Nightwing and Starfire

This is a quick short story about Nightwings return home to finally see his Starfire. Please rate and comment below! Hope you like it!

I stood leaning over the balcony set outside the window of my room. The night air was cool and the breeze inviting. It had been a while since I'd been here as I'd had to spend a couple of months helping Batman stake out a lair belonging to a group of bad guys that had escaped from Belle Reeve. But now I was finally home. Thoughts of what was to become of my night spread out before me and I smiled. God, I'd missed her so much. The need to feel her small hands wrapped around his neck in a tight embrace was almost too much to bear.

Star was out on a mission and was due back soon. At least that was what I hoped. The need to go and fight beside her, make sure she didn't get hurt was strong but I worried that if I saw her or she me, we would end up injured for lack of concentration. I pictured her now with her long dark red hair, orange tinted skin and her blue eyes. She was so beautiful. I longed for her touch, her soft hands upon my cheek and her enthusiastic ways of showing excitement for things; especially for me. It made me feel special, like something I'd never felt before in my life, a feeling I never thought I would be able to feel. Being Dick Grayson around friends was easy and being around friends as Nightwing was easy but being both around the person you loved most in the world was hard because sometimes you just couldn't share who you were. I couldn't share who I was.

A bout of laughter sounded through the hallways and I smiled. They were home and it sounded like everyone was safe. Thank god. It meant Star wasn't injured or anyone else for that matter. I fought the urge to run downstairs and sweep her up in an embrace of surprise and kisses. But no. She had to come to him. He needed to see her alone first.

"Robin?" I turned stunned. I didn't expect her to find me so soon. I smiled. Becoming Nightwing had never stopped her from calling me Robin. She claimed that was the boy she fell in love with. The boy I would always be no matter what I changed my name to. "Robin, is that you?"

I smiled again. "It's me Star. I'm home." I kept my voice quiet so as not to attract the attention of everybody else

"Oh Robin, you are safe!" She ran her small body into my much larger one and I caught her in a tight embrace.

"Yes Star I'm safe." I whispered the words into her ear and she pulled me closer as if she was afraid I would disappear. "I've missed you so much."

"Oh I've missed you too Robin. How was your mission with the Batman? Did you do what you needed to do?"

"Yeah, we caught every last one of them. Bat's was as happy as could be."

"Oh I am pleased with your success! Can you stay home now?'

I chuckled. "Yes I can stay home now. I couldn't stop thinking about you. I wanted to be by your side so much."

"Me too Robin. I did the missing very much." I pulled her over towards my bed and sat her down before pulling her close. She rested her head on my shoulder.

"Let's not alert the others just yet. I wanted to spend some time with you alone before everyone else jumped up."

Star smiled and nodded. God she was so perfect. I just wanted to hold her tight and never let her go. Instead I pulled her up towards the pillows and she laid down next to me, cuddling her body into mine as close as possible. Perfect fit.