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C is for Carnival games (Thank you Potato Jam 7 :D)

"Give me another go." Jason said slapping another $5 bill on the table.

"NO! That's enough Jason your going to waste all your money on this stupid game." Piper scolded snatching the $5 off the table.

Jason shook his head "Sorry babe, I have no idea what I was doing. I just couldn't stop." Piper stroked his hand gently "Look your not the only one who sucks at this game I saved one extra dart just in case you go overboard...and you did."

She aimed the dart at a balloon and shot 4 balloons popped at once. "Congratulations you get to choose any stuffed animal." The host said winking at Piper.

Jason and Piper glanced at each other both had their jaw dropped as Piper reached out to get the gigantic penguin stuffy. She turned and smiled at him sheepishly "He-he that was just beginners luck come on let's try some different game.".

She grabbed his arm and dragged him over to the 'Whack-a-mole' "Here" she said handing Jason 5 bucks," let's play one on one." She walked over to one of the seats and picked up a hammer. "Come on Jase."

"Umm yeah we would like to player." Jason said

"What do they think we're going to steal this thing." Piper asked shaking her head and gesturing to the chain attached to the hammer. "Come on let's play."

"Alright and 3..2...1... whack-the-mole." Jason an d Piper whacked like mad-man until the moles stopped coming up. "See told you I didn't win-" Piper started.

"-you young lady are the winner of whack-a-mole." said the hostess. Piper stifled a giggle as she took her giant marsh mellow stuffy "Well once again beginners luck. Why don't we try one more time..."

_ :]_:D_:P_:]_:)_:P_:D_=)_:)_:D_:)_:P_:D_:)_:P_:D_:)_:D_:)_:P_:D_:)_:P_:D_ =)_:)_:D_:)_:P_:D_:)_:P_:D_=)_:)_:D_:)_:P_:D_:)_:P_:D_=)_:)_:D_:)_:P_:D_

"Alright folks this young lady is the winner of ring toss!"

"OK maybe I am just really good at these games." Piper said leaning against her new gigantic stuffed pikachu. "Yeah you are... let's put all these in the trunk." Jason said gesturing to all her stuffy's. "We can go on a ride after if you want." he said grabbing a few animals.

" You know you didn't have to keep proving to me that it's just beginners luck. I can handle the fact that my girlfriend is awesome." Jason said kissing her forehead while putting

Piper chuckled "Come on baby let's go on a ride." He said spinning her around.

"Ooh how about the Ferris wheel we can see the fireworks from up there!" Piper sighed.

She grabbed Jason's arm "Come on Jase there's no line let's hurry". She Was running so fast Jason was tripping over his feet to catch up with her.

She handed the Ferris wheel conductor two tickets and dragged Jason inside. "Ok I must warn you this is one of the most boring rides at the carnival but it is romantic." She said whispering the last part.

Jason grabbed Piper's waist and pulled her closer to himself. "So Pipes I hear you like romantic things."

They stopped at the top of the wheel just as the fireworks started and Jason leaned and kissed Piper. Fireworks were blasting in the background but they kept their lips in sync They pulled away breathing hard as the fireworks died down a bit.

"I love you Pipes."

"I love you too Jason."

"Hey, Pipes?"


"Could you tell Leo and Percy that I won those stuffed animals for you."

*Face Palm.

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