The perfect, cheesy love story.
By: Strife21

~Chapter 1: Break some sweat~

It was a balmy first of September on Earth, and nothing seemed to be in any great perspective as societies riot of teenagers herded themselves inside the Academy of Amus. The first day back to school.

At this point of the day, year, generation, no one seemed to be enthralled to be back on the education wing. In fact, everyone who stood dumbfounded and tired in front of their locker looked more zombified with the thought of the word 'education'. As students assessed their scraps of paper that had their written 'commands' to be somewhere at sometime, the feeling of another year of boring classes, prissy teachers, and smart-ass students who hog all the glory had drowned their minds.

"Great.. another year of highschool," a tall teen enters the scene of zombies in the hall and made it rather clear that he was also not in the mood to be back in school. He was quite tall, skinny, with a giant mess of deep green hair protruding like a puff on the top of his skull. Being a young handsome man, he easily got attention from girls around the school, and for that he was given the title as a 'player' among women. Still, it didn't really matter to the swooning girls that surrounded him.

His name, was Spike Spiegel. He was in the age of 18 on his last year of highschool, with a future career unknown even to him. Though he is not a true brilliant, he manages to score higher in his classes than the average, often being referred as the 'brilliant-lackey'.

"Hey! Wow! Our last year, huh? Aren't you excited?" a woman in the same age with long, silky blond hair strived to his side, automatically catching his attention.

Her name was Julia, a perfect, classy girl who seemed to have caught the eye of the brilliant-lackey.

"No." Spike answered after a long pause of thought, "Why would I be excited? It'll be another 10 months until I can leave this hell hole."

Julia scrunched up her nose in the presence of the word 'hell', indicating she had troubles with profanity. Giving a small sigh, she shrugged her shoulders casually, "But it's the last year! After this.. who knows where we'll be at!"

The infamous heart-swooning smirk appeared across Spike's face as he prepared a smart response, "I know where I'll be! I'll be at home sitting on my ass playing video games and living off of my aunt's money."

Once again Julia's nose formed her irritation to one specific word, "Whatever, Spike." she replied meekly before turning her heels behind her to head to her locker.

Watching the girl briskly leave him and his arrogance, Spike brushed away the thought of going after her to agitate her more than she seemed to be now. He knew Julia wasn't the kind of girl to get his 'style'; she wasn't the type of girl to understand his kind of humor. In fact, he thought many girls lacked that quality. It was the only thing that blocked her from walking down the halls every morning with him, holding hands and cuddling. As much as Spike thought of her as perfect, he couldn't help but feel the fact that someone else was way better.

But he didn't expect that 'somebody' to come around that day.

She watched as the brew of tired students roamed about the courtyard of the academy in a way that humuored her expectance for the day. It was a good thing though, she had been nervous all morning.

It was the first day to a new school in a new town for her, and she found her situation to be in the last year of her highschool life unfair when she was placed in a location where she hardly knew anyone around her.

The morning had been very nerve racking for her; bringing a bottle of aspirin just in case her day gets any worse. She hardly slept the night before at the thought of being late in her first hour class, or even causing some embarrassing scenes that would last the whole year and maybe until the next.

Standing behind the gate of the academy, she stood gazing at the people she eventually would have to communicate with for the rest of her time here. Half of them she observed seemed to be very out of focus and groggy, whilst the other half gazed stiffly at other new students and the freshmen class.

"Faye." a hoarse voice motioned from behind her, and quickly she turned his way.

"Yes?" the girl now known as Faye replied. She turned around surprised to find a man her age with piercing eyes and silver hair stand there focusing on her book bag in her hand.

The man's eyes diverted to the girl's surprised face, "Nothing. I just read your book bag." he answered, his voice in the tone of almost sheer boredom than curiousity.

"Oh.." Faye stuttered and gripped her book bag closer to her. As much as she found the young man attractive, his presence there also bothered her. Noticing he still stood there eyeing her, she gave him a questioning glance, "Umm... can I help you?"

"You're the daughter of Arthur ViCianni. I heard he had just moved here, so it's safe to say that you're new to this school aren't you?" the girl quickly nodded to his question, surprised to find someone actually knew of her in the town.

"So the real question would be, can I help you?" he finished, a slight ease in his tone.

"Well that would matter on whether or not you're helpful," she hastily clamped her mouth as the response came automatically, stinging the man with aw, "I'm sorry," she mumbled through her clamped mouth and gave a sheepish expression, "I.. excel in sarcasm and rudeness."

Her face turned grim as the young man still stood in front of her with a slight look of shock, almost as if he froze in his position unaware on what to do next. A few moments later, a soft chuckle could be hear escaping the man's throat.

"As I expected from a ViCianni," he followed after his laugh.

"I prefer to be entitled to my mother's maiden name," Faye let out in a slight spite and once again realized her rudeness, turned to the young man grimly, "Sorry again."

The silver-haired man waved a hand to her, "It's fine. Prefer to be called Faye Valentine then?" he watched her nod in response, "Alright, then from now you will be referred as Faye Valentine."

"And you are?" Faye questioned, writing her own report of the man in her mind.

"Vicious. Vicious Teryochi." the young man answered, a now charming smile played across his lips, "It's very nice to meet you, Faye."

He laid back against his desk, lifting his long legs atop the desk table, not bothering to pay any attention to the droning of the stout teacher trying to get the class organized. He didn't get it, it was still a good 10 minutes until the class officially starts.

-"Oh did you hear about that new girl from Mars?"
-"Yeah, she's some sort of freak or something!"

The on going chanting about some new mysterious girl by a group of young students had been pounding against his ears for the past five minutes, teasing him to break the chant.

-"Damn, man! I heard she was a fine hottie!"
-"Yeah, if you like anemic, rude girls."
-"You're just jealous. Just because Vicious is--"

"What?" Spike's booming voice interrupted the small chit chat of the group, "What's Vicious got?" his ears immedietly perked to the mention of his rival's name.

The boy who was complimenting the mysterious girl from Mars hastily came to his side, "My man, Spike! There's a new fine chick in school and Vicious got to her first."

Raising his fingertips to his chin, Spike eyed him with curiosity, "Really? fine?"

"Soft skin, long slender legs, the works! So says TJ." the boy emphasized clearly, showing that whoever this girl was someone he himself would like to meet.

"And you say Vicious got to her?" he asked amused and felt a feeling of a certain challenge arising from his mind.

"Yeah, that's why 'moody #102' here," he pointed a thumb to the girl not far away, "Is rather ticked off. Seems Vicious is interested in this girl."

Showing his best 'Spike-make-the-girls-go-Oooh!' grin, Spike crossed both of his arms in front of him, "You know I can't let that happen. What's this girl got first hour?"

The whole classroom seemed to turn quiet when a new visitor entered the room. Spike, noticing the sudden eery silence, shifted his gaze to the entrance door, finding the girl standing there stunningly pretty. She stood shyly near the entrance, her deep locks of violet hair cascaded slightly over jaded eyes, her pale skin radiating like the Venus itself; Spike had no doubts as to why Vicious wouldn't want to get to her first.

"Why," the man who was informing him stood up, keeping gaze at the young woman near the door gazing around the room intimidatingly, "She has this class first hour."

It was a mistake to just barge in the room like she knew the whole lot.

Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Now she's stuck standing there in the quiet room, eyes locked to her form, studying her, despising her.


"Miss?" she hesistantly turned to her right to a short, plump man she guessed to be the teacher, "You seem to be confused.."

"No, no," Faye answered softly, "This is my first hour class, Biography am I correct?"

The short man nodded and introduced himself, "You may call my Mr. Rotta. I will be your teacher for this hour."

Nodding, Faye paused to say her unfamiliarity to the school, "I'm new here, in this school and in this town. So I apoligize ahead if I seem to be confused in this class as well as around this place."

"Ah, you must be the new student from Mars?" Faye nodded at him in response, "I'm pretty sure you will be fine. Please, take a seat in the 5th row, last column."

Bidding him a small thank you, Faye slowly made her way to her seat, obviously not comfortable as the looks began to intense as she neared clumps of people.

She stopped at the supposed location of her seat only to find someone stand in front it, blocking her way. She was more nervous to find the guy gawking at her.

"Umm.." she gave out softly and moved her eyes to the green-haired man to the side of the man blocking her way. She gave him a confused look as he gawked at her the same way before turning back to the student in front of her, "Excuse me.. you're blocking my seat."

"Duh..uh.. I-I.. whoops!" the man mumbled before moving far off rather than just backing off a few feet.

Stupid, stupid, stupid!! Gah!!!!!!

Feeling a rush of extreme stress, she dashly sat down her seat and banged her book bag a little too hard before sinking down her seat.

"Oh God..." she grumbled.

In the midst of anxiety, she managed to catch a pair of mismatched eyes her way. Perhaps a little too irriatingly, she turned to him, "Yes?"

"New.. from Mars?" the question was lowly put, which made her show an expression of pure dullness.

"Well I'm not an alien if that's what you're wondering," she spilled out, once again too late to realize how she was speaking to people she didn't even know.


She gave a soft groan, "I'm sorry, I'm being rude," she quickly said. Covering the sides of her face with her hands she hid behind her book bag in front of her. She didn't need to see the eyes stare at her like she was trash, she could feel it.

As Spike watched bury herself within the safe folds of her book bag, he quickly snapped out of his trance and cleared his throat. Sticking a hand out to her, he greeted her with a subtle but shaky introductory, "Spike Spiegel. Uh.. you?"

Faye turned to him and eyed him cautiously before taking his hand, "Faye Valentine," she paused a second before her sarcasm pulled in, "...from planet Mars. I come in peace." though she found her words fitting for the occasion, she gave a weak chuckle unsure if the man named Spike found it fitting.

To her surprise, he belted out in laughter. And it seemed to her that now intense attention people were giving off to her shifted to the laughing boy to the right of her seat.

"Ha! That's a good one!" Spike let out after calming his laugh down, "Yeah, as representive of Earth, I come in peace also."

Her first laugh in the whole week, Faye gave her own 'Make-the-boys-go-Oooh!' smirk, "Not bad! Seems you're good with sarcasm too."

"It's all I am." Spike added, already enjoying the company of the other.

Noticing that most of the girls in the classroom now fixed angry eyes at her, Faye quickly turned back to her book bag and started to speak softly, "I don't know how you people do such a good job at making the new girl feel homey."

"Hey, relax," Spike commented after noticing what bothered her, "They're always like this. Girls here, they're really fiesty with new, much prettier girls."

A small blush crept over her face, "Yeah well... I can't help it can I?" Faye gave a toothy grin that soon faded into a frown, "Seriously though.. I can't walk one foot down the hall without some girl throwing daggers at me with her eyes..."

"What about the guys?" Spike asked curiously, though he already knew the answer to his question.

"All they seem to do is.. stare, the perverts." she replied coldly.

Nodding in agreement, though he wasn't that one to talk, Spike scooted his desk closer to his 'soon-to-be-friend', "Hey, if you have any trouble with any of them, don't hesitate to come to me."

Faye turned to him with a kind smile, "Thanks for the offer but I'm afraid you've already been beaten to be my bodyguard."

Gritting his teeth, Spike calmly asked, "Who would this person be?"--though once again he knew the answer already.

"Perhaps you know him? Vicious Tery--something..." Faye faltered to remember his last name as she spoke, but shook her head as she turned to face Spike, "Do you know him?"

"Who, Vicious? Yeah!" Spike spoke in a fake, cheery tone.

"Hmm.." Faye pondered for a while before smiling at him brightly, "Well, I don't have lunch with him.. I have first lunch and he has second. Maybe if you have first lunch.. I can maybe sit with you since I barely know anyone?" it was almost pleading in hopes that he had first lunch.

"That's great! I do have first lunch." Spike grinned.

"Well I can I sit with you then?" Faye asked hopefully, praying the friendly boy would accept.

"Of course!" Spike replied, giving her a friendly pat on her back, "What are friends for!"

"Umm.." Faye muttered, flattered at his kindness, "Thank you."

Smiling to her kindly, instead of the usual showoff grin, Spike could feel a weird aura around the new girl he found very intoxicating, "No problem, Faye."

Soon after, the bell rang, students were seated in their seats and were demanded to pay attention to Mr. Rotta, and role call started.

End---Chapter one
Next Chapter---It came from the cafeteria!

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