Serafina Pekela asks:
El Toro, after escaping from the beach head explosion, what was your life like when it flashed before your eyes?

El Toro: Ah, the moments of my life that flashed before my eyes were all of me fighting for JUSTICE! I was certainly not viewing my most embarrassing moments! Nope! Not at all!

Moonlight Blade asks:
El Toro, would you give up if it means saving someone you love?

Moonlight Blade also asks:
Matt, why is the Aquila your second love?

Matt: Well, of course I love her - she's my ship, after all, but my first love is, and always will be, the sky, in all its big, blue, beautiful glory…

Moonlight Blade also asks:
Bonnie Anne, do you know what the fox says?

(Bonnie facepalms and shakes her head)

Moonlight Blade also asks:
Ratbeard, how does it feel being a rat?

Ratbeard: Hmm… I dunno. How does it feel to be (presumably) human?

Moonlight Blade also asks:
Deacon, why does your hat look like a bucket? And why do you hate me when I am the few people who don't hate your face?

Deacon: In the future, I must beg you not to bother me with these silly questions, but to oblige you, I am rather fond of this hat, and I have never even met you. But if you get in my way, you can be sure to be shot on sight.

Kane, why isn't Deacon your second-in-command?

Kane: As my spymaster, Deacon *used* to supply information about the movements of the futile resistance against the might of the Clockwork Armada. His duty is equally important as Rooke leading our forces, which is why I have taken over until a suitable replacement for him can be built.

Guest asks:
William, what made you so crazy in the first place?

William: (In one of his rare-as-a-hen's-tooth moments of sanity) Well, anyone would snap under the pressure of being constantly under threat by angry Monquistans, Troggies, and walking trees in a hostile jungle…

Matt: (Confused) Walking trees? Are you sure you're sane, mate?