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A Fall to Darkness

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Hospital, California


"Don't worry about it Sammy," Dean replied for about the umpteenth time in the past three hours. The words didn't sound any more reassuring to his own ears than they did the very first time. John had always warned them of the dangers CPS caused. They could take away Dean or Sam without very much effort—and it wasn't a threat that could be dealt with the Winchester's usual tact.

"But Dean what if dad doesn't show up soon?" Sam whined weakly.

Dean understood the kid's worry—he did but he just couldn't afford to think like that. Right now Dean just had to believe that John was okay wherever he was and move on from that. Dean's responsibility was keeping Sam safe and keeping them together.

"He'll be here." Dean repeated himself firmly. "Don't worry about it Sammy."

Dean recognized what a pointless statement; don't worry about it Sammy was turning out to be but what else was there to say? He didn't have any answers and it's not like the kid was listening to word he said anyway.

It was around 10 at night now and Sam should have conked out a good hour ago. Dean knew neither of them was going to be getting a good night sleep with the threat hanging over their heads. Mr. Franklin seemed like a real chump to Dean.

I could take him. It was a thought that passed through Dean's head numerous times since he saw the scrawny man, and Dean was seriously considering it. Sure, he knew it wasn't exactly smart to punch Franklin but the asshat deserved it.


"What Sammy?" Dean demanded starting to get a bit tired of the constant whining. He couldn't help the kid and that was starting to take its toll on him. He wasn't use to not having the answers for the kid. He just wished Sam would stop asking.

"Have you called his cellphone?"

"Of course I have Sammy." Dean growled lowly, "It's broken. Won't even go to voicemail." Dean sighed at the defeated expression on his brother's face, "Just go to sleep Sam." He ordered softly, "Will deal with it in the morning, kay?"

"…Kay." Sam mumbled and that was the real kicker. Sam's uncertainty. Normally, what Dean says is law and Sam will just accept it and cling to it. Now Mr. Franklin has his kid questioning Dean's knowledge, and that's just unacceptable.

Still Sam's panicked huffs of air evened out eventually into sleep. It wasn't exactly a deep sleep but it was better than being awake and nervous. Like Dean.

When Dean was a kid, John Winchester might as well be someone carved from a comic book. His dad was truly the thing of heroes, and now it isn't that much different honestly. Sure Dean sees John's faults and yeah the guy be a real dick sometimes—but he was still hero material.

John could drop a monster faster than any other hunter Dean's ever seen. He taught Dean everything he knows—and Dean's heard about his father's reputation among the other hunters at the Roadhouse. His dad had made quite a name for himself—so where was he?

After Sam learned the truth about what goes bump in the night and frequently came to Dean with that "what if dad doesn't come back?" question—Dean could deal. It was easy really because dad was the best and never once was there even a hint of a possibility that he'd fail to return. At least to Dean.

This was different though, this time John might not be okay. There was something horribly wrong with that all on its own and it's not just the fact that he might not return to Dean and his brother. It's the fact that the man who spends all his time squaring off against monsters could be put down by a freaking bridge collapse.

It just sucked—Dad was MIA, Sam's back was screwed up, Dean was injured, and now this Mr. Franklin was trying to come in and make a mess. And Dean had no idea what he was doing. There were no step-by-step instructions from John that he'd memorized. This was no shoot first ask questions later scenario, and that was the only kind of scenario that Dean knew how to handle.

But he still had to because Sam was expecting it—and so was John. Wherever their dad was he was expecting Dean to take care of everything until he showed up. So that's what Dean will do. Period.

Dean snapped his head up at Ellie's light footfalls at the doorway. She looked at him pity shining brightly in her eyes—and it disgusted Dean.

"I have a number for you to call," Dean spoke up before Ellie could, "We got a—Uncle."

Ellie paused, greeting smile dimming just a little bit. "An Uncle? Biological? It hasn't come up in your records…"

"Not biological no. He's still family though. A guardian you could say." Dean kept his face blank as he explained. He learned last night that Ellie wasn't to be trusted, was no friend of theirs. "I want you call him now."

Ellie crinkled her eyebrows seemingly confused and asked Dean, "Why have you waited this long to call him?"

Jaw setting Dean met the Nurse's confused expression. "Probably because I've been seriously injured as well as my little brother. Well that and I've mostly been focused on the fact that my father could dead in the bottom of the bay right now." Dean didn't feel better when Ellie ducked her down regretfully. He was way past feeling better right now. "Just make the call for me." Dean ordered.

It took less than a minute to write down the number for Ellie, and then she was gone with a promise to call Bobby at exactly six am the next morning. Dean barely listened to a word she said.

He just needed Bobby here. That should be enough to keep Mr. Franklin away until John showed up to get them. And if it wasn't, well then Dean will just have to go to plan B, because no way was he letting his family get separated.

With more plans swirling around in his head then worries Dean let himself relax on the hospital bed and after about twenty more minutes or so he finally succumb to sleep.

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