"uhhg, such a pain to wash out…"

The blotchy red stain slowly faded into the sink, making its way down the drain.

"Not to mention the stuff smells worse than it looks…tastes great on a sandwich though."

As he held his shirt under the sink, Dodgers gave out a sigh of relief, dried his shirt and left the restaurant heading toward the ship.

"Too bad the Cadet wasn't able to enjoy it. He really shouldn't leave his station..."

He began searching for his keys in the belt pocket. "I'd better get the rest of this ketchup stain off my clothes..." He muttered.

He took out the keys and the doors to the ship slid open, he proceeded on in. It was dark and quiet as he walked toward the front of the ship.


He went to sit on the Captain's chair when it suddenly turned toward.


"Hello Captain, have a nice meal, sir?" The cadet was furiously twiddling his thumbs and glared at Dodgers."

Dodgers quickly repositioned himself from his previous stance and coughed.

"Ah Cadet, there you are! I was starting to believe you'd abandoned your duties, where have you been?

"Where have I been? WHERE HAVE YOU Be-Be-B-B-BEEN!?

The cadet abruptly stood and went toward Dodgers, poking him in the stomach as he argued, backing dodgers to the side of the ship.

"I have been sitting on the toilet for TWO HOURS, a complete stranger had to hand me toilet paper because YOU NEVER DID!"

Confused, Dodgers tapped his beak in thought.

"Whoa whoa whoa wait; you let a complete stranger onto our ship? Cadet I thought you knew better than that!"

The cadet slapped his face in frustration and turned beat red. He took a deep long breath and sighed.

"Cadet are you listing to me?"

Setting aside the bent up rage and aggravation, the Cadet calmly continued speaking.

"Captain, did I.Q. contact you with an urgent mu-mu-m-mu- mission?"

Dodgers tilted his head and shrugged.

"If I remember correctly I.Q. contacted me with some message about his problems, I don't remember it being, urgent, he just went on and on complaining. The guy really needs a hobby."

Dodgers made his way back to the captain's chair.

"Which reminds me! Cadet I need you to print off a transcript of our last meeting. I wanna make sure I didn't miss a party invitation!"

Dodgers plopped onto his chair and sighed as he sank in. The cadet quickly lost all left anger and went back to his original color. His face showed concern instead.

"I already di-di-di-di have, and it was most certainly not a party invitation captain Dodgers, it was a warning,... and a request."

Dodgers yawned "Oh really? Well that's a shame…"

"Captain please, we need to get to I.Q.'s base right ne-ne-ne-no-no-ne- pronto! Drake Darkstar has escaped and he may be after you. I.Q. wants us to report to base for our own and others safety!"

Dodgers shot a quick look to the Cadet but soon lost interest.

"Drake Darkstar? Who the heck is Drake Darkstar?"

His eyes wandering around the ship. The cadet was irritated enough already.

"D-d-Don't you remember? When you fought with him at the jail we delivered toilet paper to?"


"The duck who looks exactly like you?"

"Doesn't ring a bell."

The cadet sighed. "The one who did the i-i-impression of you and I told the police that you were him because you reminded me of all the awful things you've done?"

"Ah! That Drake Darkstar! Why didn't you say so Cadet? You still owe me for lying to the police. It took forever to convince them to let me go."

"I OWE YOU?!-"

"- Let's head over to base then, I'm surprised I.Q. hadn't mentioned anything about him."

"He DID!-" The cadet wanted to finish the last argument but Dodgers wouldn't hear it and Ignoring the cadet, Dodgers continued.

"-Well then, let's get a move on Cadet, after all, there is only room for one good looking duck in this galaxy, no in this universe, and that duck is me!"

The Cadet mumbled a Yes sir While grinding his teeth And they were off.

Moving closer to Johnson's last received communication signal, the ship was disrupted with several magnetic waves and it became difficult to navigate. Being within such a large ship, it would be difficult to turn around from a simple navigation error, so they continued forward, in hopes of reaching a signal. I.Q. was furiously pacing back and forth in the cafeteria, spitting food as he blustered about.

"What is this, the 21st century? We're not traveling by compus, why do we still have such brainless problems?!"

"-Sir!" A young boy with green eyes and long black hair stepped into I.Q.'s view.

"…A ship has been located on our radar Sir!"

"A ship? Is it Johnson's? Where is it?" Too impatient to wait, Johnson grabbed the boys collared shirt and dragged him along as they made their way to the head of the ship.

"Unfortunately we can't be sure of the ship's owner nor its appearance quite yet Sir, our systems are still off line and we need to manually direct the ship in its location."

"So, what's the holdup Tim?"

"U-um, well with systems off line, we can't pick up the exact location of the ship itself. I mean it appeared on the radar, but we don't want to chance going in the wrong direction and-"

"Yes yes I understand. Let's take a look."

The two were now standing in front of the ships main navigator whom handed I.Q. some papers and left him alone with Tim. I.Q. sorted the papers, pulled out a calculator and a pen, did some quick calculations and then furiously scribbled a number down on one of them. He then laid his pen down and sighed. It was a set of coordinates.

Tim gawked at the number with fascination. "That was amazing Sir!"

"Don't get too excited, we still don't know whose ship it is. Where's Maria?"

Fixed on the paper Tim choked, "She was called to medic bay. She had to get some of her shots for space outing."

I .Q. sighed. He should have gone with a smaller ship; big ships always require too many operators. This kind of thing didn't happen to Johnson or Dodgers. I suppose that's why I'm no longer doing missions such as these, I.Q. mumbled.

"Sir?" Tim was curiously watching I.Q.

"hm?- Nothing Tim. Let's head toward those coordinates. I'm going to speak to Maria"

"Yes Sir!"

I.Q. made his way toward the medic bay; his head was starting to pound. "So much stress…I need something to take the edge off… "He stopped to chat with a doctor whom handed him a bottle of pills, smiled then walked away. I.Q. popped two of pills into his mouth and swallowed. "That should do it." He continued down the hall whenhe spotted a lengthy burnet pigtail, floppy white ears and tiny fuzzy paws bouncing up and down a couple of meters in front of him.

"Ms. Galic!

The petite bunny with a brown and a blue eye jumped then turned to face him.

"What are you down here? Didn't you tell me you had already gotten all the requirements for this trip? Including medical treatment?"

"Ohhh, um, hi, I.Q. Sir, y-you startled me!"

" Hello Maria…I specifically told you to get all your shots before we got on the ship didn't I?"

"Y-yes sir… I'm sorry sir, I have no excuse. B-But I got them now! So I'm all set, I promise! I'm really sorry sir! It won't happen again!"

"Yes, yes, I know." I.Q. sighed. "Ms. Galic, we have found a ship, or what we believe to be a ship. If needed, Tim and I will be inspecting the ship before towing it onto ours; we need you to be on high alert. I don't know what we will find but we need you to stay on the ship and stay in contact with us, you are in charge of communications after all…"

"o-Of course Sir! I will do my best Sir!"

"Right, let's make our way to the front then. Tim is waiting."

"t-t-t-t-Tim is waiting?" Maria smiled and flushed pink.

A long smirk crept onto I.Q.'s face. "Maria, let's stay focused shall we?"

Maria blushed even more from embarrassment. "I-…Of course." She squeaked.

I.Q. and Maria were now at the front walking toward Tim who at first, looked uneasy, but smiled when he noticed Maria.

"Tim, report?"

"Oh sorry Sir!" Tim cleared his throat and continued. "Sir, we have arrived at your coordinates and we found,… well were honestly not sure what we found."

Tim pulled a remote from his pocket and clicked a button. A thin plasma screen came down and flickered on. The screen focused on a strangely shaped chunk of garbage floating in mid space.

"Is that….Garbage?"

"Well yes and… no. When we arrived at this location an emergency signal was going off from…from thisss uh, whatever it is, believe it or not. It is also the exact location of that last signal we were following Sir."

I.Q. continued to stare at the screen for a few moments. "I see…." He didn't know how to respond. He was glad it wasn't Johnson's ship but this also meant that they still needed to locate him. Now, more than ever.

"Tim suit up, were investigating this sucker."

After a while I.Q. and Tim were ready to go.

"t-t-t Tim, please be careful." Maria was standing in front of Tim, setting up the communication signal on his ear.

"Ill be fine Maria, It's a giant junk of garbage, it doesn't bite I promise."

"oh okay." She quietly responded and stared at the small box in her hand.

Tim looked at her and smiled, he was glad she cared about his safety. "Maria I promise I'll come back safely." He grabbed her hands and she looked up. "…and then we can go have some food or something…" He chuckled. She smiled and nodded.

"I feel as if I'm watching a drama. Tim let's get this over with, Maria, Tim will be fine. Let's go."

They were off and out. They floated toward the chunk for a bit and landed. Tim was looking at the left side, I.Q. was to the right. They then pulled out tools to scrape and burn the exterior of dirt from the chunk, seeing if there had been anything underneath with no avail.

"Sir I hate to say this, but I don't think we're getting anywhere, this is a pretty strong, um…asteroid?"

"This is no asteroid Tim, and it's not a chunk of garbage. Have you noticed some of the stuff stuck to this thing? Some of it looks like it came from other ships…In fact it looks like it could possibly be a-"


I.Q. pushed off to look. He stared wide eyed. "Great Galixia…. Is that a, door?"

A large piece of the dirt had been missing from Tim's side of the garbage and in its place was an outline of a sealed door.

Tim pushed away from it. "Yes but sir, its…L-look"

As I.Q. got closer he noticed the window and peered inside.

I.Q. gulped. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

"Tim we need to get this thing into our ship and open it up. Contact Maria and tell her to have all other doors shut before opening our ship. Have a few guards on standby and a medic team ready to go."

"Yes Sir…but um, why couldn't you contact her sir-?"

I.Q. opened his eyes. "-I need to think for a moment Tim…."

As Tim gave commands through his speaker, I.Q. squinted his eyes and looked closer into the window, once again, he saw the puddle of fresh blood slowly making its way to the door from the inside.

"I don't have a good feeling about this…" I.Q. shuddered and closed his eyes once again.

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