After lunch with the family, Reese headed back to work to tie up a few loose ends before the wedding while August decided to hang out at one of the local sports bars.

Gabi and Vera headed back home. As they hung out in Vera's guest room, Gabi mulled through some of the photo albums from her great aunts suitcase while Vera began tuning her guitar.

Gabi came across a picture of a head shot of a girl in the album and was drawn to her hair style. When she turned another page she saw another girl, the highlight of the photo being her hair.

"Hey Aunt Vera? Why do you have headshots of different chicks hair? Admiring hair styles from around the world?"

"Hmm?" Vera looked over to her great niece distractedly before glancing over that the album in her hands, "Oh, that wasn't about admiration over anything. I took the picture because I did the work."

Gabi eyes popped out in amazement, "Really? You seriously did all of these hair styles?"

Vera placed her guitar down, "Sure did."

Gabi messily combed her fingers back and forth through her hair, "I actually wanted to have a new hair style for my moms wedding but honestly did feel like anyone could cut or style my hair right for it…"

Vera picked up on Gabi laying the groundwork to ask her to do her hair. With a smile, Vera pointed to a black bag within her suitcase, "Pass that over to me, will you?"

Gabi handed the bag over to her Aunt, "Here."

Vera grabbed the bag in one hand and then grabbed the computer chair in the other, "Follow me," she instructed the child as she made her way to the bathroom.

Gabi followed as Vera placed her bag on the countertop and instructed Gabi to sit. She ran her fingers through Gabi's thick brunette locks.

"So what are you thinking as far as style?"

Gabi grabbed her phone and began to look up images until on the internet until she found one she liked and held the image up to Vera, "How about this?"

Vera smiled, "An edgy pixie cut with bangs… fits you," she opened her black bag to reveal her shears, combs, sprays, and clippers.

"Wow aunt Vera… you come prepared with your hair cutting."

Vera smiled confidently, "I absolutely mean business when it comes to hair. Now then, ready?"

"Yep! Now or never," she smiled happily at the mirror.


"Ugh, this one won't do either!" Miranda threw another dress on the growing pile of rejected outfits on her bedroom floor. Tonight was going to be her first date with AJ and she wanted to look good. She needed to make a good impression.

Miranda grabbed yet another dress and again felt dissatisfied with the choice and angrily threw it across the room as well.

Gabi poked her head into her older sisters name with a raised brow, "Is there a reason that you're grumbling and sounding even more annoying than usual?"

Miranda rolled her eyes, "If you must know, I have a date tonight," she buried herself further into her closet.

Gabi took the liberty of sitting on Miranda bed, crossing her legs, "I don't see what the big deal Is."

"It's with AJ."

Miranda watched her sisters expression change to shock before throwing her hands up,"About time, Rand! Geez! I really should have taken a bet on this," she mused.

Miranda shot her sister an annoyed expression, "Anyway… AJ is coming really soon and I cant decide on anything."

Gabi laid back on the bed, ruffling her newly cut locks and pushing them to the right side of her head to hang lazily, "You're over thinking it. AJ has been liking you for a really long time. And you've liked him too for a really long time. Wear something regular so that you aren't making things weird. It's a date not prom."

Miranda sighed out hopelessly, "Nothing feels right though!"

With a roll of her eyes, Gabi hopped off of The bed and made a b-line to Miranda's closet, pushing her way past the worrying teenager. She grabbed a tank top, a fashionable jacket, and some jeans, handing each item of clothing to her sister as she picked them out.

Miranda surveyed her sisters clothing choice for her with an arched brow. "Jeans would make it too casual."

"Maybe that's what you need. If the date goes well, then come date number two you can dress in whatever cutesy dress you wanna wear. You're going on a date with AJ, relax. You know each other entirely… so."

Miranda frowned, "But jeans?"

With a roll of her eyes, Gabi snatched the jeans out of Miranda's hand, tossing them off to the rejection pile that her sister already created, and grabbed a skirt instead.

"How about that?"

Miranda nodded her approval, "I can rock with this."

Gabi sighed out heavily, "Great. Have a good date, my work here is done." Gabi left Miranda's bedroom, almost running into her mother.

"Op! Sorry Mama."

"Hold on there kiddo. What's that smile about? You got a text from Sia or something?" Reese smiled at her youngest daughter.

"Nope," she looked behind her before pulling her mom by the arm down a couple of stairs down out of earshot from Miranda.

"Miranda and AJ are finally going on a date."

Reese's eyes bulged, "You're kidding."

Gabi smiled even brighter, "She's getting ready now. I think he grew some balls and finally asked her."

Reese flashed her daughter a stern glare, "Gabi," she warned through tone.

She held her hands up innocently, "Just stating the obvious, Mama. I'm gonna game on the PS4 with Sia a bit before bed," she headed back up to her bedroom, closing the door behind herself.

Reese came downstairs as she took in the news of AJ's and Miranda planned date. Before she had the chance to sit down, the doorbell rang.

Reese answered it unsurprised to see AJ on the other side. He looked a bit more polished than normal and even had combed back his growing blonde locks that now had come to rest at his mid neck.

"AJ," Reese smiled at the nervous teenager.

He smiled sheepishly, "Hey Reese. Is Miranda ready?"

"Hopefully. Rand!" Reese called out to her oldest daughter. "AJ is here!"


Reese arched a brow at the fidgeting AJ Chandler, "You've been here a hundred times AJ. No need to just stand in my foyer."

"Heh," he chuckled nervously, "sorry. It's our first date and this is new territory for me, you know."

Reese nodded as she slid her hands into her pants pockets, "I can."

"Ready!" Miranda called as she came down the stairs.

"Whoa," AJ let out a heavy sigh looking at her come down in complete awe. "You look… great."

Miranda slightly blushed as she reached him, "You don't look too bad yourself."

Reese, beginning to feel like a third wheel awkwardly cleared her throat, "curfew.. home by 9:30."

Miranda poured, "9:30?"

"I could always make it 9."

"9:30 it is. Bye Mama."

"Bye kiddo." Reese closed the door behind the kids.

Reese had just sit down when she heard the keys jingle against the door and moments later her fiancée came through the door, "AJ just leave our home?" Bianca asked.

"That he did with Miranda. For their first official date."

Bianca quirked a brow as she hung up her keys on the rack next to the front door, "You're kidding. They finally found the guts to try dating each other?"she made her way to the couch and snuggled into her embrace, resting her back against Reese's chest.

"That they did," Reese hand found Bianca's and squeezed lovingly.

Bianca sighed out contently. "Your dad's flying in tomorrow?"

"Yep. Thanks again for surprising me with my family being there to suit shop with me, sweetheart."

Bianca repositioned herself to rest her head more on Reese's lap, looking up at her, "You would have done the same for me."

Reese smiled gently at her fiancée, "I'm so lucky."

"We both are," she gently pulled Reese's head down for a tender kiss.

"Mm.. the kids are growing so fast. Both of them are dating… Miranda Is almost out of the house… Gabi In a flash won't be far behind." Reese lovingly squeezed Bianca's hand.

"Time flies."

"No lie," Reese chuckled. "Two more days and we're married."

"It's night time. May as well consider it one more day.

"If we do that, then we'd have to play by Greenlee and Kendall's rule of us not seeing each other before the wedding."

Bianca frowned at that observation, "True… fine.. two more days."

Reese chuckled before kissing her wife-to-be on the lips, "I love you."

"I love you more. Oh!" Bianca shot up, "You made Greenlee your made of honor!"

Reese arched a brow, "Yes, that's public knowledge."

"Um… did you dictate to her whether or not you wanted a Bachelorette party?"

"No. I assumed she knew that I didn't want one since I never mentioned it. Should I worry?"

"Well…" Bianca winced. Kendall and I are gonna just gonna do something pretty basic for mine since I made it clear to her that I didn't want a party."

"But I didn't say I wanted a party."

"You also never said that you didn't want a party."

"Should I worry?!" Reese sat up more a bit worried.

Bianca chuckled, "I wouldn't worry. Even if she threw you one, it's not like she'd do you any harm."

"Will I be uncomfortable?"

"No comment." Bianca quickly b-lined for the kitchen.

"Wait! 'No comment?!' Bianca!" Reese got up chasing after her fiancée