Matt, what were your parents like?

Matt: Well, Mom was always the responsible parent, but she was always nice about it except when she was angry, and that's when she started swearing enough to make a sailor cry. In fact, I used to use curses like they were just regular words when I was little, and then Mom started scrubbing my mouth with soap until I broke the habit. Dad was more easy-going and never seemed to get angry, and Jack told me he was "a bit" of a womanizer before he first met Mom.

Rena, what did you do for fun back in Scrimshaw?

Rena: Well, there was always the books in my mom's bookshop, but I also ran races on the streets and rooftops, and we always played pirate or whalers on the beached ship near the whale's tail. I was always getting into trouble for poking around where I shouldn't, and we also played a game called Thief, where we clipped clothespins on our pockets and tried to take them from the others as discreetly as possible, and we always lost as many as we gained, so yeah, Scrimshaw was never really that boring.

Bonnie, how did you meet Calico Jake and Reedy Mary?

Bonnie: After some trouble with my family, I ran away from home to go to sea, where Calico Jake took me onto his ship, the Ranger. Mary also ran away to sea, but she was disguised as a man. To be honest, I was attracted to her male disguise, and had managed to get "him" all alone with me, and that's when "he" revealed his secret in the most eloquent way possible: she flashed me. Needless to say, I was very embarrassed...

Emmett, what were you doing before you became a pirate?

Emmett: I was a wigmaker before I was kidnapped by a press gang to join the Royal Navy. I served aboard one of their third-rates, Duke William, for three years as a seaman before the Commodore saw my worth and promoted me to ensign. I was there when the governor of Skull Island lost the bet against Captain Avery, and he graciously allowed the Commodore and his men to stay on as Skull Island's first line of defense.

Jack, how did you meet Matt's parents?

Jack: I first met Edward, Matthew's father, when he accepted a letter of marque from the Royal Navy, making him a privateer for Marleybone. It was public knowledge that Edward was a loose cannon, so the Admiralty sent me to be his government minder.

I met Matt's mother, Tessa later on when she was stranded in a fishing boat out in the middle of the skyway with no oars. One lewd comment about her from Edward sent him sprawling onto the deck of the Jackdaw, Edward's old ship before it was sunk off the coast of Polaris.

Old Scratch, how does your body perform all of its bodily functions, like digesting food?

Old Scratch: The ritual I an' I performed on me lets me live so long as I an' I are not killed by outside forces. Me soul acts as an invisible multi-purpose organ to let me eat and go to the bathroom...


Ratbeard, how do you feel about the members of your old crew: Manny, Moe, Jack, and Lasko?

Ratbeard: The thought of 'em, especially Lasko, used to give me nightmares, but after we beat Fowl, I drink a bottle of Yum to their memory everyday. I've attended their funerals and met their loved ones. Just between ye and me, it wasn't so bad to talk about them with other people, and I hope that wherever those lads are, they're fine...

Don Rodrigo, how was your wedding with Carolina?

Don Rodrigo: It was a civil ceremony, with everyone in Santo Pollo attending in their best clothes. We had planned it for a long time and had left the details to Friar Cluck, so it didn't take too long to get everything ready for the ceremony. Though I wish Matthew and the others had attended, they had important things to do, so I let them go, but they did leave a large sum of money to fund the wedding...

Nikolai, what was studying at Ravenwood like?

Nikolai: Studying at Ravenwood is a very hands-on experience: you can read a book to learn how to summon a creature, but it's no good if you can't control it or even summon it in the first place. As a sorcerer of the School of Balance, it was important for me to learn a bit of everything from all the schools, so I had seven times more homework than the other students. (Rubs right wrist as he winces.) Ah, the pain...