"Remember, my parents are not like me, they're a bit eccentric."

Three days. It's been three days since we made that stupid deal at Joe's and now Edward was driving me home in his fancy ass Maserati. He refused to even touch my pick-up. Said his skin only liked European things except in women. Then we winked at me, ass.

"I know you're from this superbly rich family Ed, and its going to be hard on you on our quaint town but please bear with it, we'll.."

He grabbed my hand, still driving at 80 miles. "Jezebels, I'll be fine. I'm not a brat you know."

"I'm just.. nervous. Just tell me when you're not comfy and I'll..."

"Bella. Shut up."


"So I don't mean to pry and all but, we've been driving for hours. Where the hell is this place?"

I slapped his arm and giggled. We've been on the main road for about thirty minutes. Edward was complaining that all he can see was the green above and the brown below.

"It's a ways past main street Edward, we'll be there in about ten minutes."


Ten minutes was like a lifetime. I did not know how Bella survived this town. She specifically asked me to stay below speed limit. As if I can pull an 80 in a town like Forks. People were too busy ogling my car I'd risk hitting someone if I dared floor it. Bella said Forkers, I KNOW RIGHT, used trucks, and I'm a pansy for driving a freaking sports car.

"It's that house, with the white fence."

Bella's house was beautiful. It was warm and bright at the same time. The yard was beautiful. Tiny plants lead the way to a porch with a white swing set. A tire swing was tied to the tree out front. "I know it's a lot smaller than what you're used to.."

I held her hand, my eyes still on the pretty white house that simple exudes love. "Jezebel it's beautiful." I looked at her and smiled. She flushed and squeezed my hand. "I'm glad you like it."

Who would have thought holding Bella's hand will be so beautiful?


The sun made his hair copper. Edward was really handsome, but today, he became more than just a pretty face.

His heart was good, and he wanted to do good, and I wish I could help him do that, I wish... "Eddie Bear thanks for coming."

His smile dimmed and his eyes, green, why did I never notice before that they were green? Maybe because they were never this close to me. Wait, they were close to me, was Edward...


His breath mixed with mine. I think my heart rate just broke norms, am I having a myocardial infarction? Closer, closer he went until I felt his lashes against my cheek. "So beautiful."

And then his lips brushed mine.



Her lips were lightning. Every inch of my body is pulsating with her, for her.

I wanted more.


Bella suddenly opened her eyes wide and stumbled back, losing her balance. I grabbed onto her and laughed at her horrified expression.

And then we were tackled with a big hug by the tiniest woman I have ever seen on planet. Wearing holey jeans that have seen better days, a loose white shirt, and UGGs, there was no doubt that this woman was Bella's mom. Her mass of brown riotous curly hair had the same color as Bella's. Weird, I never noticed but Bella's hair was pretty, like aged whiskey.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, its just that I resigned myself to the fact that my tomboy daughter will forever be alone! But here you are, and oh my God you're gorgeous! I'm Renee Swan, call me mom!"

"MOM COME ON! Bella struggled against my arms trying to push her mom back from us.

"What, I can't welcome my future son in law? My very gorgeous future son in law?"

"MOM!" Bella rolled her eyes and elbowed me when I snickered. What? I was a guy, I had an ego!

"Edward's just a friend mom."

Bella's mom, Mrs. Swan, Renee giggled, and she reminded me so much of her daughter I smiled at her.

"Sure, and the house wasn't almost on fire with the little lip action. My God, I had to fan myself from the heat."


Bella was so cute, she regressed to a five year old in her old home.


It took five minutes of begging, pleading and coercing to get my mom to shut up about Edward and I, instead she's got us settled in the kitchen counter with a huge plate of homemade cookies and glasses of milk. Hot darn, I missed my mom's chocolate chip cookies.

"I tried everything. Cooking lessons, baking lessons, I even enrolled her in Home Economics in high school despite the pleading of her teachers to let her stay in a rigorous SAT level science program to get one female attribute in her and her school dropped her off it because it's ruining her GPA! My goodness, nothing worked. So she may be a smart cookie Ed, but you will be stuck with house chores. I'm afraid my daughter won't very much make for an Austen wife."

"MOM!" For the past half hour we've been here, my mom has been profusely highlighting my lack of domestic skills and yet begging Edward to still take me on.

"Don't worry Mrs. Swan, I got Jezebels covered."

And then he smiled that frickin' megawatt smile of his and I think my mother melted into a puddle of goo.

"Aw, Jezebels, aw how cute is that? Awwww! Do you have a pet name for him too, Jezebel?"

I rolled my eyes and glared at Edward.

"You just had to encourage her didn't you?"

He tucked a strand of hair behind my ear and his fingers lingered in my cheek. "Aw, my Jezebels, don't be mad at me! You know I'll always be your Eddie-Bear."

My mom gasped. "Awww you two, I just want to gobble you up! Stay there, I want to get a photo for my facebook account!"

She dashed out of the kitchen, no doubt hunting for our SLR. "Eddie Bear? Really?"

I turned to glare at Edward.

"What, your mom is cute, she likes the idea of you with a guy, and she gave me cookies! I tend to please the woman with the cookies!"

How can I possibly stay mad at a person as cute as Edward Cullen?

"Fine, but we're not pretending to be lovey dovey boyfriend – girlfriend here, that is so..."

"Cliche, stupid, will probably back fire at us?"

"Plus I know you can fall in love with me"

I turned to grin at him, only to have him laugh so loudly at me.


"Yeah, with your chocolate smeared smile, who wouldn't resist you!"


Her eyes got as wide as saucers and she tried to cover up her teeth while hitting me with her other hand.

"You. Are. So. Dead. Eddie!" She screeched and jumped on top of me, settling herself in my lap. I hooked my arms to steady her, the bar stool almost toppling with our weight.

"So you don't like my chocolate teeth huh, here take more!"

She then proceeded to inch her face closer to mine, her chocolate covered teeth coming closer.

"I'm sorry Jezebel! Please don't kiss me with your teeth like that!"

She grinned even wider. "Who said anything about kissing?" And her fingers dug into my sides, causing me to jerk. "Bells, come on!" I tried to trap her wrists but she was so squirmy I was having a hard time containing her. She continued to squirm against me trying to tickle me, arms wrapping around me, trying to hold me still.

I didn't realize we were laughing so hard. Or that we were basically breathing in each other's faces. Or how her body was practically twined with mine.

Or how I buried my nose against her neck, just reveling in the warmth of her body.

At least I didn't. Before her father, who had a gun at his hip, who can shoot the stranger canoodling with his daughter, appraised us coolly.

"You gonna introduce me to your friend, Bella?"


Edward froze as he heard my father come in. He pulled back from my neck, where he was nuzzling quite warmly let me tell you that, and stared at my dad, gaping like a fish. I swear all the color drained from his face.

I wanted to giggle but I decided to help poor Edward out. I wiggled out of his embrace, which was easy since Edward was still fixated on my dad's gun.

"Oh, come on dad, don't scare Edward like that." He harrumphed and still continued to glare at Edward, who shook his head and stood up, putting a strained smile on his face.

"Chief Swan, I am so sorry for what you've seen. My name is Edward Cullen, and I promise to treat your daughter with respect."

There was a beat.

And another.

And another.

My palms were sweating. Was my dad going to shoot Eddie Bear? Did I have to call the hospital?

And then the worst thing happened.

Nope, he didn't shoot Edward.

Didn't even glare.

My dad freakin smiled at him, approached and clapped him on the back.

"I was just playin' you son. My wife here tells me what a great catch you are for my kid. Bella, I like him."

Now it was my turn to gape like a fish.

My dad and Edward clicked. It was as if they were friends forever. He was never like that with anyone, not even Jasper who was my best friend. Darn Edward Cullen and his ability to woo anyone.

I asked my mom about it while she was preparing dinner, my dad and Edward already retreated to the living room to catch a game – Edward was a Yankees fan, and my dad supported some other team that had them teasing, cajoling and insulting each other totally bonded.

My dad must think I'm chopped liver.

"I am so floored. He's over there drinking beer with Edward. Edward. And Edward is so taken with dad! It's so bloody confusing mom! And you know I suck in the kitchen. Why did you want to have a little ladies time?"

"So your father can bond with our future son-in-law. Now start cutting tomatoes. I know you can cut Isabella, you're a surgeon."


"What? Why do you think your dad likes him so much, hmm, Bella?"

I shook my head and continued to glare at the fruit I was supposed to cut. I always hated cooking. It felt so anti-feminine. Like I was depressing someone who made sure I can go to school like the boys. But with Edward here, I find that I do actually want to help cook, I wanted to make something for him. My mom always seemed so happy cooking for me and my dad.

"When was the last time you smiled, honey? When was the last time you laughed? You were dead for years Bella, you were never able to get over Columbia, you blamed us, and you bolted out of this town you hated for so long. You never came back. You were like a zombie, the four years you spent at UW. You were unhappy. You were so unhappy and you worked tooth and nail to get into Harvard. And now you come back and you're happy. You're so happy, I don't even know you anymore. You're happy with Edward. That's why we like him."

I couldn't look at my mom. It wasn't Edward that made me happy, it was Harvard, and my work, and my clinical trial. It was not Edward that completed me, it was the Dr., before my name and the M.D., right after it.

I continued to chop tomatoes when Edward strolled in. "Hey pretty girls, I'm just going to get something to drink." I turned to glare at him. "Unless you want some help?"

"Oh poo, Bella, let the boy get his beer."

Edward looked at me while getting his beer. I can feel his eyes over my face. "Jezebel, are you okay? You hate cooking, is that why you're a sourpuss."

I grumbled.

He strolled over to me and lifted my chin up. "I promise I will eat whatever you make. Even if it turns out to be the Loch Ness Lake water again."

I couldn't help it, I smiled. Angela was sick once, and Ben and Edward were coming over for dinner. Angela gave me precise instructions on how to make the soup she wanted to put in bread bowls. She even measured everything, I just had to pour it in. However, despite my great chemical skills, I still managed to botch the thing, and instead of the thick stew Angela had in mind, what I had made was a disgusting swamp like watery entity. Edward called it the loch ness water.

"There we go, see, you're prettier with a smile. You can do this Jezebel."

He pinched my cheek and went out the kitchen. I was still smiling when he laughed with my dad and settled somewhere.

"See what I mean?"

I looked at my mom helplessly. "I can't exactly control it, can I."

"Who says you have to?"