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The sun was high in the sky when Shizuo and Izaya, having finished giving all the attending children a warm welcome, left their post at the camp entrance and started making their way to their next destination: the mess hall.

Shizuo, who was currently nursing a slight migraine, was hoping for a peaceful, quiet walk to the mess hall. Don't get him wrong: Shizuo actually loved kids (not that he would openly admit such a thing to anyone) and they typically liked him fairly well in return. He wasn't stupid: He knew what he was signing up for when he applied for this job. And he earned the position of camp counselor fair and square, likely due to his positive reputation with children. Yes, Shizuo liked children just fine, and the job of running the front entrance itself was pretty ideal as well, as he had an opportunity to meet all the kids first thing. So where in this came the headache, you ask?

Simple: The Flea.

Shizuo's natural talent with children could only go so far when faced with Izaya's suave, child-enticing speech and behavior, which Shizuo did have to, if only begrudgingly, admit were quite impressive. After Akiko, Izaya proceeded to attempt to win the affections of every passing child... As well as turn them all against Shizuo. And so an unspoken battle spawned, and both Izaya and Shizuo tried to recruit as many campers as possible for their cause, the cause simply being to beat the other side in numbers.

As the morning progressed, it became clear that the two were evenly matched: Izaya's ability to read each individual and his playful and cute disposition in general won him the favor of the majority of the females. However, Shizuo's overall aura of masculinity won Shizuo a band of admiring young males, matching Izaya's recruited females in numbers, who all saw Shizuo as a role model.

There were a few distinct exceptions, however. A dark haired, seemingly sullen and introverted ten year old boy instantly gravitated towards Izaya, hugging him suddenly and without explanation. A bubbly red headed five year old girl, who Shizuo thought would immediately flock to Izaya, ran instead instantly to Shizuo and embraced him, affectionately calling him "Papa!"

And so Shizuo and Izaya had both had a very eventful first morning at Camp Sakasama.

"Ahhhh," Izaya sighed, breaking the silence, "I'm sooooo tiredddd!" He stretched his arms.

"All we've done is talked to kids, Izaya-kun," Shizuo replied, giving up his hopes for a silent walk.

"Don't you know, Shizu-chan, kids are extremely draining," Izaya paused his stretching to look ahead down the path they were currently following. Clearly there was still a ways to go before they arrived. Izaya inwardly smirked.

Suddenly Izaya stumbled over a protruding rock and fell flat, landing in an unnaturally contorted position. "Owww," Izaya moaned.

"Oi, Flea... Get up." Shizuo cursed that pause. It made him almost sound concerned, and almost was far too close to actually for his liking.

Izaya remained unmoving but to look up at Shizuo, tears peppering the corners of his eyes. "Shizu-chan I a-ah... I think my ankle... is twisted. I-I can't get up."

Shizuo stared down at Izaya, horror and conflict evident on his face. Gosh he hated that flea, but he also had a (regrettably) consistent kind streak, and no matter how hard Shizuo tried he could never bring himself to leave a hurting person be if he knew he could help. But good gosh, he hated that flea...

This internal debate went on for a little while longer as Shizuo watched Izaya watching him. With a sigh, Izaya turned back around to face the ground and mustered up all his strength to attempt to pick himself up. He raised himself, but all too soon his arms gave out and he face planted into the dirt path, emitting an animalistic sound of pain.

That about did it for Shizuo.

He scooped Izaya off the ground easily, being exceptionally careful with his ankle. Shizuo decided on carrying Izaya bridle style, this being the easiest on Izaya's ankle, and Shizuo wanted the experience to be as embarrassing for the Flea as it was for him.

Despite Shizuo's hopes, Izaya seemed perfectly content being carried bridle style, with no complaints or bright red blush at all. This got Shizuo pretty ticked off, but he wasn't about to abandon a crippled Izaya on the ground any time soon.

At long last Shizuo and Izaya reached the main grounds of the camp where numerous buildings were located.

"Where to, Flea? You wanna go to the health clinic?" Shizuo asked gruffly.

"No, no, Shizu-chan, it'll be fine if you just head over to the mess hall. I'll be okay," came Izaya's response.

And so Shizuo and Izaya burst through the mess hall doors together, one cradled in the other's arms, a spectacle for the campers and the other counselors alike. In that moment everything was silent. Izaya was soaking up the attention. Shizuo was looking down, avoiding all eye contact, and cursing his stupid kind heart.

A little girl jumped up from her seat at one of the numerous tables upon sighting the duo, and she ran to them.

"Izaya-kun!" Akiko shouted, and the hall returned to their food and conversations. "Come sit with me and my new friends!"

"Mm! Definitely, Akiko-chan!" Izaya said with a grin, and simply hopped out of Shizuo's still cradled arms.

It took Shizuo a moment to register what had just happened. Rage was etched into every inch of his facial expression, and he roared at a smirking Izaya. "Izaya-kun, you-!"

"Now now, Shizu-chan," Izaya smoothly cut him off, "watch the language! There are children present," he gestured.

Shizuo bit his tongue, then he stared at the ceiling and let out a slow breath. He faced Izaya with a scowl and growled, "Get lost, Flea."

"Hai, hai~" Izaya gave a mock salute.

As Izaya left with Akiko, Shizuo was mobbed by his new followers who were all chattering about how they thought Shizuo was going to punch "Sushi Pants-kun" into the floorboards, and how cool that would have been and so on. Shizuo was just thankful that none of them seemed to have noticed him carrying the Flea, or they didn't care. Either way suited Shizuo just fine.

Now all that was left was for Shizuo himself to forget the experience, and preferably sometime in the very near future.

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