She's, mine.

By, Oona4:

AN: My Edward was changed at 19 not 17 so he is more a man less a boy, more mature and very possessive once he finds his true mate. These Vampires do not sparkle in the sun, but in the sun their energy levels deplete, making them vulnerable to attack. The males become "daddy" in their marriages to their mates. However they do not want their mates to act like children, they are the loves of their lives; but they insist they are well behaved, and will be spanked if they are not. In Edward's case Bella is everything he longed for she is young beautiful and most of all his. Contains Domestic Discipline, You must be over 18. If spankings, lemons, or violence triggers; please do not read. No flames please. SM owns all things Twilight. This is my "What If" story.

Summary: Edward coming back from hunting one night rescues a human girl trying to kill herself in the woods. Bringing her back to his cabin, now what's he to do with her…

Chapter One:

Running home has always been one of my favorite parts of hunting. Full and calm from my feeding, just able to relax and enjoy the sheer joy of being free.

Midway home I began to pick up thoughts, odd I am miles from any humans, still there they are. Filling my mind with frightening thoughts, seeing everyone's thoughts and ideas whether for good or evil has always been my curse since becoming a Vampire.

The closer I get, the more agony I feel, hate, sadness, and shame mixing together. It was very confusing.

Slowing now, almost to a walk, I silently arrive at the spot where the thoughts have been coming from.

Imagine my surprise when I find a girl, a young girl sitting there on her knees, with a large knife in her hands pleading to the Heavens to let her die.

Just as she brings the knife towards her stomach, I pounce on her grabbing the knife flinging it as far away as possible.

I roll the two of us until I'm on top holding her down as she fights me.

Soon she stills and looks up at me,

"Are you an Angel?" I look into beautiful brown eyes. I feel the pull, the mating bond tie my heart to hers. It's like I just stepped on a million volts of electricity downed line. My entire body is zinging with energy.

"No little girl, I am not" I say softly still keeping her in place.

"I'm not a little girl I'm 18!" She tells me glaring up at me.

"As old as that then" I said smirking.

She huffed and tried to get out from under me.

"If I let you up, are you going to behave yourself?" I'm not kidding around she doesn't need to cut herself in front of me, even if I did just hunt.

"Sure why not?" So I roll off her, helping her to her feet.

She is a mess wrinkled clothes, swollen lip, black eye, and covered in bruises. I can smell dried blood on her, and salt from her tears.

Cleaned up she even be pretty, no she is already pretty, she could be beautiful.

Holding out my hand I say;

"Edward and you are?" She takes my hand then drops it.

"Bella" she mumbles to the ground.

"Nice to meet you Bella" she stops and looks around, slumping into herself,

"Please don't bother with me. I'm so not worth it let, me go and end this pain"

Weird as soon as she was calming down, I lost all her thoughts. Interesting, now I can't tell what her next move will be. Drives me nuts, this doesn't happen to me.

"Bella, I do not know what is going on here, but I will not allow you to end your young life so soon" Trying not to scare her, but I won't let her kill herself.

"Oh really; Well as soon as I find my knife, I will do what I damn well please, now GO and leave me alone!" Gads she gets mad quickly, a little spitfire, this one is. She is screaming at me now.

I surged so fast, she didn't see me, until I was stopping in front of her with the knife in my hands.

"This knife" I asked, as I broke it into little pieces, and threw them away into the woods.

"She lunged at me trying to scratch me I guess, she was hysterical, and I feared she'd do harm to herself trying to hurt me.

"Stop it" I roared at her, she stopped stared at me, and then hit me again with her fists.

"That's it!" I yelled back, pretty damn mad at her now too.

I grabbed her hands, dropping to the ground with her in my arms, I pulled her over my lap and spanked her, leaving her pants on, and I just wanted to get her to stop fighting me, not hurt her. I had only ever spanked a girl once many years ago.


A few months after Rose became my sister, we were out hunting together. This was still the time, when Carlisle and Esme thought she would make a perfect companion for me. Anyway, we were hunting and something went wrong, Rose spooked the animals, and started having a hissy fit. She just kept at it for over an hour, then turned on me and started beating me with her fists. The more I tried to reason with her, the more the more she hit me. Finally I had had enough.

I grabbed her dragged her over to a fallen log, pulled her slacks down and spanked her until her butt was bright red.

All the months of her bitching and moaning about "poor her" and being mean to Esme, and me had finally reached its zenith. Not dad, never him, she knew better, he blistered her butt so many times we lost count.

Finally I stopped, and feeling like a brute I started to say I was sorry, when she beat me to it. "I'm sorry Edward" I couldn't believe it. She actually acted contrite.

I looked away as she pulled her pants back up, and fixed her herself up. For a few minutes she stared at me; then we were kissing and hugging for all of three minutes. We broke apart appalled with each other.

Bursting into laughter, we agreed, we would never be lovers; but we could be siblings. I called her RoRo to make her smile, and to this day, it is our secret name between just her and me. She had the gall to call me Eddie boy something else, Emmett will never know.

When I returned more home, more broken than when I left, after a decade of rebellion. She came up to me, in the woods where I was sitting in despair, that I truly was a monster.

"Eddie, come back to me, please be my brother, again RoRo needs you"

I was never so grateful. She held me as I cried for the last years and everything else I had been holding in since my change.

So here I am spanking someone, I don't even know in the woods again sixty years later. Hope this doesn't become a habit, I think to myself.

"Okay little girl, you are coming home with me, you behave yourself or this spanking will seem like patty cake." I said far sterner than I had planned to say.

Why on Earth am I slipping into Daddy mode as Emmett calls it? It must be the mating thing kicking in. I'll have to ask my brothers about this.

With that I fling her over my shoulder, with a couple of swats to her bottom, and off I ran to my cabin. Arriving I kicked the door closed, and locked it.

Never putting her down; even though, she was yelling at me, to do so. I walked us both, into the shower; after I slipped off my shoes, and pulled hers off as well.

Turning it on cold, it only took moments for the fight to leave her. Turning the water back to warm, I slipped her down the front of me, and slowly peeled off her clothes, while she stared at me shivering, tossing them out onto the shower floor.

"Now young lady" I scolded,

"Since you are my guest, I expect you to be a good girl. If you are a naughty girl, this daddy will blister you bare bottom do you hear me?" I looked into, those awesome, huge eyes of hers.

"Yesss" she hissed as I turned the water up to warmer still.

"I'm not kidding I will" I declared.

"Why are you helping me?" She stammered out.

"Because I can, and I want to"

"Do you mean it what you said?" this came out with her back to me.

"Every word sweetheart" I meant it, surprising even myself.

Then I began to wash her, when she was done, I peeled my clothes off and washed myself.

She just stood behind me staring at me, never moving, while I pretended I didn't know she was.

Turning off the water I stepped out dried, myself, wrapped a towel around my waist, took her hand, and pulled her out. Then I dried her poor abused body, and put her hair in a towel.

I wrapped her in a towel as well.

Walking out into my bedroom, I opened my dresser drawer, pulling out two pairs of boxers and two tees.

I pulled mine on, then walked to her, pulled her towel off, bent down and helped her into the other boxers and tee. I know I should have felt odd, being naked in front of her. But she is my mate, and very soon we will be living that life. See each other naked every day, for forever if I have my way.

Everything was too big; but we had nothing else for her, until I could get her things in the washer. All this time she was frozen in fear, staring at me.

What had happened to her to make her this way?

My heart was breaking for her. Someone had hurt my mate, another rush of feelings, filling my brain and body. I'll have to ask my brother Jasper, he's the expert on feelings.

When she was as dressed, as we were going to be, I went into the living area, and lit the fireplace. Making it warm and cozy for her, I want her to trust me.

I walked into the kitchen, and thanking my sister Alice, for stocking the place with a few human food items after all.

I pulled out a can of noodle soup, and started a pot of coffee, both of which I could eat, if I had too.

Hearing her following me, I smiled to myself, as she sat at the breakfast bar.

"Do you like anything in your coffee Bella?"

"Yes, cream and sugar please" Finally an honest answer.

I turned to look at her, and my heart froze, she was beautiful. The mating pull was like a chain dragging me to her, heavens; is this, what it feels like? I thought. With that strange current, still running through my body, I wanted to ravish her, protect her, put her on a pedestal, gads it was maddening, everything all at once. Mostly just to toss her sexy body on the bed, and start our life together.

Not letting her see my feelings, I nodded, and placed the sugar bowl next to her, getting the milk out for her, then pouring her a cup.

The soup was done, and I got her a bowl of that. She ate like she was starving, I believe she was. Her heart rate slowed as well, something that was worrying me in the back of my mind, since I found her.

Color appeared in her face, pale, but not the milk white it was in the woods.

"Are you hurt honey?" I asked her. As gently as I could,

She humphed at me, and, I smirked at her.

"I didn't mean your bottom little girl. Besides you can't have felt much, with both panties and jeans on" She blushed so sweetly and agreed.

"No not much" she said softly.

"Next time, you will feel it, I promise you" she gasped, and I nodded again.

"I meant what I said, bare bottom next time" I looked at her with I hoped was a stern look. Must have worked, she gulped looking back at me.

"What I was asking you was; are you hurting right now? You have been beaten badly and not too long ago" no answer, she just kept eating, trying to ignore me. Yes, I will kill the bastard slowly, that is now a given.

Sitting down beside her, I reached for her hand, when she set the spoon down, making her look at me.

"Who has hurt you, my little girl?" I looked into those wonderful eyes of hers.

"Can't tell you, he'll kill me next time, and kill you too, if he finds me here" Shocking me which isn't easy to do.

"Bella, I promise you, he will not be killing either you or me"

This made her look at me, and after many minutes, of just staring into each other's eyes, she blinked then shook her head, as if clearing it.

"What are you?" she asked with a calm voice I knew I would grow to love.