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Tome Four: Fate

~Salem, Massachusetts, August 19, 20:19 EDT~

Naruto yawned as he sat on a bench just outside the location of the Tower of Fate. He was wearing his usual gear comprising of a wife beater, hoodie, sandals and torn jeans. Try as his father might to get him to dress appropriately when going out, Naruto would refuse and retort with the excuse that his transformation would ruin his clothes anyway. He was asked by the Justice League via Batman to check on one of the original members, Dr. Fate aka Kevin Nelson. Naruto had no qualms about doing so seeing as he had felt that something was wrong with the Lord of Order's presence, or lack thereof, for a good while now.

While he thought about the missing Sorcerer Supreme, the blond picked a fast food cup up and slurped some of his soda through the straw.

"Could you please have some sort of manners?" Donna asked, glaring at him from the corner of her eyes. She had just returned from some training with the Amazons and wore earrings similar to Wonder Woman, but other than that, her attire was the same. Naruto had asked her how the Queen reacted and was disappointed when Donna told him she 'took it well'. In reality, there was a fainting incident that was sworn never to be spoken of and then a welcoming motherly hug.

She had come along to act as a sort of suppressant against Naruto's demonic side, as it had been acting up as October neared. It was small bursts of anger, but one time at their school when he was stopping a bully he was sucker punched across the face. The poor soul that threw the punch found himself punched halfway across the blacktop, thankfully only resulting in a broken nose. Jason had given her some experimental suppressing runes to use in case he lost himself and went further than needed.

"I do have manners," Naruto replied as he looked at her with a cocky smile, "I just choose not to use them."

"Pig," accused the Amazonian. It seemed as though she had taken some of the conversations Queen Hippolyta had with her to heart.

"No arguments here, Wonder Girl," teased the blonde. He got a light punch in the arm for his efforts.

"I told you I'm not using a cape name," Donna corrected with a frown while the blonde rubbed his arm.

"Ow, geez, take a joke," whined the blonde before he looked to a familiar group of approaching teens, "There they are."

As Naruto walked towards them, Donna lingered behind, watching the interaction with interest. Batman argued that it should be an undercover mission, but Naruto said that it would be pointless to be undercover in the presence of the Sorcerer Supreme.

Naruto had gone on to explain to Batman that the group should be arriving in their costumes, which they all did, because if Kent Nelson was missing for a long time, there was a good chance it wasn't because he was meditating.

"Wazzup guys?" he asked as he stood in front of them with a giant grin on his face. He looked over the group and frowned, "Where's Rob?"

"He was called in to work with Batman tonight," Aqualad replied while offering a hand, "So you're going to help us once again?"

Grabbing the Atlantian's hand in a strong shake, Naruto grinned as he replied, "You got it. Bats called in another favor, though he didn't have to. I've been worried about him for a while now. How ya been, Aqualad?"

"I'm good, honored to be chosen to check on the Sorcerer Supreme," Aqualad said with a smile.

Naruto grinned, "Prepare to be amazed, then."

He greeted the others in a similar manner, though he and Kid Flash forced smiles when they stood across from each other. When they shook hands, Naruto crushed the redhead's hand in his own. Magical enhancement for the win!

Kid Flash's forced smile and laugh afterwards got a smirk from the new member. The girl was either fifteen or sixteen and wore a forest green outfit comprised of a sleeveless shirt that showed off her mid-rift and drew attention to her chest with an arrow emblem, a green mask that allowed a small mane of a ponytail to be seen, tight green pants the same shade as her shirt, darker green combat boots and gloves to protect her hands and feet. Over her shoulder was a quiver with equally green arrows.

"And who are you?" Naruto asked, "Speedy 2.0?"

"Name's Artemis," the girl replied with a small frown while holding her hand out. Naruto greeted her like he did Miss Martian, taking her hand gently and kissing her knuckles. The boys on The Team (save for Kid Flash) chuckled at his antics while Donna rolled her eyes. The archer flushed red before quickly retracting her hand, earning a laugh from the blond as he introduced himself.

"And I'm Nicholas J. Blood, but you can call me Naruto," the older teen replied before looking back at his companion, "And this is my friend, Donna."

"Donna Troy, youngest daughter of Queen Hippolyta and Princess of Themyscira, " Donna said as she stepped forward. Naruto took notice of the others' reactions and laughed. The Team looked completely shocked at the presence of an Amazonian Princess, but Kid Flash's shock quickly turned into a sly grin.

"So what's a pretty girl like you hanging out with a guy like him?" Kid Flash asked, reappearing next to her with a grin on his face, "Why not hang out with a real hero, like me?"

"Because she likes guys whose attention spans last longer than five seconds," Naruto countered with a roll of his eyes. Kid Flash glared at him while Artemis and Donna smirked in amusement. He looked at Aqualad, "You got the key?"

"Here," the Atlantian said as he handed the key over. Naruto nodded and led the Team over to where the Tower of Fate was. After using the key, the Tower shimmered into existence.

"Impressive," Donna mused aloud, "So the Sorcerer hides it along the rifts of time and space?"

"That's im-" "Right," Naruto interjected before Kid Flash could say anything. The blonde wasn't going to have the speedster mess this up. As a sorcerer himself, Naruto saw Dr. Fate as a personal hero, right up there with his father, and he wouldn't let some skeptic embarrass him when he was on an official job for the League.

Naruto took a few steps back from the tower door and cupped his hands around his mouth, calling out, "Hey, Mister Nelson!"

Before the Team and Donna's eyes, an elderly man shimmered into existence. He had slicked back gray hair and blue eyes. He wore a black suit and stood upright with the help of a cane.

"Greetings, " the apparition greeted with a smile, "You have entered with a key. But the Tower does not recognize you. Please state your purpose and intent."

"I've got this," Kid Flash said as he strolled up to the hologram, brushing past Naruto, "We're true believers here to find Doctor Fate."

"No, you idiot!" Naruto cried out, but it was too late. The apparition's face turned stern before it vanished and the ground below them opened up to reveal a pool of lava. The members of the Team and Naruto immediately began to fall. Donna had immediately started to fly as the ground opened up, but as she flew down to grab one of the other members, she was pulled in to the gravitational pull.

"Megan!" Aqualad cried to the Martian for help.

Unfortunately Miss Martian was struggling just to slow herself down, "Having trouble...maintaining altitude. I'm so hot."

"You certainly are," Kid Flash chirped with a grin.

"WALLY!" Artemis snapped with a glare.

"What? I'm inches away from death, I'm entitled to speak my mind!" retorted the speedster.

"If we die, I just want you to know I hate you, West!" Naruto hollered over the sound of the rushing wind. He held his hands down and focused on a good ten feet before him before he spoke, "Before we fall to our death, I use what may be my last breath. As we quickly approach our doom, I create a floor without a room!"

A red glow appeared before the group before they landed on a see through platform just large enough to hold them all. The teens all grunted as they impacted with the created ground. Both Aqualad and Miss Martian were sweating profusely, falling victim to the heat that surrounded them. Naruto was straining to keep the ground above them active, and thus was forced to listen to Artemis chew the speedster out.

"Now how are we going to get out of this?" the blond mage heard his fellow blonde ask the redheaded boy.

"Why are you asking me? It's just some holographic images with a strong conduct-oh..." Wally was cut off as Donna pulled out a chunk of the rock to her right and tossed it over the edge. The large boulder started to dissolve, and the two young women looked at the skeptical speedster. Kid Flash chuckled sheepishly, "So it's real lava, I know tons of supervillains that pay to have it installed!"

"Not...the...point," Naruto grunted as he remained in his position kneeling on the platform. He looked at Superboy, "Can you jump out of here?"

"Not this close to your ward," Superboy said with a shake of his head before looking at Donna, "Can't she just fly us out of here?"

"No, I'm not strong enough to make multiple trips like that before Naruto looses control of his spell," Donna explained before glaring at Wally, "Congratulations, idiot, you've just made the strongest person here run at half efficacy."

"Ah, it can't be that bad," Wally said with a grin, "I mean he is a wizard, right?"

"All of us that use energy have pools of said energy within us you dumbass!" Naruto snarled as sweat poured down his back from the added heat, "This spell is draining me as we speak and if I run out before we get out, well...I hope you're ready for the worst sunburn of your life."

"Okay, so magic isn't all powerful," Kid Flash shrugged, ignoring the muttered curses from the strained blond before he started to run in a circle, "I can get us out of here in no time flat!"

He ran to the nearest wall and put his foot on it, resulting in a sudden hiss. Kid Flash yelped and bounced off while holding his foot. The red boot was slightly melted and still steaming. He was met with glares from those with enough power to do so. He immediately looked at Donna Troy and asked, "Why didn't you warn me it was so hot?"

"I wanted to see if you were stupid enough to try it," she admitted, "And I wasn't affected because of my Goddesses' blessings."

"Jealous," Naruto mumbled, getting a smirk from Superboy. An idea hit him and he shouted out, "Ignore the idiot! We were sent here by Red Tornado and Batman to check on Dr. Fate!"

"Hey!" Wally indignantly cried out. He wasn't an idiot.

Two metal slabs slammed shut over the lava and Naruto sighed in relief before dropping his spell. The Team and their two guests fell five feet before hitting the steel, allowing Naruto to fall flat on his face with a few pants. Pushing himself to roll onto his back, Naruto mumbled, "Thank God for technicalities."

"Technicalities?" The Team repeated in confusion before Megan palmed herself on the head.

"Hello, Megan!" the Martian said before explaining, "Wally stated a purpose but not an intent. Naruto just happened to give an intent while also giving a valid purpose."

Artemis narrowed her eyes and stalked over to a confused Kid Flash before pulling her fist back. Donna caught her arm before it could collide with the distracted teen's cheek, making Artemis glare at her.

"Why'd you stop me?" she asked, "If it wasn't for this idiot we could've already been on our way out of here by now!"

"What? How is this my fault?" Wally asked. Naruto pushed himself to his feet and soon joined the two girls, nodding at Donna to release Artemis. The archer pulled her hand back and rubbed her wrist, giving the Amazonian a weary glance, before turning her wrath back on Kid Flash.

"You had to go and show off!" Artemis snapped, poking him in the chest, "Your attempt to impress Megan nearly got us all killed! If you had let someone that, oh I don't know, actually deals with magic speak to that guard, we wouldn't be down our team leader!"

Kid Flash looked at a heavily sweating and weakened Aqualad with a bit of guilt before a frowning Megan earned his attention, "You...You don't believe in magic?"

Seeing as the jig was up, Kid Flash threw his arms up, "No! I don't believe in magic because there's no proof! The only reason people believed in magic is because they hadn't discovered science. I can scientifically explain any magical event we witness. That lava pit, that was a booby trap and right now this Nelson is watching us fight and having a good laugh at our expense. Aqualad's 'magic' is bioelectricity and Superman's weakness is to some energy not categorized yet. In short, Magic is a giant load of bulls-urk!"

Naruto had hand enough of Kid Flash's slander and had wrapped his hands around his neck. Glowing red eyes glared into the choking teen and Naruto bared his teeth. His father studied for millennia after Merlin had cursed him. Kent Nelson had solely been defending the world from various demons and monsters that wished to control it through magical means. It was people like Kid Flash that made mages and mystics outcasts, forcing them to hide their heroics from society lest they be trial to witch-hunts.

"Let me tell you something, asshole!" Naruto snarled, shaking the teen as he held him above the ground, "You don't have to believe in magic! You don't have to believe in God! For all I fucking care you can believe in a giant chicken that laid the egg the world popped out of. But don't ever, and I mean ever call magic a load of bull in front of me! I'll pull your soul out of your body so fast your uncle would be jealous! Do you understand me?!"

Kid Flash was too busy choking to respond, causing Donna and Superboy to grab his hands and forcibly pry them away. The rest of The Team watched as Donna spun around, slipping her left leg behind his own and pushing him to the metal ground, earning a loud clang for their efforts. Straddling the blond and holding his hands above him with one hand, Donna reached into her back pocket and pulled out a small piece of paper, looking into the blood red eyes with apologetic blue ones of her own.

"Sorry, Naruto," she apologized before pressing the small piece of paper into his head. The paper and Donna's hand sparked with electricity, soon covering Naruto and causing him to cry out in pain. The light show died away and Naruto turned his head to the side, unconscious from the attack. Donna peeled the paper off his head, the image once on it peeling away from his skin with a nasty burn as a reminder.

"W-What the Hell was that?" Wally coughed out as he rubbed his neck, "He tried to kill me."

Donna snapped her attention to the redhead and walked over to him before slapping him across the face. She grabbed him by the front of his suit and lifted him high above her, causing him to ask what he did. Narrowing her eyes, Donna said, "You antagonized him while he was weak, giving his demonic side enough leeway to push through! If I wasn't here all of you would be dead!"

She dropped him to the ground, earning another metal clang. The steel parted just enough to drop the group to a snowy ground. Naruto's skin connecting with the white powder was enough stimulation to wake him up. The blond sat up with a gasp before leaning forward and coughing up charred blood.

He heard the blonde archer talking nearby, as well as the skeptic arguing his point, before noticing a golden glowing staff hovering in front of him. Glancing at the argument between Artemis and Kid Flash, which had everyone else's attention, Naruto looked back at the staff. He wrapped his hand around it, thinking it was merely there to help him to his feet. Much to his surprise, he suddenly disappeared in a golden flash of light.

Noticing the flash, Megan turned around to see Naruto disappear, calling his name out as he did so. The others turned and saw nothing, making Donna groan and rub her temples. She looked at Kid Flash, who was pretty miffed about being targeted for just voicing what he thought was the truth, and scowled.

"Pray whoever took him had good intentions, Kid Flash," Donna began, putting emphasis on his name and making him frown in return, "Or you will be the one to explain to Mr. Blood why his son went missing."

Both Aqualad and Superboy took a big step away from Kid Flash. They knew that if Wally had to explain that Naruto went missing due to his skepticism to the second strongest magician on the planet, he would get a very rough wake up call.

Naruto reappeared in a room where a familiar Lord of Chaos was floating to the side of a glowing platform while a known hack electrocuted Kent Nelson. The hack was Abra Kadabra, a man that used science to replicate spells. He was tall, thin and possibly Italian with the amount of hair that was on his chest and arms. He dressed in a poet blouse – There's no way that's a shirt, Naruto thought to himself – and tight black pants tucked into black boots. A gold chain hung around his neck, not having a true purpose other than to draw attention to his chest.

Naruto clutched the cane tightly and spun it between his fingers before leaping forward. Klarion took notice of the blond and scowled, his warning for his partner to "look out" was ignored. The blond slammed the cane in his grip into the face of Abra Kadabra, making him fall back as well as cry out before holding two fingers in Klarion's direction, "In the name of the King of Old, make the Chaotic Boy feel Cold!"

A blue beam shot from Naruto's fingertips and struck Klarion, freezing him solid. The ice quickly started to chip and Abra Kadabra started to stand, electricity dancing across his hands. Naruto slipped a hand under Kent's armpit, saying quietly, "Mr. Nelson, first of all an honor, but if you wouldn't mind getting us out of here?"

"My cane," the old man said, getting empowered from its presence. He raised the cane above them and chanted in a lost language before the two vanished once more. They reappeared shortly afterwards in an elevator. Taking a few deep breaths, Kent Nelson then smiled at the blond.

"My name is Kent Nelson. Thank you for saving me, Mr.?" he inquired, offering a hand to the teen.

"Nicholas J. Blood," Naruto said, returning the handshake with a grin, "You know me as Naruto."

"Ah, so you're the boy with a demon in his gut, hm?" Kent asked with a smile, "Still causing you trouble?"

"Only recently, as we grow closer to October," Naruto explained, pressing a hand to his stomach. He looked back up with a serious face, "Why hadn't you called the League for help?"

"My boy, don't you think I would have if I could?" Kent asked with a sigh, "I'm not as spry as I used to be. Klarion got the drop on me with Abra Kadabra..."

"Man, I was really hoping that wasn't Abra Kadabra," Naruto groaned as he crossed his arms, "I hate that guy. Like, I really hate that guy. He helps skeptics prove that magic isn't real to society."

"The curse of a mage is to remain on the sidelines of a battle," Kent said as he pulled a pocket watch out and smiled, "But the benefits are the security we gain."

He offered the watch to the blond, who took it gently in his hand, before whistling and grinning coyly at the older man, "Well, well, well! So the old dog had a few tricks?"

Kent laughed at the turn of phrase and took the watch back, "Yes I did. Inza was my Spitfire. She was my reason to take Nabu off and do what I could without. She would slap me silly if I did something foolish. That was her power. She could control the Sorcerer Supreme through his host, because of our love. And if that isn't true magic, I don't know what is."

"I know a kid who could do well to meet you," Naruto snorted as the elevator doors opened. They walked out to stand next to a giant bell and seconds later, The Team and Donna Troy fell from thin air. Naruto gaped at what he just saw before looking at Kent, who chuckled at the gleam in the boy's eye.

"That was a trans-dimensional door! Dad doesn't even know how to do that ward! Can you teach me?" he asked excitedly like a child. He didn't pay any mind to the fact that his wounds had healed and that the group of teens was now staring in his direction. All he cared about was learning that awesome ability! Oh the traps he could set or the pranks he could do with such a thing a beauty...not to mention it would really help with his fights against the Dark Forces or supervillains if you must get technical.

"Naruto!" Donna called out in disbelief, getting the blue-eyed teen to look at her in confusion, "Where did you go?"

"Well, technically, I didn't go anywhere," Naruto answered, looking at an amused Kent Nelson, "I stayed in the Tower."

"That's not what I meant and you know it!" Donna snapped with a frown on her face as she stood across from the teen, "You just vanished and left us to wander around in the snow! If we hadn't spotted that door we might have never gotten out!"

"I'm surprised the Skeptic even made it through the door," Naruto said as he looked at the glaring Kid Flash, "I mean, normally they're supposed to be invisible to all those who do...Oh. My. God."

"Even at their core, some people really do want to believe, Mr. Blood," Kent said with a chuckle before his face grew stern, "We haven't got much time. Klarion and Abra are-"

"Right here!" Klarion announced as he and Abra Kadabra appeared in a flash of light. Naruto and Donna fell into fighting stances while The Team looked at their new opponents with disbelief.

"Oh man, not this whacko again!" Wally groaned before running forward, "You're going down, Delusional Boy!"

"Tch, Skeptics. Abra!" Klarion called. The scientific magician grinned and threw a device down in front of Klarion. A giant force field came to life and Wally groaned as he slammed into it. Kid Flash stumbled backwards before grinning.

"Okay, Ala-ka-Fake," Kid Flash started, "Let's see you do that again!"

"I don't have to," Abra Kadabra said with a smirk as he shot a blast at Wally, sending him back to his team. The other members of The Team helped the speedster back to his feet and glared at their new foes. Superboy rushed forward and engaged Abra Kadabra, soon backed by the rest of his team.

Staring at the Lord of Chaos, Naruto narrowed his eyes before smirking and dropping his stance. He was wondering why Klarion was making Abra Kadabra do all the work when it suddenly clicked in his head.

"I can't believe it," he chuckled out, gaining the remaining people in the room's attention, "You're still recovering from controlling Etrigan! That's why you promised that idiot you'd give him powers if he helped you!"

"Silence, you little fox!" Klarion snapped as his magic flared, "I have no need to fight when others will do it for me!"

"You're saving up for when Nabu drains himself against the fake here," Naruto continued, looking behind him and nodding at Kent. The old man nodded back and took a few subtle steps towards the bell while Naruto continued to speak, "You're a cowardly Lord of Chaos, aren't you?"

"I said silence!" Klarion barked, firing a magical blast at Naruto. The blond shifted into a stance and deflected the blast away from him with a chop to the right. Klarion grit his teeth and continued to fire bolts at the blond and his female partner, which they avoided or deflected, before he noticed what the teens were trying to conceal. Nelson was trying to discretely make his way to the bell. His next shot was sent at Kent, only to be blocked as Donna threw herself in the way, being forced to slide back and strike the wall.

"Donna!" Naruto cried out in concern for his friend before another blast struck Kent, "NO!"

"Heh, if I can't have the power of Nabu, then no one can!" Klarion said before an arrow flew past his head, "Grr, you nuisance!"

"We've got this!" Artemis called to Naruto as she and Aqualad engaged Klarion, "Check on them!"

Naruto nodded and went to the Sorcerer Supreme's side first, kneeling next to him. Kent looked up and grinned, winking weakly before using his cane to strike the bell. The two vanished once more as Donna started to get up.

They appeared on the top of the tower, just a few steps away from the Helmet of Fate. Naruto ignored the powerful artifact in order to check on the man he idolized. Kent chuckled once more, "Ah...It's come at last..."

"Not yet, Kent, please! You can make it through this if you put the helmet back on," Naruto urged. He was confused as the man chuckled.

"You remind me a lot of myself, Naruto..." Kent said softly, "A young man that wants to do the right thing, burdened to carry something for his life...all you need is that one Spitfire. My time has come...I need to see her again."

Naruto saw the acceptance in the man's eyes and the hopeful sparkle at seeing his love once more. He couldn't deny the man that. Asking him to deny seeing his love just to be a guest in his own body...Naruto wouldn't wish that on anyone. Not even on that annoying skeptical Kid Flash. However, he also wouldn't let anyone die alone. So he sat and waited, holding Kent Nelson's hand as the man's breathing came to a still.

Taking a deep breath, Naruto then looked at the Helmet of Fate. The very entity he had asked for help just a few days prior was trapped in the artifact, the Lord of Order had no body of his own, choosing to bind himself to an inanimate object unlike the Lord of Chaos that fought his friends. Klarion wasn't going to hold back if he delayed this any longer.

Well...Guess it's time for a new Sorcerer Supreme to step up, Naruto thought with a heavy sigh before walking over to the helmet and pulling it from its place. Lifting it above his head, Naruto closed his eyes and whispered, "Goodbye."

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