This is my version of Toy Story 3, giving Woody a love interest, a princess doll named Clara. I apologize for borrowing the same name for the doll in New Toy New Love, but it's the only name I could find that's pretty enough for my character, but this Clara is different, and her dress design is different and her personality is different. She's a bit like Fluffles, Gromit's girlfriend from A Matter of Loaf and Death, treated with great cruelty by the villain, but stands up to her in the climax, and when Fluffles leaves Gromit after the death of Piella, but comes back when she has nowhere else to go.


After giving Andy's toys a tour of the Butterfly room, Lotso took them to the bathroom door.

Lotso: You need anything at all, you just come talk to me. Here we are.

He knocked on the door and it was opened by a big baby, with one eye half open and covered in tattoos. The toys stared at this strange baby doll.

Lotso: Well thank you, Big Baby. Why don't you come meet our new friends. (Big Baby steps out) Poor Baby. We were thrown out together, me and him. Abandoned by the same owner. (they walk through the bathroom) But we don't need owners at Sunnyside. We own ourselves, we're masters of our own fate, we control our own destinies. (Mr. Potato Head slips and falls) Oh, watch out for puddles.

They came to another room, filled with lots of smaller toys and a big green castle in the corner.

Lotso: Here's where you folks will be staying. The Caterpillar Room!

Andy's toys' eyes widened and they gasped in awe when they entered the room.

Jessie: Look at this place!

Rex: Wow!

Hamm: Holy moly! Whack a moly!

Mr. Potato Head: Jackpot baby!

Slinky: Whoa puppy!

Rabbit: Hello!

Zebra: Hello!

Lion: Hello!

Mrs. Potato Head: (toy trains passes by) It's so beautiful!

As Woody gazed at the room in awe, something hit his feet.

Woody: Huh? What the?

He looked down and saw a Chatter Telephone bumping his legs. Woody got down on his knee to say hello.

Woody: Oh. Hey little guy.

But the toy telephone rolled past him and into the green castle. Woody followed him.

Woody: Hey. Where are you going?

As he approached the green castle, he noticed someone hiding in the shadows, beside the toy telephone.

Woody: Uh, hi there.

A beautiful princess doll stuck her head out into the light. The princess had long brown hair that reached her waist, had brown eyes, and was the same height as Jessie. She wore a silver tiara, and a purple choker with a white gem in the center was around her neck. She wore a pale yellow dress with a light purple bodice and long light purple sleeves and light purple puffs, and there was a yellow trim around the bodice. Woody thought he felt his heart stop the minute he saw her. The princess was beautiful.

Woody: Holy cow. Ahem! Howdy ma'am. My name's Woody. What's your name?

But she didn't answer. She just looked at him, shyly.

Woody: Are you ok? Can't you talk?

He moved towards her, but she drew back into the shadows.

Lotso: How long it's been since you all got played with?

Slinky: It's been years.

Lotso: Well, just you wait. In a few minutes, that bell's gonna ring and you'll get the playtime you've been dreaming of.

Rex: Play! Real play! I can't wait!

Lotso: (gets onto the truck) Now, if you'll excuse us, we best be heading back. Welcome to Sunnyside folks.

Rex: Thank you!

Mr. Potato Head: Take care, pinkie!

Mrs. Potato Head: Goodbye!

Buzz: Goodbye Mr. Lotso! Thank you!

Hamm: Thank you there, Buddy Boy!

Barbie: Will I see you again?

Ken: Oh, I'll see you tonight…in my dreams.

Lotso: Ken, let's get a move on.

Ken: Barbie, come with me! Live in my Dream House! I know it's crazy! I know we just met! Aw heck, you don't know me from GI Joe, but when I look at you I feel like we were…

Barbie/Ken: Made for each other?

Barbie looked at her friends. Mrs. Potato Head gestured her to go and Jessie gave her a thumbs up.

Barbie: Yeah!

Ken: Yes!

Lotso: Ken?

Ken: Coming Lotso!

He took Barbie by the hand and led her to the truck, where Barbie road on Ken's lap as the toy truck drove them out of the room and Big Baby shut the door.

When Andy's toys were left alone, they could hear children laughing and shouting outside. They were so excited to be played with again.

Hamm: Sounds like kids to me.

Rex: Oh, I wanna get played with! Why can't time go faster?

Jessie: How many do you think are out there?

Mrs. Potato Head: Oh, they sound so sweet.

But Woody wasn't completely won over by Sunnyside. Even though it was nice, he belonged to Andy and he should be in the college box.

Woody: Look everyone, its nice here. I admit it. But we need to go home.

Jessie: We can have a whole new life here, Woody. A chance to make kids happy again.

Slinky: Why don't you stay?

Rex: Yeah Woody! Stay with us!

Hamm: Come on, Woodster!

Mr. Potato Head: You'll get played with!

Mrs. Potato Head: Stay here.

Jessie: You can make a new kid happy!

Woody: No!

The toys are taken aback. The princess, still inside the castle, had been listening to Woody and the toys, and an idea comes to her.

Woody: I have a kid. You have a kid – Andy! And he wants us at college or in the attic, well, then our job is to be there for him! Now I'm going home! Anyone who wants to join me is welcome.

When he turned for the door, the princess doll was standing right in front of him.

Woody: Oh! It's you.

Clara: I couldn't help overhearing, but if you like, I could show you the way out of here.

Woody: (interested) Really? You can?

Clara: Of course. I've been out of this daycare before, I know the place well.

Woody: Oh, thank you. (to himself) At least someone's listening to me. (to Buzz) Come on, Buzz.

They started walking to the door, but Woody stopped when he realized Buzz wasn't following him.

Woody: Buzz?

Buzz: (torn, approaches Woody) Our mission with Andy is complete, Woody.

Woody: What?

Buzz: And what's important now is we stay together.

Woody: We wouldn't even be together if it weren't for Andy! (holds up his boot) Look under your boot, Buzz! You too, Jessie! Whose name is written there?

Rex: Maybe Andy doesn't care about us anymore.

Woody: Of course he does! He cares about all of you! He was putting you in the attic – I saw! You can't just turn your back on him now!

Jessie: Woody – wake up! It's over! Andy is all grown up!

Woody: (shocked, then frowns) OK, fine! Perfect! I can't believe how selfish you all are.

Jessie glared at Woody and the toys saddened.

Woody: So this is it? After all we've been through?

Buzz held out his hand to shake, but Woody straightened his hat and walked away with Clara. As they headed for the door, Woody stopped when he saw Bullseye following him.

Woody: Bullseye, no. You need to stay. (the horse keeps following him) Bullseye, no. I said stay!

This time he sounded harsh, and Bullseye lowered his head and whined. Woody felt bad for that and held Bullseye's head.

Woody: Look, I don't want you left alone in the attic, ok? Now stay.

Bullseye obeyed and walked back to Jessie and Buzz. Suddenly, the toys heard someone coming.

Mrs. Anderson: Bonnie? Bonnie?

Clara: (takes Woody's hand) Come on, cowboy!

Woody: (to the other toys) I-I gotta go.

The toys hid as Mrs. Anderson came into the Caterpillar room looking for her daughter. Clara slipped through the door. Woody took one last look at his friends and then went out the door. Buzz and Jessie watched from their hiding places.

Out in the hallway, Woody and Clara hid behind a No Running sign while two teachers were talking.

Woody: Now which way do we go?

Clara: Umm, this way.

But they stopped when they saw a janitor and a rolling garbage can come towards them. They both went into lifeless mode as the rolling trash can passed over. Both toys hold on to the underside of the cart. The cart seems to be heading for the exit.

Woody: Come on, come on.

But it veered towards the bathroom.

Woody: No, no!

The janitor went into the restroom to clean the mirrors. Woody and Clara tiptoed past the janitor and hid behind the stall. They look around, wondering what to do next. Clara spots a window high above them. She pointed to the window so Woody could see.

Woody grabbed a piece of toilet paper and set it on the toilet. Clara climbs up the tank lid first, then leaps from the toilet onto a bar. Woody did the same, but he slipped on the toilet paper and almost drops his hat in the toilet but he catches it in time. Clara giggled at Woody's almost accident, and Woody's face turns red from embarrassment. Then they both climbed onto the top of the stall and tiptoed to the window. They were just about to climb out the window when they heard the janitor.

Janitor: What? (both toys freeze) What the heck? (wipes a stain off a mirror) That's better.

Woody and Clara were outside the window, panting. That was a close one. They watched a little girl named Bonnie play hop scotch until her mom came for her.

Mrs. Anderson: There you are. Come on honey. It's time to go home.

Bonnie took her mom's hand and they both left. Woody and Clara climbed up a drainage pipe to the roof. But as Woody helped Clara onto the roof, she tripped, they tumbled for a second, and Woody was on top of Clara.

Woody: Oh! Uh, sorry about that, uhhh…

Clara: My name's Clara. And don't worry about it. (they both stand up) Now I think we go that way.

They both ran towards the edge of the roof and stopped. They could see that children were everywhere in the playground and a high wall surrounded the daycare campus. They didn't what to do, until a gust of wind blew Woody's hat away. It landed near a green kite. This gave both toys an idea.

So Woody and Clara took a running start with the kite and ran across the roof to the edge. They jumped off the ledge and soared over the playground. No one even noticed them. They flew over the wall and landed on the ground. For a minute, Woody chuckled to himself while Clara grinned. Suddenly, another gust of wind yanks them both into the sky. They were very high up from the daycare as the wind blew them around, dipping and swirling frenetically.

Woody and Clara wrap themselves around the kite's cross-bar, but the bar snaps. Clara's dress puffed up like a parachute and she floated gently down to the ground while Woody had an unpleasant fall. He tried to flap the kite wings to make it fly, but he crashes into a tree. As he hit the branches, he lost his hat and his pull string got caught on a branch. It seemed Woody was about to hit the pavement when he stopped, just inches away from the pavement. The string pulled him back up.

Woody's Automatic Voice: Reach for the sky!

Clara came floating down from the sky and landed on the pavement. She looked at her surroundings, realizing where she is.

Clara: Hey….I'm outside. I'm actually out of the daycare! Whoo-hoo!

She started doing cartwheels on the grass or jumping and running around for joy, while Woody just hung in the tree, annoyed. He cleared his throat loudly to get her attention.

Woody: Excuse me? I don't mean to interrupt your little victory dance but…I'M STUCK IN THE TREE!

Clara: Oh! Sorry. Are you ok?

Woody: Do I look ok to you? My pull string got caught on a branch and I can't get down, and you're playing around while I'm hanging here! Now get me down!

Clara tried jumping up to reach Woody, but she couldn't. He was too high up. Suddenly, they could hear someone coming and they both went into lifeless mode. Bonnie was skipping along the sidewalk when she found Woody and Clara. She looked around to see if there was anyone who might claim these toys and picked them up. As she looked at them, she pulled Woody's pull string.

Woody's Automatic Voice: You're my favorite deputy.

Bonnie smiled, then her mom called.

Mrs. Anderson: Bonnie!

Bonnie: Coming!

She stuffed both toys in her backpack and went to the car.

Inside the backpack

Woody: Oh great!

Clara: Could you move to the side, Woody? There's not much room here.

From outside the backpack

Woody: You mean this side?

Clara gave a sudden squeal and a slapping sound was heard.

Clara: Not that side! The other side!

Woody: Why couldn't you just say so?

Bonnie didn't hear a thing as she got into the car with her mom and they drove home. But what Woody forgot was that his cowboy hat was left underneath the tree.