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Steve was nervous. This was the first time him and Thor were going on mission with just the two of them and he didn't frankly know how to react. The thunder God was worse than him in understanding the 21st Century. He was scared that Thor would blurt the entire story to someone and then hell would practically break loose. He was also worried about the other Avengers. He wondered how Tony felt meeting his dad again… Back in 2013, Tony avoided every conversation about his dad or involving his dad. Steve couldn't figure out why but Bruce tipped him of by saying that it was something to do with his childhood. He wondered how Bruce was doing. Bruce must have been taking every single meditation techniques to stop the other guy coming out or the "Hulk" as the press nicknamed him. After all, it was better to be a wanted man in one era rather than 2 eras but Director Fury said that he was no longer a fugitive… He wondered how Natasha was doing, he didn't know much about her since she was constantly on S.H.I.E.L.D deployed missions and when she was around, she didn't talk much about her past but he thought that she would be… shocked by the change of time she was placed in. He wondered how Clint was doing, again, he didn't know him that much since he was also on S.H.I.E.L.D missions and the only thing he said about his past was that he grew up in a circus and was an orphan… Thor was right next to him but he was probably the same. He barely understood 2013 so how could Steve expect him to understand 1943 but then again he might understand since everything was way simpler… maybe that's why he chose Thor of all the other Avengers... Steve was shaken out of his thoughts by Howard.

"Ok Steve, we're landing in 10 minutes. Grab a parachute and tell your friend" Howard said.

"Tell me America's Captain why this "Howard" person looks a lot like the Man of Iron?" Thor asked. Steve shook his head.

"It's all very complicated and you can ask Tony later!" Steve replied. Thor seemed content with the answer.

"Your friend doesn't talk much, does he Steve?" Howard asked

"It's best if he doesn't talk!" Steve said. I hate all this lying…Steve thought

"Well I hope he can hold himself in battle, America in counting on you to save her!" Howard said

"Trust me Howard, this guy is one of the best fighters!" Steve said. He was happy that he didn't have to lie to someone this time.

"I've hacked the security cameras, it's pretty advanced even by my standards so it will only hold you for about half hour" Howard said. Typical for a Stark to be complimenting himself… Steve thought.

"Ok got that, so knock the guards and retrieve any weapons and plans I can find?" Steve asked.

"Yes, I'll be back in about 2 hours and good luck!" Howard said and the jet flew off.


Captain America and Thor punched all the guards but more kept coming in. Steve remembered their motto cut one head off and two will grow in its place! Thor was doing his best with his hammer and the lightning. HYDRA agents were surprised at the hammer but they thought it was some really advanced tech so they brought in guns and laser guns to knock him off. Fortunately that didn't work so it brought them some time.

"Any ideas, Captain?" Thor asked as he threw his hammer at the soldiers and the guards.

"No but I'll let you know as soon as I get one!" Captain America yelled as he threw his shield at the HYDRA soldiers and guards, instantly knocking them down. The rush of the guards kept increasing as the security cameras came back online again. Captain America instantly had a brilliant idea.

"Thor, remember when the Chitauri came and tried to invade Earth but then you did that big thunder thing?" Captain America asked Thor

"Yes, I remember!" Thor said

"Well can you do it again?" Captain America shouted

"But Why?" Thor asked

"If it can knock down some intergalactic aliens then it can knock down some ordinary human Nazi's!" Captain America shouted


"FOR ASGARD!" Thor yelled and soon lightning came down and knocked all the soldiers and guards down leaving only Captain America and Thor panting heavily.

"Should we… split up as you earthlings call it?" Thor asked.

"No, we would get lost; it's easier if we all stick together and find the plans and take longer then split up and find the plans less quickly and then spend ages looking for each other" Captain America ordered. Thor nodded as he and Steve then proceeded to pick samples of different guns they had used. After about 2 hours later, they ran out of the HYDRA building to see Howard Stark standing next to a jet plane.

"Here are some of the weapons HYDRA used against us and the plans." Captain America said. Howard opened the plans up.

"Thanks Steve, now we know what HYDRA is planning!" Howard said.

"What are they planning?" Steve asked. He had recovered these plans and had every right to know what they were.

"It's complicated but it's something to do with the Tesseract. It's connected to Norse Mythology's and unless you know about it then offer some hindsight!" Howard said. Before Thor could reply, Steve quickly added.

"I know pretty much nothing about Norse mythology!"

"It's okay, you recovered these plans were all we could ask for, Thanks Steve and I'll see you on the jet!" Howard said.

"So the Tesseract was a sought after object no matter what time you're in?" Thor asked.

"Why did you lie?" Thor asked

"Thor sometimes in order to protect someone, lying is the best option or it may change history… C'mon let's get onto the jet!" Captain America said and they both headed off to the jet….

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