JetKo Week: Day 2 Stubborn- Jet and Zuko arguing over who will lead the raid

"Jet!" Zuko yelled at said person who was biting onto the piece of weed. "You're still hurt! You wrist won't be healed in 3 hours!"

Jet glared. He stood up from his chair. "My wrist is fine! I can fight with it."

"Even if it is 'fine' in your book, it isn't for me!" Zuko wanted to firebend to blow off the steam (no pun intended) Jet was making him make. "It'll get worse!"

Smellerbee and Longshot was behind the arguing couple drinking Mushi's aka Iroh's famous tea and nibbling on some rice cakes.

"Jet, i have to agree with Li," Smellerbee piped up. She finished her drink. "I don't want you to get any worse."

Long shot silently nodded.

"But I'm the leader!" Jet argued. "The leader has to lead the raid!"

"Jet..." the Firebender sighed. "Because you are the leader," and my boyfriend "We want to protect you."

"The leader is suppos-" He was cut off by Zuko.

"Fine then! But then what if you get even more injured or maybe you die? What will we do?" Jet's eyes widened at the truth. Zuko paused. He spoke quietly, only loud enough for Jet to hear. "What would I do?"

"I'm sorry..." Jet whispered. "Atleast just let me be there"

"'Kay," Zuko gave Jet a small kiss.

"Zuko! Geez!" Smellerbee faked a gag. "Get a room!"