Copper Sun




"This is it, it's always been her, I've known since college and, it's been eight years, I'm ready. I'm so ready."

"But we just finished residency, we're just about to take up a fellowship you can't expect marriage to fit in the schedule more than it did five years ago!"

"I know this is it, this is what I have been waiting for my whole life. My life has only been complete since we happened you know this. I can do this, Bella, I'm getting married!"

I tightened my hold on my phone. I cannot believe that it would all end up here, me a million miles away trying to move on and him... "Jazz, you do know Leah Brandon-Black will never allow you to marry the apple of her eye."

I rolled my eyes, I loved her, I really did, but I just can't stomach the thought of her little miss perfection. Not now. "Bells, Leah loves me. I have been with Alice for eight years, I think she trusts me enough with her baby girl."

Yeah, I know she trusts you, like she would trust a snake. "What do you want me to do Jazz, you've made up your mind."

"Bella, you're Alice's best friend, you have to be here, she misses you, Rose misses you, we all miss you, so just get your ass back here okay?"

"I can't leave, I have a conference in Mass Gen tomorrow."

"Bella come on."

I scrunched my eyes tight and willed the head ache away. "Jazz, I did not bust ass so I could be accepted in Harvard Med just so I can run like your lapdog at first sign of trouble. I'll be there Monday next week, that's the soonest I can get there."

I pressed the end button on my phone and placed my head in my hands. I wanted to scream, but that's not advisable when you just assisted in a thirteen hour surgery, and you had a reputation as ice queen to uphold.

Damn it, eight years and still I'm not over that asshole who strung me along like some kite or whatever. Now I had to watch him marry my best friend. Damn it. Damn it all to hell and back.

BEEP! I was broken out of my reverie when my darned pager went off, 911, ICU. Shit. Now my miracle patient is about to die too. Damn it all to hell and back.


"What do you mean you're getting hitched?"

"Just what I said sweetie, Garrett is the most amazing man ever and my my my, he can make my toe curl like no other. This is it Eddie, he's the one."

"Yeah, like you have not said that about five other men Katie.

"Shut up Eddie, I think this is it this time, and don't worry, if it's not, I won't show up to your door drunk again. Just please, come to the wedding?"

"Kate, I can't just fly back there, I have a conference here! I'm an associate, you know we don't get any life?"

"Ed, I'm sure that since you graduated top of your class in Harvard Law, you can find a way to get the hell out of there."

"I have a conference meeting, my dad has this charity thing set-up!"

"You're still in your dad's company?"

"Where the hell else am I suppose to go? My dad needs the help okay, just stuff it Kate. I'll be back Monday that's the soonest I can make it."

I hung up the phone despite her screaming protests. Four years of being her best friend and Kate Denali still can't comprehend that I have a massive hard on for her. Oh sure she flirts with me whenever she sees me, but that's because I'm not a man to her. I'm her little Eddie, her brother bear. And now another man was stealing her away.

"Atty. Cullen, Mrs. Ross is on the line, she has the files you requested for?"

I closed my eyes and breathed in. "Link her through Shelly."

As if being the youngest partner in Pearson-Hardman is not hard enough, I had to deal with this unrequited love shit. Just what I needed. What good is being a lawyer when you can't even defend your own fucking feelings?