This wasn't how I expected them to meet. I imagined a grand scene, wherein I was so stunningly beautiful that Jasper Hale would have to swallow his tongue whole and feel pangs of regret stabbing his being. I imagined turning him down when he offered to pick me and not Alice.

I expected a darned movie moment where I come back a triumphant and vengeful biatch.

I never expected it to be me, butt first in my almost non-existent Ferb sleep pants, slung across Edward's half naked and gorgeous form, with his hair tousled in the early morning, and mine tied up in a messy bun.

Did I forget the whipped cream on his torso?

I wanted to slap Jasper with the fact that I am very attractive to other men.

Instead I made him think I was in the middle of an all out sexcapade with my hunky piece of meat.

It was better than I could ever have planned, bless the heavens.

"Hey Jazz! Long time!"


I smothered a laugh at the bewildered look of Jasper Hale, the reason why I was here.

I saw his eyes widen when he saw Bella's Ferb clad ass, slung across my shoulder and my cheeky grin that came with it.

I thought he was the milk boy. I mean seriously, a fitted printed shirt, jeans and some gold chain across his neck, you would think he's a punk kid trying to make money in his sister's one size too small shirt.

Add that to the fact that I have about a half a foot on the poor guy.

He was gawking as he took in my whipped cream covered chest (hence why I was shirtless), my bed head and my matching Phineas boxers. Nope, Bella and I didn't plan the theme. Apparently we just both love the show.

I know how it seems, we look like we were in the middle of sex.

I know Bella wanted to gut this guy.

We couldn't have planned it better if we tried.

"Hi Jazz! Long time!"

His eyes turned to Bella's head, who was twisting around to peer at him from my back.

I set her down, careful to slide her frame against my body.


I chuckled as she stomped her foot and turned to face our guest.

"Excuse the man child Jazz, he never gets a chance to play in his boring office."

I glared at her. "You will regret that my Jezebels."

She squealed as I wrapped my arms around her and nipped at her cheek and licked off the cream.


A cough broke through our moment and we both turned to our neglected guess.

"Oh sorry man." I extended out my hand and grinned at him in the universal douche man I got me some pussy grin (though I bet Bella will chop my balls off very slowly with a blunt scalpel thingy if I let her know that). "I'm Edward Cullen, the best friend."

He turned a very ugly shade of white. Serves you right for hurting my Jezebels.


Jasper paled at Edward's outstretched hand. I knew his grin. The idiot fudger. Still I can't quite contain my delight at the turn of events. Mom and dad left early to go jogging or something. I was making Eddie pancakes when the door rang. I accidentally sprayed whipped cream on Edward instead of his pancake because I jumped when the door freakin' ran. Edward got pissed, and hefted me squealing saying his revenge will be to show the paper boy my underpants (my dad apparently asked him to pay the paper boy when I was still snoozing).

Lo and behold it was Jasper coming over. He still didn't take Edward's hand, just staring at us in shock. Edward's grin got even smugger.

"I'm sorry for his brash behavior, he hasn't eaten yet." I elbowed Edward and he sighed and ruffled his hair. "Yeah, man, I'm sorry."

Jasper blinked and seemed to shake himself out of a stupor.

"Izz, it's been a long time."

I smiled and motioned for him to come inside.

"Come on in, where's Alice? Is she coming soon?"

Jasper silently followed me to the kitchen.

Edward went up presumably to get into decent clothes. I heard the water running and assumed he washed the cream off. I looked down at myself and wrinkled my nose.

I guess I better shower as well.


Edward always took too long in the shower. And before your dirty mind goes to the gutter, he really does take long showers. If you haven't noticed the guy is a neat freak.

"So that's the friend huh?"

I looked over at Jasper looking at the now cold pancakes and the splattered cream.

"Yeah, my roommate Edward. We got out of touch for a while before..." I flushed. I'm not sure I would want Jasper to know about

"The Harvard couple. We know. Or Leah knew, you know her, no gossip escapes her."

"And yet she blamed me for spreading rumors that you and her saint baby were an item when you two frequently held hands and everyone assumed for themselves what happened."

Yeah, there was no love lost between me and Leah Black.

"Come on Izz, that was a long time ago."

"I was kidding! So, what brings you here, and where's Ally?"

"She's checking the flowers with her mom today, then she asked us all out to lunch at Barquillo's down in Seattle."

"Oh sure, but Eddie and I have plans today. We're going to First Beach with mom and dad. Maybe we'll meet you for tea or something in the afternoon."

Jasper raised his eyebrows. "First Beach?"

"Yeah, Edward grew up in Chicago, he's never really seen the Pacific Northwest. Plus, my dad wants to take him fishing."

"Chief Charlie taking that pansy ass fishing?" He snorted. "What, so he can squeal when water sloshes over his boat shoes."

"If you must know, Edward is the captain of the Harvard Rowing team and he's an F1 racer. He knows a thing or two about hard labor. Which is more than I can say for you. What you prance around in your tight shorts and call it exercise? Grow up Jasper."

I hated it when anyone insulted Edward. He was my person and I love the jerk.

"Sorry, Izzy I didn't mean to. I mean, I just thought, rich city boy that he is..."

"Well you're wrong."

Jasper looked shock at the anger in my voice. No one insulted Eddie. .

"Hey Bella, where did you pack my shampoo!"

I rolled my eyes at the huge baby upstairs. "In the pocket of my suitcase!"

"It's not here! All I see are your underpants."


"Never mind I'll go use your strawberry one. Why can't you use a more manly scent?"

"Don't make me come up there Edward Anthony."

"Okay, okay!"

I heard him close the door and the shower water run again.

"You seem pretty close for people who haven't seen each other in years."

I sighed over the ruined pancakes and turned to start a new batch. I hated wasting food, I would get Edward for this.

"Eddie and I have been friends for a long time Jazz. We were both so new at Harvard, and our roommates were leaving us to sleep in the corridors. What was it that JK Rowling said?"

"There are somethings you share without ending up liking each other. And knocking down a troll is one of them, or something to that effect. I'm sorry about the food love."

I sighed as Edward wrapped his arm around my waist and pressed a kiss to my hair.

"You'll have to feed the orphanage tomorrow."

He laughed and pulled me in tighter. "You know I will."

Jazz looked on at us with something in his eyes. "Sorry about intruding on you guys, I didn't mean to do it."

I smiled at him. He was still, after all my very best friend. And I did miss him.

"It's alright Jazz. I'm pretty sure that wasn't how you expected this to go either."

Edward sneaked into my batter and added a healthy dollop of chocolate chips. I swatted his shoulder.

"EDWARD ANTHONY! I told you no more sugar! You want to be a diabetic 70 year old? Frail with bladder problems?"

He gave me the puppy dog pout. "Come on love, it's the first time in five years that you're giving me chocolate chip pancakes again. Please? Just this once?"

I was a sucker for the puppy pout. And he knew it. "Fiiine." I rolled my eyes and slapped his butt. "Go sit on the counter. No hot chocolate for you big wuss."

"Can I have chocolate tomorrow with my non chocolate chip pancakes?"


"Please Bella my love, the most beautiful creature on planet?"


"Wow, it was true, I didn't believe Rosalie."

I turned to look at Jasper, a hurt expression on his face.


Edward snorted and went to the fridge grabbing the OJ and glasses. "He means our bubble Jezebels."

"Oh." I flushed down to the roots of my hair. "Sorry Jasper. Edward is so utterly annoying you can't help focus on him."

He shook his head and put on a strained smile on his face. "I get it Izz. I better go."

He stood up abruptly and bumped Edward's shoulder as he passed him by. Edward's expression darkened.

I gave him a sharp look that warned him to stay calm. Edward, lean though he may be, had a mean right hook.

I followed Jasper out the door. He was sitting on the porch steps, waiting for me. It was how we usually are when we fight. I felt my heart clench.


"It's different, that's all. I always expected you to be there for me Izz. Listen to me about Alice, and give me advice. I always expected me to be the first guy you run to when something goes wrong. I took you for granted. I'm sorry."

I sat down next to him and punched his shoulder, for old times sake.

"You still are my best friend Jazz. I came back for your wedding."

"I wanted to tell you so much about a lot of stuff. I wanted to walk with you and chat with you again. I guess I'm not your best friend anymore huh."

"You still are, Jazz."

"I can't even call you Bella. You're not Bella you're Izz. But I'm wrong aren't I?"

I stayed silent. I don't know where he was going with this.

"You loved me."

It wasn't a question. I should have known. Alice talks. Leah Black talks. My own mom probably talked.

"I didn't and I did. You were all I knew Jazz, and we grew up together. And I fancied myself in love with you, but that was Izzie, Jasper. That was Izz. I'm not her. Not really."

He turned to me a rueful smile on his face.

"Alice was supposed to make you jealous. And then I thought, why not just go out with her. I grew to like her. She was nice. She's great. But she's not you. Bella."

I smiled at him. Ruefully. "Please, don't."

"It's too late huh?"

"You know I'm in love with him. You knew I always will be in love with him."

And just like that, the story is revealed. Why I am here, why we are here.

"I know. I guess I just hoped."


Okay, I know I updated late, and I am sorry.

So yes, I just realized a change in plot is in order. Bella is not who you think she is. Or she is, she just has some hidden secrets.

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