"Eren, look at me! This will be fast, I promise, just look at me and give me your arm!"

"No father, it hurts, I don't want to!" Eren cried while he fell down on his knees and tears started to drip down from his eyes.

"How many times do I have to say that I'm doing this for your own sake? Just give me your arm!"

The syringe was shining and threatening eyes looked at him. Eren was shaking and his arm was hurting. He didn't want this, he missed his mum, he missed the days before the titans destroyed their town. He just wanted to cry and forget everything.

"No! I don't want to! Please let me be!"

A strong hand reached out for Eren and held his arm steadily, not letting him escape. Eren cried and begged but nothing he said could change that man's mind.

"It hurt! It hurts! Eren shouted while he felt the needle in his arm and liquid being injected in his body.

"It's hurt! I don't want this! It hurts!"

Eren sat up and gulped. His heart was racing and his body was shaking. Nightmare. He tried to breathe and clam down.

1, 2, 3…

Eren closed his eyes and started to count to 10. He always did this when he was scared, sad or unfocused. When he had counted to ten, he would push the incident behind him and think positively.

4, 5, 6…

It wasn't a dream, Eren suddenly realized. It was a memory. A memory he had forgotten or suppressed.

7, 8, 9…

Eren suddenly heard a sound right beside him and he turned around. Rivaille was sitting on a chair beside the bed. He was asleep. Eren couldn't help but smile, he looked so beautiful.


Eren took a deep breath as he laid down again. The bed was warm and cozy, reminded him of a pair of arms that was holding him when he was unconscious.

How nice of Hanji to keep an eye on me even though the experiment was over. She's more kind and responsible than I thought.

Eren yawned as he tried to fall asleep again.

"Eren? You're awake?"

Rivaille's caring voice made Eren blush as he tried to form a sentence.

"Ye-yeah, sorry if I woke you up,"

"No it's fine. How're feeling?"

It's not always Rivaille concerned about someone, and Eren wouldn't help but notice the worry in his eyes.

"I'm fine, thank you," Eren look away as he tried to hide the fact that his cheeks had become warmer. Luckily, it was dark.

"That's good to hear,"

Rivaille rose and moved towards Eren. He soon lifted the blanked, yawned and crawled into the bed. Surprised by the action, Eren almost jumped.

"Wh-what are you doing, sir?"

"This is my room and my bed, so I can do whatever I want. Just shut and sleep, brat,"

Too tired to argue anymore, Eren decided to ignore his racing heart. As the silent fell, Eren thought that he had so say something.

"Um, Hanji is actually much nicer than she seems, right?"

"Huh? Why did you bring her up?" Rivaille sounded pissed and kind of annoyed.

"No I mean, she has strong and warm hands and…"

"And almost killed you!" Rivaille snapped and turned to look at Eren.

"Bu-but she's also caring and takes responsibility" Eren tried again.

"Say Eren, when the heck did you start to care so much about her? And which part of her takes responsibility!? She left you there dying!"

Rivaille's eyes narrowed as he tried to figure out what was going on inside that kid's brain.

"Eh? But she carried me here, right? And gave me the antidote. I mean, who else could it have been? Nobody else were there,"

Eren could clearly see that Rivaille was not pleased, but he didn't know what he had done wrong, so he decided to not talk and wait for a response.

"Eren, you really do know how to piss me off,"

Rivaille turned around, got on his knees and with put both his hands beside Erens head, each hand on each side. He looked at Eren from the top with a deadly glare. Eren swore that his heart jumped out from his chest and he was seriously happy that the darkness hid his blush.

"Um, heichou, you're..eh…too close,"

Eren could feel Rivaille's warm breathe on his face but he couldn't look away, Rivaille looked strong and handsome as always. He wanted to touch his face, feel him in his arms and make sure that this wasn't a dream.

"Oh? Well, this is punishment, it isn't meant to be comfortable," Rivaille lowered his body and closed the gap between the two of them. Rivaille's lips found its way to Eren's and he forced his tounge into Eren's mouth.

Eren tried to gasp after air and push him away, but Rivaille didn't move.

"He-heichou, what're you doing?"

Despite Eren tried to avoid Rivaille's mouth, he had to admit that he liked it more than he thought. Rivaille's warm lips touched his gently before he became more aggressive. Eren had to lie if he said that he hadn't dreamt to do this one day.

"Shut up, brat!"

He felt Rivaille's mouth against his and his tongue pushing its way between his lips. Rivaille moved his hands, and his fingers grasped around the brunet's hair. Eren gasped in pain and Rivaille didn't miss this chance to move his tongue further in. Teeth clashed and Eren tried to copy whatever Rivaille was doing, but gaining control over Rivaille seemed impossible. Every time Eren tried to push back, Rivaille responded with a harder tug on his hair or a bit on his lips and made Eren back of.

Breathe became pants and gasps and Eren held on to the back of Rivaille's shirt while their mouths melted together. Still keeping Eren's mouth busy, Rivaille released one of his hands from Eren's hair and moved down to Eren's chest. Surprised by the touch, Eren grasped around Rivaille even more tightly while he tried to not move, scared of Rivaille letting him go. Sure, he was confused that Rivaille had done this without any warning, but now that they had started, he didn't want him to stop.

"Heichou," Eren tried to speak again, but his mouth being invaded by a skillful tongue made it sound more like a moan. At last, Eren decided to give up fightin and started pressing back the kiss. Rivaille's hand had found its way under Eren's shirt and caressed Eren's skin. The warm pressure made Eren groan and he tried to break the kiss and take a deep breathe, but Rivaille used the opportunity to press back even more and made Eren clung onto him harder than before.

Eren could feel Rivialle's body between the fabric he was holding on to so desperately. He slowly moved his hands and started to unbutton the shirt. One by one, with shaking hands, he managed to unbutton them all and Rivaille's bare breast became visible. Mesmerized by the scene, Eren forgot to breathe until he felt Rivaille licking his lips. With nimble fingers, he stroke his hand across Rivaille's body, exploring every part of it.

Rivaille hadn't been doing nothing either. His fingers moved along Eren's chest and rubbed his nipples firmly. A gasp left Eren's lips and he bent his head slightly backwards leaving his neck open and vulnerable. Rivaille broke the kiss and started to attack Eren's neck while Eren tried to catch his breathe. Rivaille licked and brushed his lips across Eren's skin as he tightened his grip on the brunet's hair, not letting him move.

Rivaille worked hastily as he pulled Eren's shirt over his head and threw it on the ground without bothering folding it. He enjoyed the naked Eren under him, sure he had seen him like this today morning too, but this time was different. He started to move his mouth downwards across Eren's chest leaving wet and red biting marks on the body. Eren moaned in response and couldn't help but give in to the pleasure.

Rivaille's hands travelled along his trail of kisses and moved down to his torso, slowly pulling down his tight. Eren couldn't do anything but letting Rivaille take control. He could still feel warmth from wherever Rivaille had touched and he swore he missed his lips against his. Rivaille seemed to notice this and and lifted his head from Eren's chest and moved back towards his mouth again. Eren closed his eyes when he felt Rivaille's tongue circling on his lips and waited for the kiss.

The kiss that never came.

When Eren opened his eyes, disappointment washed over him. Rivaille was lying in the bed with his back against him.


"What is it, brat?"

Eren could swear that Rivaille was smiling. What should he say? He couldn't just ask why he stopped and he couldn't say that he wanted more.

"Nothing" Eren sighed and tried to sleep, but it seemed impossible. His lips still reeked of Rivaille's sweet scent, his whole body was burning and his heart was racing like crazy.

"Brat, I won't do anything to you until you confess," Rivaille smirked while he waited for Eren's reply. He hoped that Eren would give in; he wanted to touch the boy again.

"That's not happening, and I know you want the same as me, so good luck sleeping, Rivaille!"

Disappointed, Rivaille closed his eyes. He knew that Eren was right, if this continued, he would give up sooner than he thought. The fact that Eren had just called him "Rivaille" didn't make the case easier, on the contrary, he wanted Eren to call out his name more.

As the silence grew, they both fell to a deep slumber and the last thing on Eren's mind was why Rivaille had called this a "punishment", he had only started the truth about Hanji.