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Truth Or Dare!

All the Sohma's were locked in a room. Don't ask why. They just were. Anyways after 2 hours of Kyo shouting at Yuki and Ayame flirting with Shigure they decided to play...


"Why the hell are we playing this again?" Kyo asked moodily. Rainbowunicorn123 appeared out of no where and landed on Kyo. "SIMPLE!" She said as Kyo struggled to get up."Because I want you to!" Hiro looked at her in disgust." And why should we listen to you?" He said."Your just a stupid girl and anyway we could have you arrested for kidnapping-" Rainbowunicorn123 pointed at him." Shut up!" She said using her magical unicorn powers on the boy. There was a big FLASH. When the smoke cleared Hiro was wearing a was to shocked to speak."There thats better!" Rainbowunicorn123 said happily."Now we can get on with the dares!"

"Leave your Truth or Dares in the reviews but I would prefer if you me. I'll put the ones I like in the story!" Rainbowunicorn123 said to thin air.

"Who are you talking to?" Momiji asked confused. Rainbowunicorn123 grinned."No one!" Kyo was still struggling to get Rainbowunicorn123 off him."MUMPH GEPH OFPH MUPH!" He shouted muffled. Rainbowunicorn123 giggled. "Opps!" She said standing up."Sorry Kyo!" Kyo gasped and crawled away.

"Okay first dare!" Rainbowunicorn123 announced."I dare Yuki to say in front of his entire school that Kyo is his one true love!" Yuki looked at her horrified."WHAT!" He shouted."NO WAY!" Rainbowunicorn123 was suddenly holding a axe."DO IT!" She growled in a deep voice. Yuki nodded sweating nervously."O-okay!" He stammered. Rainbowunicorn grinned."YAY!" She cheered. She grabbed both Kyo and Yuki and teleported to their school."Hiya everyone!" Rainbowunicorn123 said cheerfully."Yuki has an annoucment to make." Yuki blushed and mumbled."Kyo is my one true love." Rainbowunicorn123 got a lightsaber."LOUDER!" She cried. "KYO IS MY ONE TRUE LOVE!" Yuki the Prince Yuki Fanclub girls exploded. "Fun times!" Rainbowunicorn123 giggled.

"We're back!" Rainbowunicorn123 sang. Tohru looked at Yuki who was as white as a sheet."What happened!" She cried."What did she do to you!" Rainbowunicorn123 laughed."Nothing...yet!"

"Now for the next dare!" Rainbowunicorn123 said happily." I dare Haru to wear a pink dress for one day and kiss everyone he sees." Haru looked at her terrified."No. No way! " He screamed." I'm not going to do it!" Rainbowunicorn smiled evily."You don't have a choice, my dear!" She dragged Haru out the room locking the door behind her.

15 minutes later...

Rainbowunicorn123 pulled Haru out the room. Haru was wearing a puffy pink dress and had a tiara on his head."Now everyone doesn't Haru look gorgesous!" Haru glared at her."Your a evil sadistic, b****." Rainbowunicorn123 gasped."Such language from a lady!" She said. "I hate you." Haru said. Rainbowunicorn123 just smiled. "Kissing time Haru!" She announced holding up a bazooka. Haru went around the room kissing everyone. Kyo who was still in shock after Yuki's declaration of love whimpered and started crying. After everyone had got their share of Haru loving, Rainbowunicorn smiled." Now that wasn't so hard!" She said. Haru said nothing." Now I'd better go!" Rainbowunicorn123 said."Bye!" Tohru grabbed her arm."Aren't you going to let us out?" She asked. Rainbowunicorn123 laughed." Of course not!" She said." I've got many more things planned for you!"

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