Hi all, and welcome to Camp Sakasama! (Sakasama is the Romaji for 'upside-down')


"Everything seems to be in order, Orihara-san. We would love to have you as a counselor here at Camp Sakasama. There's just one tiny matter that needs to be addressed."

"And what would that be?"

"Your shorts-they are inappropriate for a counselor to be wearing-"

"Eh? How?"

"Well, they are far too short-"

"They are called shorts for a reason, Camp Director-san."

"-And they are unacceptably tight."

"Camp Director-san is stuck in the last decade. Compared to what most teenagers my age are wearing nowadays, these shorts are completely modest."

"But the children-"

"Have already been exposed to such attire and worse, have they ever stepped outside their homes. Trust me~"

The bespectacled woman sighed. "Fine, Orihara-san. But I will be expecting only the best."


The woman turned to face the other applicant. "Heiwajima-san, I'm sorry for keeping you so long concerning matters unrelated to yourself. You're all cleared as well. You both may go now."

"Have a nice day, Camp Director-san!"

"Don't make me regret my choice, Orihara-san! And please, seriously consider bringing more reserved apparel to the camp."

"You're jealous~" said teen called out as he walked out the door of the camp's office, slapping his supposedly scantily clad behind.


"Izaya-kun," Shizuo growled as the two walked the dirt path back to the camp parking lot, "you're such an idiot. You were going to give up your job at the camp over a pair of dumb shorts? For someone who's supposed to be smart that sure was a stupid move."

"Please, that old hag would never let someone with a record like mine go, no matter what. And besides," Izaya purred, "these shorts do wonders for my legs. Don't you agree, Shizu-chan?" He asked, sprawling one bare leg across the hood of Shizuo's car.

Shizuo simply rolled his eyes grumpily as he shoved a grinning Izaya's leg off his car. He still couldn't believe that he would be working with that flea the whole summer.


One week later…

"Welcome to Camp Sakasama!~" Izaya shouted in a singsongy voice and waved to the car pulling up to the camp entrance.

"Shut it, Flea," Shizuo said, parking his car and stepping out. "It's just me." Upon nearing Izaya, Shizuo smirked. "Those are the most idiotic shorts I have ever seen."

Surprisingly enough, Izaya had not worn the same black jean shorts he had been sporting the day he and Shizuo had been confirmed to work at the camp. However, these shorts were just as short and just as tight, and the only difference was that these shorts were bright pink and covered in images of ootoro.

"Ara? Is that so? Well, I decided to make my wardrobe more child-friendly, just like Camp Director-san suggested, while at the same time," Izaya posed, "looking just as fabulous."

"I seriously doubt this is what she had in mind, Flea. Anyway, there's no way I'm standing anywhere near you while you're wearing that."

"But Shizuuuuu-channnn you have to. We're counseling partners, after all. We were both assigned to work the entrance this morning."

"Don't remind me."

Izaya spotted a number of cars pulling up towards the camp. "Shizu-chan, time to work some magic!"

The first child to walk towards the entrance was a little girl, around the age of six. She was holding a large yellow duffel bag in one hand, and her mother's hand in her other. Upon glancing Izaya's apparel, her brown eyes widened in excitement and she smiled as she whispered to her mother "Mommy, that man has sushi on his pants!"

Izaya, who was only about a foot away and clearly heard the girl's remark replied "Mmhm! And don't they look delicious?" He squatted down to the girl's eye level. "My name is Izaya, and that's Shizu-chan over there," he gestured. "What's your name?"

"Akiko," she answered.

"Well, Akiko-chan," Izaya started, "Shizu-chan is so mean to me. He said that my shorts look stupid!" Izaya pretended to get teary-eyed.

The girl's eyes grew in shock and horror. She turned to face a startled and confused Shizuo, and she gave him the meanest glare a six year old girl could possibly muster up. Then she looked back at Izaya and wrapped her arms around him in a tight hug. "No, no, Izaya-kun, Shizu-chan is wrong! Izaya-kun's shorts are pretty, just like Izaya-kun! Shizu-chan is just a mean old man!"

Old?! Shizuo thought, bemused. I'm the same age as the Flea!

Wiping at false tears, Izaya smiled at the girl. "Thank you so much, Akiko-chan! You made me feel a lot better!"

Akiko giggled. Then she waved goodbye to her very amused mother, and walked through the entrance towards the main campsite, comically lugging her oversized duffel along.

"Bye, bye, Akiko-chan! I'll see you later!" Izaya called out.

Izaya turned and smirked at Shizuo, who was practically emitting vibes of frustration at this point.

Shizuo was not a happy camper.

End Chapter 1, but it's just the beginning of Shizuo and Izaya's interesting times at Camp Sakasama :)

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