As the darkness consumed his mind, the lingering thoughts wafted away deep into his subconscious and in its place drifted memories of his past. In layman's terms, Duck Edgar Dumas Aloysius Eoghain Dodgers, or, Duck Dodgers, was witnessing a flashback.

Wandering deeper into the memory, a light reveals the scenery. It is a sunny day with mild wind and lush green grass. Dodgers can be seen sitting against a fully leafed tree while talking to a dark unidentified figure to his right. He is wearing a long red knitted sweater, two sizes to big. The look of discontent on Dodgers face reveals the mood, it is troubled, yet in a cheerful way. As the memory focuses, Dodgers can make out parts of the stranger. Long grey furry ears and a gloved hand, creating small gestures toward him. Dodgers immediately recognizes the beloved bunny and comes to the full realization that what he is witnessing is an older memory. A VERY old memory. Over three centuries to be precise. He leans in, at an attempt to clarify the conversation between the two friends.

"...Daff, your instructions said to meet by the biggest tree in da park, what did I do wrong?"

"HAH! You see! That's where you "did wrong," Bunnie boy!" Daffy suddenly stood up and walked toward the tree to the left. He pulled out a measuring tape and carefully examined it. "Clearly this tree to the left is much larger, in fact, it is exactly two inches wider!" Daffy proclaimed with a grin.

"Alright, alright wise guy, you got me." Bugs sighed. "So, whats up Doc?"

Joining his friend, Daffy sat back down next to the tree and sighed. He leaned back against the sharp pieces of bark and turned facing Bugs. "Bugs, I gotta tell you something important..." Daffy looked and sounded serious.

He stopped for a few moments until bugs spoke, confused."Um...Okay Doc, go on..." Suddenly, Daffy grabbed the rabbits shoulders and spoke.

"I..." He stopped and looked down, still holding bugs. "Well...I...I..-"

"Spit it out Daff." Bugs said, getting irritated.



Bugs tilted his head.

Daffy had been so serious that Bugs was taken back, not to mention completely lost. Daffy, still gripping Bugs shoulders, waited for him to respond.

Slowly Bugs came back to his senses. He picked Daffy's hands from his shoulders and sighed.

" Is that all Daffy?" Bugs said coolly.

"IS THAT ALL?!" Daffy threw up his arms in frustration. "Here I am, telling you this major emotional situation I am going through and all you can say is, IS THAT ALL!?"

"Daffy..." Bugs tried to calm Daffy down, but it was to late. Daffy was standing now, furiously throwing his arms around. He was having another one of his rage fits.

"This is a huge deal if you hadn't noticed rabbit! I'm pouring my heart and soul out to you and that's really your response?! YOUR DISSSPICABLE!

"Daffy, calm down." Bugs said. Daffy's emotions were tiring him out.

"Don't Daffy "calm down" me buster! I have had a huge epiphany and I need someone there who understands my emotional outbursts! Ohhh to think we room together. HMP. This wouldn't happen if I wasn't a water-boy, in fact you're probably enjoying this frantic outburst right now. Wellll guess what rabbit? I'm no longer going to be this weak defenseless water boy and become a new duck, a better duck,...A"

" A hero? Really?" No surprise there, Bugs thought, Another one of Daffy's sper of the moment ideas, usually ending in backfire.

"No wait, you're right! Heroism requires waaay to much work...Well I'm still quitting the water-boy job. I need something that will make me big, no rich, better yet, something that will make me big and rich and adored by millions of people!"

"You mean become famous?" Suggested Bugs.

"Na, just big, rich, and popular. Plus I gotta look good doing it, although that's~ already covered. Ladies love a big rich popular duck that's handsome to boot."

Bugs yawned and watched as Daffy, now pacing back and forth with his hand under his chin, think about his, emotional epiphany.

"Daffy I dunno about this..."

" OH! That's another thing! I'm changing my name! It'll be something way cooler and much more admirable then, pfff, Daffy. It'll still have the same beginning letter as Daffy of course, don't wanna to lose the originality"

Oh I know sumthin that starts with a D alright. Bugs chuckled to himself.

Daffy noticed his snicker and quickly turned to him."What? Whats so funny?"

"Oh its nuthin." Bugs looked at his watch and noticed the time, 10:30 already?! "Look Daffy, this sounds like a great plan and all but its getting late. Why don't we head home and discuss this more in the morning?"

Daffy started to yawn. "But I wont remember it in the morning."

"Well write it down when ya get home then."

"Finnnne. Only because I need my beauty rest. Everyone knows a handsome duck needs his beauty rest."

"Yeah, okay Doc." Bugs stood up, Lightly gave Daffy a pat on the shoulder and sighed.

"Lets go."

A darkness swarmed Dodgers thoughts, telling him to wake up and started pulling him back to the present. At first Dodgers refused but his efforts were useless in the end. Plus he was getting hungry.