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I apoligizes for my stupidity! I put the wrong document on the computer. Sorry sorry sorry a million times sooorrryy(spazes out like Ritsu)

Dear Journal - Kyo's Journal

This is not a diary. Its a JOURNAL! That damn rat Yuki is stupid if he thinks I'm going to buy a diary! I mean only GIRLS write diarys! Yuki probably keeps one though because he IS A MASSIVE GIRLIE MAN!

I hate that damn rat! He is a colossal jackass and one day I will beat him!

You really shouldn't leave your DIARY lying out. And you say I'M stupid.

THAT DAMN RAT! Its a god damn JOURNAL! Stupid, fake, stuck up RAT!

Dear Journal- Yuki's Journal

Today Kyo bought a diary. I've had a journal for more than 3 years but I'm not going to tell him that. Its to much fun annoying that stupid cat. The idiot actually left it open on his bed. Unfortuneutly he's not written anything embarrising in it yet just going on about how much he hates me and how he'll beat me. Like I haven't heard that before. Anyway, Kyo got mad that I read it and tried to punch me. So I threw him out the window. Tohru freaked out a bit but I the idiot deserved it.

from Yuki

Dear Diary- Tohru's Diary

Yuki and Kyo were fighting again today. I don't like it when they fight! Why can't they get along! Or at least just go a week without hurting each other. Oh well...at least Kyo wasn't .

Yuki is in his room right now and Kyo's sulking on the roof like he usually does when Yuki beats him. I wish Kyo would just give up on beating Yuki. But I don't think Kyo will give up anytime soon. I should make him salmon to cheer him up. Oh but what about Yuki! He might think I'm favouring Kyo over him! He might be offended and stop talking to me and he'll hate me! Oh that would be awful! I know! I'll make salmon for Kyo and I'll make Yuki some of that stew he likes! It'll take longer but everyone will be happy! :)

Lots of Love Tohru Honda

Dear Journal- Shigure's Diary

It is I! The handsome,intelligant Shigure! Kyo and Yuki were behaving like hooligans again! But I'm happy as Yuki was thoughtful enought to throw Kyo out the window. Normally they just smash the wall! Their goal in life is to destroy my house. The beautiful Miss Honda on the other hand, is a blessing! She cooks, she cleans and she doesn't hit me! Unlike some people...

During dinner Yuki mentioned Kyo had started a diary. Kyo reacted in his usual violent manner and then well... lets just say I need to get a new table.

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