To Reflect.

by Adrian Tullberg.


Donna knocked on Diana's door, before entering. "Hey, I bought ..."

Her words died as she saw Diana sitting on her bed, holding a piece of fabric.

If the open boxes were any indication, Diana had finally gotten round to unpacking the rest of her stuff. Then she encountered ...

... something she dimly remembered belonging to Hippolyta.

Donna slowly sat next to Diana. "You okay?"

Diana looked at Donna, pulling her lips into a small smile. "I'm fine. Really."

Donna took the fabric - part of an undertunic for the robes their mother usually wore on Themyscira. She rolled the garment around in her fingers before looking at her sister's face.

"Do you ..."

"... I ... no. Not now."

Donna raised the tunic, sniffing it. The scent triggered a hint of memory.

"I remember when she was wearing this ..."


"Yeah ... we invited her over to my place ... we sat her down, and she watched Xena for the first time."

The grin returned to Diana's face. "We should have checked the guest stars."

"I know ... when she realised Hercules was portrayed as a hero, she was ready to fly out to New Zealand and do some serious bodily harm."

A slight murmur, a hint of a chuckle. "I think that was the first time a viewer has had to be persuaded not to decapitate Kevin Sorbo."

"Nice guy."

"You met him?"

"HIVE was testing weapons near Antartica. When we mopped up, I used my press pass."

"You got an autograph?"

Donna snorted, her expression derisive. "Please. I'm a member of the press. We don't go begging for signatures."

Diana cocked her head, eyes tightening.

"Okay, I got his phone number."

"Thought so."

"I've got hundreds of numbers. In my job, I need to have contacts."

"If you say so."

"He's a married man."

"That goes without saying."

"Look, do you want to eat the Mexican I brought, or not?"

Diana got up, while Donna headed out to the kitchen. When her sister left her room, Diana took the tunic, and laid it flat on her bed, smoothing it with sweeping, careful strokes.

She'd put it away later. Right now, the food was getting cold.


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