I hate to do this, I really do. With projects that involve writing, I always finish them to the very end. Even if they are fanfiction, but the most amazing thing has just happened to me.

I've been given an advance of 5,000 dollars of seed money to get started on my first real novel!

I've won minor awards for my short stories since I was in middle school, newspaper contests and such. But nothing like this before. Like with most writers, I've written a beta story, which is basically a skeleton of the main story with a few key chapters, the summary, and the timeline. I must have sent out hundreds of copies to publishers and didn't hear anything for almost two years. I didn't want to do it the cheap way and sell a book on Amazon for pennies, so I've waited a long time.

Until three days ago!

I hooked one and she loved my story idea. She called it original, even though the base genre has been overdone. But my story concept gives it a edge she hadn't seen for a while in a supernatural story. She even said she could see it in a movie!

Needless to say, I fainted after the letter/phone call from her small company. There are still things to do like accept bids and page amount which will be the difference in what type of book it will be. Then I have to get started on the prelude and the first three chapters. I don't want to jynx myself, so I won't say anything more until I get something down on paper and signed. Then I will release some juicy details!

Now, comes the hard part.

This story has come to mean a lot to me and I hate to see it die. So I'm offering to give it up for adoption to a GOOD writer. I gave up a story once and they never did a thing to it, so I won't make that mistake again. I will give the rights over to anyone who wants to continue and finish the story with my occasional help and tips. I have basically the whole idea in my head, just never got a chance to finish it.

I mean, what would any of you choose? Write for free or money?

So, send me a PM and we'll talk!

Sam Greenwalt.