When the first rays of sun began to grace the streets of Storybrooke, shining its light and warmth across the sleepy town, Regina Mills awoke from slumber. Like every other morning for the past four months, two weeks and five days, it was with a groan and demanding throb from between her legs.

Another night had passed, another night tormented with dreams of Emma Swan.

Regina slipped a hand between her legs and stroked a finger through already soaked folds. She kept her eyes closed while her mind recalled those slowly fading images from her latest dream, a dream her mind would soon forget but which her sex would forever remember.

Emerald, lust-filled eyes stared at her form as she lay splayed across her bed, thighs spread wide and welcoming to the eyes as they devoured her. Her own eyes drifted across the pale expanse of Emma's moonlit body as the blonde sank knees into the mattress and slowly crawled on top of her.

Regina moaned softly, a hand grasping at her breast as she slid the finger deep inside her aching core.

Their lips pressed together in a passionate kiss, tongues dancing expertly around and against each other while teeth nipped occasionally at her lower lip, adding a slight pain to the already overwhelming desire Emma had spiked within her with the first touch.

The heat that surfaced within seconds of consciousness began to spread like wildfire throughout her body and Regina's hips jerked off the bed as a second finger joined the first, her thrusts slow but deep, oh so very deep.

A warm, soft mouth enveloped a nipple, sucking gently as a tongue swirled around the hardened nub. Regina wrapped her legs around Emma's waist and ground against taut muscles, the moan from the blonde's throat sending vibrations straight between her legs and bringing with it a flood of wetness.

Choked gasps, heavy moans and the sound of slapping flesh echoed inside her room as she increased her thrusts, deeper, faster, her back arching almost painfully as she pounded into herself.

Without warning, Emma slipped a hand between their bodies and entered her as she swallowed Regina's surprised cry, capturing her lips once more in a heated embrace, tongue invading her mouth while inner walls clenched around fingers that filled her completely.

There was no one to swallow her sounds then, no one to prevent the soft pleas that fell from her lips, pleas for a woman who wasn't there, a woman who would likely never know how much Regina wanted her.

She would deny the fact to anyone else, but she would not lie to herself. She wanted Emma Swan, she wanted to know how their bodies would feel pressed together, how soft her mouth was, how she would taste.

In the end, it was that, that sent her over the edge. The dreams were good, they started that fire inside her but it was the thought, her desire to find out whether the blonde would be sweet like she assumed she would be that had her coming undone.

Not having to worry about anyone hearing her, she let the blonde's name fall from her lips as she convulsed on the bed, her fingers lightly stroking in and out, and drawing out her pleasure until after what seemed like hours, her body relaxed.

Coming down from her high, she opened her eyes and stared up at the ceiling as one thought stuck on a continuous loop played through in her mind.

Goddamn you, Emma Swan.

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