A Fall to Darkness

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Dean is 16. Sam is 12.

Golden Gate Bridge, California

Sam could feel a headache coming on as Foreigner's Hot Blooded blasted out of the Impala's speakers. It was a great song but Dean seemed to think it needed to be at deafening levels to sound good.

"Come on baby, do you do more than dance? I'm hot blooded, I'm hot blooded." Dean sang along while thumping his on the steering wheel to the beat. It was obvious to Sam that his older brother was having the time of his life.

Why wouldn't he be? John had just given Dean the Impala two weeks ago for his sixteenth birthday, and this is the first real drive Dean's gotten since.

Dean in the driver's seat and Sam now in the passenger side followed along behind John's new 1986 GMC Sierra Grande as they moved towards the San Francisco Bridge.

Dean has been showing off his driving skills ever since they left the motel in Wyoming and Sam's pretty positive he's going to die young because of it. Dean just laughs off Sam's, "Both hands on the wheel Dean!" and gives baby an affection pat on the dash before saying, "You hear that purr Sammy? She loves this!"

Thankfully the heavy traffic of people coming into California has slowed Dean's speed down significantly, so now all Sam has to worry about is his eardrums rupturing from the music.

"This is taking forever," Sam whined after about five minutes of barely moving an inch, "I just want to get there already!"

"Just shut up and enjoy the ride Sammy," Dean advised while simultaneously turning the volume up again.

"What? I can't hear you!" Sam yelled back just to make his point. Of course, Dean only smirked and cranked the volume up again. Sam was again regretting his decision to ride with Dean all the way here.

It had seemed like a simple decision at first, but now Sam wondered if he would have really minded a few spats with John along the way. At least he'd be able to hear what his dad was saying.

Still—Sam knew given the option to redo this drive he'd still ride with Dean. It was really the only option for him. Even if his older brother was a colossal pain in his ass.

Holding back a sigh Sam turned his head out the window towards the Golden Gate Bridge looming just above them. Sam had never been a big fan of bridges, especially really long ones like this. Sam worked to keep his eyes from zeroing on the huge body of water resting 746 ft. beneath them.

John's truck had just rolled onto the Bridge and Sam was happy for that. He just hoped that the traffic would pick up soon so they'd just get across this thing already.

"Don't forget to hold your breath Sammy!" Dean yelled at him as he steered the Impala along behind John. Sam rolled his eyes but found himself sucking in a small breath anyway. It was habit—a game he and Dean have always played. Sam knew he'd never be able to keep it going for the entire length of the Bridge this time. "Eh, where are my peanut M&M's?" Dean asked as the traffic came to a stop again.

Sam watched as Dean twisted himself around and started searching through his duffle in the backseat. "Dean! Hands on the wheel!" Sam screeched.

"Dude," Dean snapped exasperated, "We're not even moving. Quite being such a wimp."

Dean's foot came off the brake for a fraction of a second, causing the Impala to rock forward before stopping again, and Sam grabbed the dashboard quickly. "How were you even allowed a license?" Sam demanded to know.

"I'm a great driver," Dean huffed while turning back around triumphantly, holding his bag of M&M's with a grin, "besides the instructor was completely in to me. It was embarrassing really."

"You've got to be kidding me, the instructor was probably in her late fifties Dean!" Sam reminded him with a laugh.

Dean sent him a wink before cramming a mouthful of candy into his mouth. "It's my curse Sammy," Dean said through a mouthful oh so attractively.

"It's definitely something." Sam agreed under his breathe. Shaking his head Sam turned his back towards the window. They haven't even reached the middle of the Bridge yet—this was taking forever.

"Whoa," Dean called out in a strange tone.

"Wha—"Sam started to ask before he caught sight of what was happening near the end of the bridge up-ahead, and his heart froze. "You have got to be kidding me…" He breathed out as he took in the situation.

The rows and rows of cars, semis, buses—everything dropped away from view, as the Bridge collapsed in a ripple effect that was heading straight towards them. Sam immediately panicked, "BACK UP DEAN!" He screamed at the top of his lungs. Somewhere in his brain Sam realized that was impossible, they were completely boxed in.

The Impala started shaking violently, well not her, but the structure underneath her that was frickin' collapsing. Sam watched in complete horror as John's truck in front of them tipped down and disappeared from view in a flash.

"Oh shit," Sam heard Dean yell through the loud music and his own racing heart, "Hold on Sammy!" Sam felt Dean's right arm smash against his chest painfully, as the Impala tipped forward into a free fall.

Vaguely Sam heard someone yelling at the top of their lungs before he realized it was him. In slow motion, Sam felt his entire body pitch forward violently. He knew he'd have gone through the wind shield if it wasn't for Dean's steady arm holding him down. How was Dean doing that?

In flashes Sam took in the cars ahead dropping like stones, he caught sight of John's truck spinning out on control, he saw the water.

Lots of water.

Too much water.

Sam heard a crunch that vibrated his entire body; he felt white hot pain wash over him, and then sweet nothing.

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