole to train her?"

"My relocation has been delayed. The Avatar, on the other hand will be heading back to the south pole immediately where she will stay put." Tenzin explained to Lin and somehow, scolded Korra at the same time

"But..." The Avatar tried to persuade her airbending teacher, but was cut off by his waving hand.

"If you would be so kind as to drop the charges against Korra, I will take full responsibility for today's regrettable events and cover all the damages." he stated to Chief BeiFong who looked at Korra and then back to Tenzin. She sighed and released Korra's cuffs through metalbending with a wave of her finger.

"Fine, but get her out of my city." she enunciated the last part with slight venom in her voice. Her eyes went from Tenzin to his aide as she looked at the yellow haired guy with distrust.

"Always a pleasure, Lin. Come along, Korra." Tenzin nodded at Lin who scoffed before he turned and waited for Korra to follow him through the doorway. His aide stood aside as he bowed slightly, letting the master Airbender and Korra go first. Korra tried to hide her blush as she kept staring at him through the corner of her eyes. She turned back to see Lin point to her own eyes before pointing them back towards herself and she couldn't help, but mock the Chief back in the same manner.

Korra immediately regretted it as she realized that she must of have looked childish and stupid to the handsome boy with her face twisted into a ugly look. She looked at him briefly before she stepped through the doorway and found the yellow haired boy smiling at her much to her relief. She let out a sigh before following Tenzin down the hall.

Lin sneered at the quick interaction between the Avatar and Tenzin's aide as the said boy turned to her and bowed deeply to her in a show of respect. Her lips thinned but still nodded her head back to him in a polite response to his respect. But she couldn't help but make one last statement before the yellow haired aide left the room.

"I may not like the Avatar, but if I find that something happens to her before she leaves Republic city, I will be looking into you first. Do you understand me?" Lin stated her thinly veiled threat as the boy smiled at her once more before bowing again.

"I would expect nothing less from the amazing Chief BeiFong. I will see to it that the money will be sent to the Council for the repairs to the damages the Avatar accidentally caused." the aide rose up from the bow and his face turn serious as he stared Lin down. "I will make sure she is safe, Chief BeiFong. You have my word."

Lin scoffed. "As if your word means anything to me. From the son of the second worse war criminal in history, it means less than nothing."

"I understand. I don't blame you for your distrust, but please. Refrain from saying anything disrespectful about my mother. I know she was exactly who you said she was. I'm just stopping you before you crossed that line. I respect you too much and I don't want to be upset by words you might say in distrust." he spoke wisely, his eyes never leaving Lin's as they stared each down.

She knew he was right. He had nothing to do with what that woman did during that hundred year war. He had given nothing to show that he had a bad bone in his body. But still, the woman did raise an orphan boy like a son for some reason and Lin doubt it was out of the goodness of that woman's black heart. Was it a coincidence that he came to live here in Republic city two years ago and now, the Avatar was here to try and convince Tenzin to train her here?

Maybe, maybe not. But she was still a professional and an officer of the law.

"Of course. I apologize for my words. It's my job to be concerned about every possible threat to Republic city and at the moment, the Avatar. Your mother would have reason in her bent mind to have revenge against the Avatar." Lin sighed before nodding at the boy with steeled eyes. "So know this. I will still be watching you closely as always."

Lin walked closer to the yellow haired boy and looked up slightly into his blue eyes. "Aide to Tenzin or not, you're still the son of Azula."

The handsome aide merely smiled as he turned and walked away from the Chief. "Of course, Chief Beifong. Have a nice day."

She scoffed as she crossed her arms and watched the adopted son of Azula walk out of the room with his hands held behind his back. "Have a nice day to you too."