Oi, Jeager!"

Rivaille called out for the shirtless boy who was standing outside the bathroom with a towel around his neck, a pair of pants and water dripping from his wet hair.


Eren looked curious towards his captain while he tried to dry his hair with the towel.

"Put on a shirt or you'll catch a cold, stupid brat"

Eren continued to stare at Rivaille when the elder man turned around and started to walk away. Is he worrying about me?

"Yes, sir" Eren mumbled as he started to walk towards his room. When he reached the stairs, he heard Rivaille shout after him.

"We don't need a sick soldier on the fields!"

Or not.

Eren sighed as he entered his room and put on his favorite shirt while he wiped himself dry. Rivaille had seen him shirtless, he still could feel his glare on him and he couldn't help blush. His cheeks turned warmer as he buried his head in his pillow.

He had felt embarrassed when he saw Rivaille outside the bathroom, and he sincerely hoped that he didn't notice it.

Rivaille sat in his office, unable to concentrate. Pictures of shirtless Eren kept appearing in his mind and disturbed him. He gave the mountains of papers in front of him a glance before he turned around and looked out through the window.

Damn brat, going around half-naked, what if someone else saw him?

Rivaille couldn't help but get irritated by the thought. He hated what the brat could do to him, how he could make him so restless. He sighed as he turned around again, hoping to get some work done. He was also sure that Eren was embarrassed when he met his gaze.

Why would he get embarrassed? Maybe he feels the same as…


He looked up and saw Hanji standing in the doorway.

"What?" Rivaille was irritated; he didn't like to be disturbed while he was thinking.

"There's an experiment I want to do, on Eren, can you go and get him for me?" A huge smile was planted on her face as she giggled.

Rivaille sighed again.

"Go get him yourself, can't you see I'm busy?"

"But I need to prepare for the experiment first! Pleeeaaaseee?" Hanji plead.

Casting one more glance at Hanji, he rose up and started to walk towards the door.

"Fine. You owe me one,"

"Thanks! Tell him to meet me outside!" Hanji smiled again before disappearing in to her own room.

Rivaille headed towards Eren's cell. He really didn't want to meet that kid right now, he still hadn't calmed down from their last encounter, but it didn't seem like he had any choice.

When he reached Eren's room, he saw him sitting in his bed with his head buried in his pillow and clearly lost in his own thoughts since he didn't hear him walking down the stairs.


Rivaille glanced at Eren who suddenly froze up by his voice. When he looked up from his pillow, his face was red right up to his ears.

How adorable.


Eren looked away again, clearly embarrassed.

"Oi, at least look me in the eyes when I'm talking to you," Rivaille didn't know why, but he always got pissed when Eren avoided him, he hated it.

Eren turned his head again, staring back at him. The red blush wouldn't fade away, so Rivalle assumed that he was the reason why Eren's cheeks were red. And he couldn't help my smile by that thought.

"Hanji's looking for you, another experiment. You'll meet her outside,"

Eren hated this. And he hated this even more when he saw Rivaille smiling, he just hoped that he didn't hear how his heart was beating like crazy.

"Oh, I'll go right away,"

Finally having a reason to tear his gaze away from Rivaille's grey eyes, he felt how his blush started to fade. He walked quickly towards the door, but just before he walked past the man standing in front of him, he felt Rivaille pushing a hand towards the wall, blocking Eren's way.

"What a lovely blush you got,"

Rivaille bent towards Eren and whispered softly into his ear.

"Wh-what are you talking about?" Eren tried to push his way through, but Rivaille was too strong and his arms felt weak.

"Didn't I tell you to look at me when I'm talking?"

Eren couldn't help but gulp when he saw Rivaille's face. He was smirking,

He's clearly teasing me. But why?"

"Bu-but sir, I need to hurry, didn't you say Hanji needed to –" Eren tried to find an excuse to escape this situation, but he stopped when he felt Rivaille's face getting even closer towards his. He could feel his warm breath on his face and his glare that looked right through him.

"I can hear your heartbeat you know," Rivaille continued as if Eren hadn't said anything. "That's one of a crazy pace; may I ask the reason for it?"

Eren felt his blush returning and his heart speeding up even more.

"That's…um…" He tried to say something, anything. But he couldn't form a sentence and he couldn't think clearly. Everything that was spinning around his head was how close Rivaille was.

"Do you like me?" Rivaille's smirk got even bigger. Eren wondered how he could stay so calm in this situation.

Oh right, he's just teasing me.

"No way! I'm just-"

"What if I told you that I like you?" Rivaille interrupted.

Eren froze. He stared at the man in front of him.

Was he serious? There's no way that Heichou would ever like me. I mean, I'm just a brat and I can't do anything right. I'm just-

He stopped thinking when he saw that Rivaille was dead serious. Even though he was smirking, his eyes said that he was telling the truth. Rivaille noticed that he might have pushed too far and lent back again, giving Eren space.

But before you walked away and leaving the boy alone, he had one last thing to say.

"I'll make you say "I love you", so be prepared".

Without expecting any answer, he was shocked and surprised when Eren talked.

"Don't be so sure, I'll be the one making you confess first,"

Rivaille turned around and saw that the boy had fully recovered and was now grinning. He couldn't help but smirk again.

Intresting, he thought in silent before turning around and walked up the stairs.

"Give me everything you got, Eren,"