I awoke from the bright sun on my face. I knew It was another In Petroplis I was staying at my Grandpa's for the Summer.

''Sam, breakfast is ready.'' My Grandpa Said.

''Okay,'' I said.

I hurried downstairs to get breakfast. My grandpa was already at the table. I went to chair and sat down.

''Are you going spend your summer in that room?'' Grandpa asked.

''No, I'm going for walk after breakfast.'' I replied.

'' Okay,'' Grandpa said.

I gobbled down breakfast I went out door I started to go down the street It was so hot (Well, That's what I get for going out in 90 Degree heat). I stopped at the store and looked in a thief was robbing the store. It was Snap trap The criminal that always gets arrested. What was he doing here? I asked to myself.

''Give me all the store's cheese.'' Snap trap said.

''But you allergic to cheese, boss.'' Francisco said.

''I know that.'' Snap trap said.

''Your not going to get away.'' I said.

''Oh what are you going to do.'' Snap trap said.

They ran to punch me but I dodged then kicked Francisco in the stomach, Then punched Snaptrap.

''You guys under arrest.'' I Said.

A few minutes later T.U.F.F arrived and threw them in the back of the van.

''You won't see last of us.'' Snap trap said as the T.U.F.F van drove off.

''Wow, you stop Snap trap I never seen someone do it.'' A voice said.

''Who's There?'' I asked.

Two T.U.F.F agents appeared.

My name's Dudley, and Kitty Katswell.'' He said.

''Wow your T.U.F.F agents.'' I said.

''Come with Us were going to take you T.U.F.F.'' Dudley said.

To Be Continued...