AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story originally started out as a collaboration between me and my sister, for my "Camp Monkee Mallard" site, then I decided turn it into a fic for "Josie & The Pussycats in Outer Space." The "Josie & The Pussycats" characters belong to Archie Comics, but the cartoon was produced by Hanna-Barbera. Reggie MacDowell, Robert Sanderson, Rickholan, Zollah, and the Ursas belong to me. Also, it should be noted that this first part is meant to be the prologue of the series, the second part picks up where the episode "Warrior Women of Amazonia" left off.

The whole mess started with what was supposed to be a simple visit to Cape Canaveral. The Pussycats were scheduled to perform in a concert. A friend of Josie's, Reggie MacDowell (who was interning for the space program), had the idea of having the Pussycats perform at the launching of a new test shuttle. Valerie's friend, Robert Sanderson, was on the scene as well, taking photos for a local newspaper. As a publicity stunt, the Pussycats and their friends had donned special space suits designed just for them. They rode an elevator up to the ship's entrance, and Robert got his camera ready, and held it up.

"Smile pretty, girls!" he shouted.

"Hmph," Alexandra grumbled. "I'll show that Josie!"

Robert was ready to snap the picture, when Alexandra suddenly jammed herself in front of the entire group, knocking them all off balance. They fell backwards into the ship. In an attempt to regain balance, Valerie grabbed Alexandra's shoulder, but she accidentally pulled her into the ship. When she hit the floor, Alexandra pulled a lever. The ship's door closed, and the ship began to launch.

"Oh no!" Reggie shouted.

"Oh man," Robert groaned. "That Alexandra really messed them up this time!"

"T-minus ten seconds until lift off," a deep voice said suddenly over the computer. "Ten, nine, eight . . . ."

"Uh oh . . ." Alan said.

"Let's get outta here!" Alexander shouted.

"We can't!" Valerie shouted, trying to open the door. "The door's stuck!"

"What are we going to do?" Josie asked.

"Three, two one," the computer voice said. "BLAST OFF!"

With a great rumble, the shuttle's rocket's ignited, and blasted off into space. The high speed knocked everyone off their feet.

"I think I'm gonna be airsick!" Alex moaned.

"That makes two of us!" Alexandra shouted. "I think I left my stomach back on the ground!"

"This must be one of those flight simulators," Melody said. "How groovy!"

"This isn't a flight simulator, Melody," Alan said.

"He's right," Valerie said, pushing buttons on the control panel, trying to control the ship. "We've blasted off into outer space!"

"Hey, neat!" Melody shouted. "We'll be the first singers in outer space!"

The others groaned. Valerie continued to try to get the ship in control, but it wasn't easy. Back on the ground, everyone was in a sheer panic.

"Boy, this'll make some front page story!" Robert shouted.

"Come on!" Reggie shouted, grabbing the photographer's arm. "We'd better get to the control room and find a way to bring them back down!"

Reggie and Robert went down the elevator and into the main control room. They had to find a way to bring Josie and her friends back from outer space.

And that's how it all began.