Chapter Sixty

The Fastforward…

Rukia stared in the mirror at her daughter as she fixed her hair. Long waves that were more gold-bronze than orange like her father's shined in the light. Her eyes were just like her eyes if not a deeper violet.

The day their daughter was born Ichigo smiled and thanked Rukia for having a girl. No one could blame him for wanting a girl when he had three troublesome boys running around as it was.

The oldest boy was exactly like Ichigo in every way except the hair and eye color. The next two boys were miniature versions of her with Ichigo's hair color. Everyone who knew Ichigo's mother was quick to say that his daughter resembled her late grandmother.

Just as she set down the brush and said something about Ichigo's mother an annoying buzz interrupted her.

Rukia wouldn't wake from this dream that easily she thought as she pushed the dreaded alarm clock off the night stand.

"All you managed to do was make it harder to reach," Ichigo murmured and crawled over her to pull the clock up by its electric cord.

"Idiot you're smothering me," Rukia said pushing him away from her.

"Good morning to you too," Ichigo said.

"Good morning – I-Ichigo I'm going to be sick get off me," she said this time really shoving him out of the way as she kicked her way out of the bed.

"That's harsh," he said and rolled back over to his side.

"No – sorry," she pushed to her feet and ran off to the bathroom.

He sat up puzzled and concerned by her reaction as the alarm began buzzing once more. He knocked it on the floor this time. Cursing the electronic device and him for only setting it to snooze he unplugged it and got out of bed.

"Rukia are you alright," he asked.

"I can't be sure. I feel better now but I need to make sure of something," she said staring at her reflection.

The dream felt so real to her. She smiled thinking if it were a precursor of what is to come in her life she wouldn't mind at all.

Ichigo's mind started to race at her silence and that smile. He'd ask her the only question that came to his mind.

"Rukia are you pregnant," he asked leaning against the doorway.

She was silent for a while before repeating her earlier statement, "I can't be sure."

She turned from the mirror and stared at him. He could see the excitement and happiness there. It made him smile and although he never said a word she danced to his arms in a celebratory way.

"If you are this happy you can only imagine how I feel," he finally said setting her to her feet.

She went on to explain the dream she had. All he could repeat over and over was, "four children?"

Despite the shock he was perfectly fine with 4…5 it didn't matter. What mattered to him was her happiness with this one. In the past he was sure that she'd have children with him but only to make him happy. Now that he knew of this dream he was sure that she wanted to start a family for reason of her own.


Tatsuki watched as the sky darkened. Rain was in the forecast and it was a slow moving storm. Her mother pulled the curtain shut on her face and reprimanded her for staring at the depressing sky.

"I knew they'd never stay. They were never meant for this human world but I loved him so much," Tatsuki said her clouded mood threaten to rain tears at any moment as she sat on the sofa with her mother.

"I know you do love him," Mrs. Arisawa said rubbing her daughter's shoulders for comfort.

"I've never been so sure about anything other than my name," Tatsuki said resting her head on her mother's shoulder.

"Tatsuki sweetheart you-

"Their kids are getting older and soon they'll be wise beyond their years. What will we tell them? Will everything be secretive like it was with our parents?

They can't continue to live like this without their mother. I blame myself I pushed beyond what I could have knowing what could happen. What will I tell this unborn child," Tatsuki wondered aloud.

"Nonsense what is there to tell anyhow," Mrs. Arisawa questioned her daughter placing a hand on her unborn grandchild she continued, "They took him away from this new family and as for Ichigo they took her away from his love."

"You always find a way to involve Ichigo don't you," Tatsuki said nearly laughing at the way her mother managed to make her life into a soap opera.

"I've always had a sympathetic look toward Ichigo. His mother would be so proud and those boys of his remind me of him as a child," Mrs. Arisawa said.

"Orihime took the initiative and confronted me the other day about what to do," Tatsuki said sitting up straight.

"What did she say," Mrs. Arisawa questioned.

"Angry she yelled at me and told me Ichigo and I hadn't done enough. She basically said that Renji and Rukia were her friends too and she'd never sit by and forget them. As if I could ever forget," Tatsuki said.

Her mother followed her gaze to her sleeping granddaughter. Her red hair plastered to her face as she laid there on a mat her toys long forgotten.

"Well I agree with Orihime they are still babies do something while that is true," Mrs. Arisawa said.

"Mom…I need to take the little monster home before she realizes where she is," Tatsuki said standing up.

"I do not spoil her with treats there is no reason to disturb that angel dreaming. You run too much as it is so stop a while and listen to your child growing," Mrs. Arisawa said.

"That makes no sense mom," Tatsuki said gathering her things to leave, "without him here it has been so difficult so I appreciate you letting me visit but I need to beat the rain home."

"You are strong and-

"Once the baby is born I'm going back there…I will find a way," Tatsuki said scooping up her daughter.

"If it is too dangerous now nothing will change when that child enters the world. Besides they expect you will not make a move while you are pregnant," Mrs. Arisawa reasoned.

"What are you saying mom," Tatsuki whispered careful to keep her voice down as her baby began to stir.

"This isn't what you wanted. Therefore go to him and be the family you wanted to be. It's safer there than here for you and your children," Mrs. Arisawa said.

The kidô would take some time and Renji would kill her but she'd do it…tonight was the time she decided in her mind. She said goodbyes to her mother who nodded understanding and told her not to look back. That is what she decided so heading over to the Kurosaki place she'd only have to convince Ichigo.

Do we belong anyway, Tatsuki wondered as she strapped her child in the car seat.

That is the end of this story...I wish I could write more or even a spinoff like what happened to Kon in America but anyhow this is 60 chapters so I hope you enjoyed it if you made it this far. I wonder about many things writting this. I just hope it was enjoyable.