The perfect, cheesy love story.
By: Strife21

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~Chapter 3: When you are down and life is making you lonely, you can always go... Downtown!~

It was only another extra class after lunch until the whole school was dismissed for the day. Many, if not, all of the students were more than happy to be sent home to where their days of slouching and doing nothing can continue. It was the highlight of their day.

One girl seemed to have mixed feelings for leaving school and heading home. Leaving school would mean no one ogling her like she was trash, but going home meant suffering from boredom and the disable to think for herself.

At home, Faye felt her life caged and limited. There was so much things she wanted to do, but was never allowed unless she had permission or another beside her. It was suffocating and annoying that her life was so leashed. She hated it. She hated her home.

As she stepped out of the long black car she rode home, she paid her thanks to her driver before heading towards the estate of her father's mansion. Men and women in cordial, black suits greeted her at the mansion doors asking her strays of questions about her day.

"Did you meet some nice friends?" one man in a suit asked.

"One or two," Faye answered nicely and bowed greetings to the others before heading inside.

She stepped into the marble main room where two grand staircases stood in its middle, a large arch doorway stood to the left leading to the dining room, and mahogany double doors leading to the entrance of the gallery. Suspecting her father would be in the dining room where he was usually at doing his paperwork, she gave her book bag to one of the maids and decided to pay him a visit.

"I don't care if Rico needs his business met by tonight, tell him he shouldn't have breached our contract," her father informed on his phone; another client of his who is suspected of morally corrupting the business. Mr.ViCianni was a tall, well respected man with deep blue eyes and dark, black hair. Not only was he wealthy and powerful, but just his looks seemed to shout 'Intelligence! Importance! Tactful!'. He was clearly not a man to mess, or be in the wrong side with.

Faye casually walked towards him sitting on the very end of the extremely long ebony table, humming a small tune she captured in her mind. Upon finally reaching him, she took hold on his papers and read it uninterestingly until her father knew she was near.

As Mr. ViCianni smiled at his daughter, idling his papers quietly, innocently trying to catch his attention, he spoke softly on the phone, "Call me later, my daughter is home," he hung up the phone and stood up to face his daughter, "Ah, my darling Faye!" he gave her a brief hug, "How was school?"

Reeling back from the hug, Faye gave him a sour smile, "You know covering up my name with mother's maiden name never works," she said bitterly, "The girls all gave me looks that only meant they're going to give me hell all year!"

Mr.ViCianni gave a caring chuckle, "You are a strong girl, Faye, I know you'll be able to face through this," he gave her a pat on the back, "And what about the boys? You catch 'em like you always do?"

Faye rolled her eyes at him, "Oh yeah, caught 'em good."

Once again, Mr.ViCianni gave a laugh, that turned serious within a second, "Which ones? You know not just any guy can be for my Faye. They must be strong willed, brilliant, bold," he hung a hand to his chest, "No over-sensitive boys with no sense of aptitude for destruction."

It was Faye's turn to laugh, thoroughly enjoying her father's not-so-perfect way to lecture her about boys, "You think I'd bring one of those home? They'd die just looking at all the guards around here."

"Yes, that's very true," Mr. ViCianni chuckled lightly, "Well, do you have homework to do then?"

Shaking her head, Faye crossed her arms in front of her, preparing to ask her father a question after her response, "No, teachers were kind enough to hold the homework for tomorrow," she gave a sigh, "Daddy.. can I walk around town?" she watched her father's left eyebrow quirk upwards, "Please?" she pleaded.

"Aye, Faye," Mr.ViCianni commented and rubbed his forehead, "I'm not sure right now.. we've just moved. Even though this place is remotely safe for the syndicate's base, we never know who can be intending to strike when we at least suspect it. So until I can get records of any former syndicate members in this town, I'm afraid--"

"But Daddy!" Faye whined, grabbing her father's arm and pulling on it in a child-like manner, "Ever since we moved here, I stayed home all cooped up! I barely know this place and I really want to take a look around!"

Amused, like always, with his daughter's odd tantrums, Mr.ViCianni tried to explain again, keeping his voice caring and soft, "Faye, what if you get kidnapped? What if you get pulled aside? Something might happen to you, and you know how terribly bad I would feel."

Faye, now pleading along with her eyes, gave a pout, "I took lessons in basic martial arts, remember? I can handle myself! I passed all the tests in the syndicate book!" she pulled on her father's arm once more, "Please, please, please!"

Sighing, a sign to Faye that he was going to give up, Mr.ViCianni patted his daughter's hand lovingly, "Okay, you can go," Faye had started to give him a hug when the awful words she didn't want coming from her father's lips made itself known, "But you need to have a bodyguard with you."

Faye eyed her father dully, "Wasn't my saying that I passed all your syndicate tests, the reason why I can go?"

"No," her father responded with a humored smile, "I just had to stop your whining."

Giving a groan, Faye slumped her shoulders down, "Daddy.." she whined.

"Now, now," Mr.ViCianni spoke, "I'll send you a bodyguard while you go upstairs and change and.. do whatever it is you need to do," he gazed at his daughter's humorous pout, "Do you need money?"

Instantly, Faye's pout vanished and an opened hand appeared in front of her. She gleamily eyed with excitement as her father toppled her hand with cash.

Ruffling his daughter's hair, in which Faye did not like at all, Mr.ViCianni tapped her nose as she smiled at him, "Now you be careful and have a good time."

She leaned forward to give him a light kiss on the cheek, "Thanks, Dad. I'll see you later."


It was just another boring afternoon for him, as always. Nothing new ever happens around the area he lived in. Spike lived in a small town, outskirts of the Villa where mansions and large luxurious houses resided. His town was almost as big as the downtown area, though the company of people and stores were very different. His town was named Dorel, a quiet, country-inluenced town that was home to most of downtown Amus' population, with small, family owned businesses and kind neighbors.

And that fact was the cause of all his boredom. He would rather live in downtown Amus', near school, where shops and stores are lined up in rows and people bustled about in the noisy, crowded streets.

He gave a sigh as he sat inside his uncle's store, infront of the shop window, recollecting the day and the girl named Faye. He was absolutely glad at the fact that they were officially friends, though the reason how was all confusion to him. But that didn't matter to him. The only thing that mattered was that he was able to see her soon again, maybe even anytime before school tomorrow. He didn't get a chance to talk to her after school that day, for his rival Vicious beat him to it. Unwanting to make a scene with Vicious in front of Faye, he kept aside and watched as Vicious escorted her to her ride; a nice, sleek, black mercedes benz. After watching Vicious trying to court in the nicest way he can to her, he felt a slight pang of jealousy when she smiled so caringly at him. But he just stayed where he was and watched her get in the car and drive off.

Angry thinking about why he didn't approach her at that time, Spike gave a disgusted groan which his uncle heard from the back of the cash register.

"Spike, why not get up your lazy butt and walk around a little bit? I think you're butt might be hurting from all that moping and groaning you do every afternoon around that window," he's uncle advised. His name was Jet, a tall, muscular man, with a balding head and a robotic arm he receive from an accident Spike had never heard the story off.

"Yeah, yeah," Spike responded boringly, digging in his pockets for something to chew on. He found a bag of square shaped chews and popped one in his mouth while still responding to the older man, "It's not called moping, it's called deep thinking. I'm thinking about something, okay?"

His uncle gave a loud 'pfft' from his lips, "'Deep thinking', that's a new one," he retorted, "Look, you either go up to your room and mope around there, or help around this shop, or get outta' here 'cause you're scaring customers, I swear."

Giving a louder groan, one intended to piss off his uncle, Spike got up from the stool he sat on and headed out the door. Jet watched as his nephew turn sharply towards the left, hoping he would leave to go downtown or anywhere else, but he found the boy sit down on the bench outside his shop window.

"Great! Scare them from out there!" Jet yelled to him sarcastically and began to grumble as he went back to trying to fix the cash register.


"Oh goody, baby-sitting little daddy's foo-foo again," the older man with long hair beside her exclaimed unappreciatively. He was about a head taller than her, a syndicate 'thug', with a handsome profile, "I'm going to start asking extra for this kind of shit, you know?"

"Shut up, Gren," Faye snarled at him, "Like I had any other option? Like you did either?" she crossed her arms in distraught.

"Aw, what's wrong poo-ni-kin? Were you hoping your dad will finally let you out by yourself?" the man named Gren teased, enjoying the angry squirm of the girl in the yellow sun dress, "I know I'm suffering too, just being out here with you beside me, but you must be suffering more for always having to have someone by your side."

Faye eyed him warningly, "Well don't point the obvious, Gren," she huffed.

Swinging an arm at the young woman's shoulder, Gren leaned against her as they walked down from the Villa, "Listen, Faye, you know I'm just playing with you. Old man ViCianni's being a little ignorant for not letting you out by yourself nowadays. It clearly shows that you can kick just about anyone's ass in the syndicate. You're a ViCianni! He should know that!"

"Apparently he doesn't, does he?" Faye kept her eyes in front of her, "I don't know why he has to be so over-protective..."

"You know.. it can be because of what happened to your mother," Gren reasoned softly, "Maybe he's just afraid it would happen again."

At this, Faye kept quiet and kept her walking.

Gren, deciding not to bring it up again, gave up and remained quiet until they left Villa and entered Dorel.


He moved his body forward from the bench, his long, lanky legs blocking more than half of the sidewalk under him, as he dully stared at the cloudy, blue sky, thinking.

Yeah.. thinking. he muttered in his mind as he gave his twentieth long sigh. Reaching for another square chew from his pocket and plopping one in the mouth, Spike chewed the strawberry flavored soft candy with an open mouth, creating noises that seemed to disturb the passing neighbors.

"Spike, boy, flies will get in that hole you call a mouth," one senile old lady lectured him with a sour face.

Across the street, two wrinkly men laughed, "Close that mouth of yours when you chew, eh Spike? Dorel isn't that boring in this fine afternoon, is it?"

Waving an uncaring hand in the air, not bothering to look up from his view of the sky, he gave a belch loudly and continued to chew.

The senile old lady scoffed and hurried into the store to complain to the rude boy's guardian. Spike can hear his uncle yell to him to 'quit jacking off', which was relatively a very crude word, and Spike turned his head to look through the window to witness a smack from the senile old lady to his uncle. He gave a chortled laugh.

Moments later, the senile lady briskly walked out of the store and headed to wherever she was headed, muttering about manners in this generation. The old men across the street began to laugh as they watched the old lady leave down the street. It wasn't long that their eyes caught sight of an alienated pair of people, and their laughing faded.

Spike found it as an odd action, but didn't care to see why the old men had stopped laughing in such a short time. He thought that maybe the old woman had flicked them off or something, and to this he thought was funny. His eyes fixated to the sky above him once again, a new soft candy in his mouth (this time banana flavored), he continued on with his obnoxious chewing until a familiar and sweet voice made almost choke on the soft candy in his mouth.

"Well, well, Spike Spiegel. Is this what you do in your spare time?"

His head immediately raised forward, meeting a pair of sparkling jade eyes staring back at him with laughter hidden behind them. After a couple of seconds of surprise, his eyes moved down her body finding her in an almost innocent, yellow dress that reached just below her knees; thin straps around her shoulders kept the dress from falling any lower. He swallowed the candy in his mouth, hard, and struggled to stand.

"F-Faye!" he greeted as he stood up before her, almost letting out a blush at the sight of her small, rosy lips forming a smile.

"Hi, Spike," she greeted back, dusting the front of her dress though nothing dirty clung to it. She cleared her throat as the boy continued to stare, and moved her eyes curiously to the building behind him, "Is this where you work?"

"Oh, uh no," Spike answered, shaking his head to her, "This is my uncle's store. I live with him here."

"Oh!" Faye replied in wonder and went closer to the window to take a peek inside. She spotted a balding man eyeing her back, and a couple of ladies skimming the small shelves of the store.

Spike had followed her every move as she leaned closer to the store window, until his peripheral vision spotted another figure not far behind her. A man, an older, much taller and well built man, was looking at him questionably a foot behind Faye's figure.

Thoughts raced through his mind within seconds. The words: boyfriend? brother? relative? blinked furiously within the 'reasoning' part of his mind. Upon hearing the older man talk, his felt his voice suddenly quip quiet.

"So Faye, who's this guy?" the man spoke in a deep, alluring voice.

Spike's brows furrowed, Boyfriend, definitely a boyfriend.

Faye, forgetting to introduce the man accompanied by her, gave a embarrassed chuckle and turned to Spike, catching him in an instance, "This is Gren," she moved her hand from Spike's way to the man named Gren, "And Gren, this is Spike."

The man named Gren offered a hand, which Spike took, unconsciously shaking his hand tightly.

Pulling away, Gren raised his eyebrows high, "Good handshake, Spike. I can see why Faye hangs around you." he joked and started to laugh, until Faye's hand made contact to his shoulder, which he nursed right after, grumbling out that she was a 'meanie'.

Spike's brows now shifted into wonder at the act committed in front of him, Wait.. brother, he has to be her brother.

Noticing Gren nursing to his arm, Faye began to remark snidely, "You know, you aren't a very good bodyguard. Acting like such a baby over a punch."

By now, Spike's brows moved towards the sky, "Bodyguard?" he hadn't meant to say it out loud.

"Oh sorry," Faye turned to him, feeling dumb for not explaining earlier, "Gren is my bodyguard for the day--"

"--try entire lifetime," Gren interrupted and received another stinging punch.

"Shut up, Gren! I swear I'll tell my dad you aren't doing your job!" Faye warned him before turning back to Spike, apologizing for the quarreling, "Gren can be so stupid sometimes."

"So.. Gren.. is a bodyguard, hired by your father, right?" he asked feeling very relieved that she nodded affirmatively, "Okay, I thought maybe he was your--


"--brother! .. or something." Spike stammered out, feeling very stupid inside.

Faye's face seem to distort into disgust, "Brother?! No way!" she crossed her arms in front of her, "Like I could be related to a guy like him. Yeah right! See, I wanted to walk around the place for the first time, and Gren here had no choice but to be positioned as he is now," Gren made a mocking face as she talked, "And that just ruins it because he just walks there complaining that he has to babysit me."

Spike saw that she didn't seem to like the company of Gren. Getting an idea he almost jumped in the spot trying to ask her, "Hey, you wanna come with me to downtown Amus? I was just heading there."

Faye turned to him with a hopeful smile, "Really? Yeah, I'd love to go with you!" she soon turned to face Gren, "Okay, you stay here and I'll go with Spike to Amus."

"What?" Gren asked with an unbelieving face, "And risk me getting demoted by your father? Hell no!"

"Gah! Come on, Gren!" Faye threw her hands up at him, a move Spike found hilarious.

"You know you'll get in trouble!" Gren gave a sigh and began to scratch the back of his neck, "And I'll get burned."

Faye flicked an annoying strand of hair from her face and groaned, "Fine. If you have to go with me, then you better just get with the attitude or keep quiet. Understood?"

"Yes ma'am!" Gren replied sarcastically and began to walk ahead, leaving the frustrated Faye with a confused yet happy Spike.

"I'm sorry, we have to take him along," Faye turned to him, slightly disappointed.

"Well, that's alright," Spike began to say and gave a half grin, "As long as you're coming with me still, it's okay." he smiled inwardly when he noticed a faint blush in her cheeks.

Faye gave out a strangled laugh, and began to fiddle with her hair, "You stop that," she said playfully, "It's not like I haven't heard of lines like that before." she gave him a brief grin before turning towards the way Gren went, "Let's go, Spikey-O!"

Hearing his new assigned 'pet name', he immediately answered to the call and began to stride beside the playful girl and smirked at her.

"I had to try, right?"

End---Chapter three
Next Chapter---The song played by the saxophone to the violin.

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