Chapter Three:


When I woke up, I was thrilled to see him there with me.

"Baby girl did you sleep well?"

"Yes I did" I got up and walked around to stretch a little.

"Edward, what are we doing now?"

"Well sweetie, we're going home tomorrow, to start our lives together, if that's ok with you?" "You really want me, that way too, knowing I'm used goods?"

He was growling lowly, but I could hear him, so I bolted and ran out the door, he was running after me catching up with me seconds.

"Stop" he yelled at me.

I once again started beating on him, telling him to let me go, I was no good etc. Grabbing me once more, flinging me over his shoulder, he marched into our bedroom. Undoing my jeans as he dropped me off his back, before I could blink, I was bare bottomed over his knees, on the bench at the end of the bed, and he was spanking me hard.

I kept screaming "oweee" and he kept scolding me about her leaving him. When I thought I couldn't take anymore, he reached for the hairbrush off the bed, and proceeded to begin again. Now I was just crying, and his voice grew more commanding as he told me, I was his mate. I was his, and I was never running from him again. If I did he would blister my butt every day for a week and he didn't care who heard it.

I was listening now, knowing he was telling me the truth. He would spank me like that again, but I wasn't afraid anymore. Edward wasn't beating me, he loved me. I wanted him so badly, never had I wanted a man before. Finally he was rubbing my deep red bottom

"Bella I never want to spank you like this again, do you understand me? I mean it, I will if I have too but, I don't want to"

"Yes, I understand Eddie" I was hiccupping from crying still, but not afraid at all.

When he helped me up, he pulled my clothes off, and was looking at me waiting to see what I was thinking.

"Make love to me Edward, make me yours, take the stain of them off me please, fill me with you only your body no one else's"

"With a cry I didn't know he was holding in, he picked me up, and took me to bed, exploring every inch of me. When the time came, filling my with his body, letting me know I was his first and only love.

I replied he was my first, as I hated the others and there was no love. When at last we came together both of us were sobbing. I fell into a light sleep cradled in his arms.


I could feel the heat coming off her thoroughly paddled bottom, and even in the dark, I could see how red it was, well dad sorry, but she's my mate, and we needed to clear the air he thought.

Getting up, I padded around, packing my duffle bag, closing off everything, putting the food in a cooler, taking it all out, I loaded the Volvo. Returning inside I took a shower, changed into jeans and long sleeve shirt, with the sleeves rolled up. After putting on my shoes, I leaned over Bella "Eddie's girl needs to wake up, sweetie" I said as I kissed her. She looked at me,

"Are we going somewhere?" She seemed saddened by it.

"Yes baby, come on we're going home"

She headed for the shower, coming out, I handed her a clean pair of boxers, and she pulled on her jeans, wincing when they went over her very sore bottom.

"Oh little girl, does your bottom hurt?"

"Ha ha Edward" This earned her a hug and a twirl around the room with me patting her butt the entire time. I never knew you could love someone like this, your entire being in tune with hers. It's amazing to me. I thought I was frozen, nothing new could change me.

"Mine" I said, as I swatted her butt"

"Oweee Edward"

"Good, maybe you'll remember the oweee part, the next time you want to run from me"

"Said I was sorry, daddy" She flirted with me, which I'm not ashamed to say worked.

"Hmm maybe you can show me later, in our new bed at home"

"Okay" by then she was pulling her converse back on.

Driving home she admired my car, "Bella do you have a car?"

"I had an old truck, but it broke down, so I hitchhiked to here. It was thirty years old, and couldn't go over 50 mpg, so no I don't have a car" Sounded dreadful to me.

"Good, then I get to buy my mate a new car" I was looking forward to that.

"Oh Eddie, that's too expensive, we'll look on line, for an older one, in nice shape" she told me.

"We will do no such thing! My mate's safety is paramount, you might not believe it, but I cannot allow anything that endangers you, it's my vampire nature, darling so get used to it"

"Well, I can find something on sale!" She insisted.

"Let's find something safe, and then we'll haggle alright?" I didn't want to fight with her when we are almost home.

"Alright, but I won't promise not to complain" That didn't surprise me.

"Okay then, I won't promise not to spank your naughty bottom, if you do" There little girl think about that.

Thankfully, we arrived at the Cullen mansion. Esme and Carlisle were waiting outside on the wraparound porch. Rose and Alice were in the porch swing and Charlotte was sitting on the steps. The boys were just coming around the end of the house as we pulled in. I was out and at her door before she even knew I left the car. I was raised to be a gentleman after all.

Helping her out, I put my arm around her waist, grazing my fingers over her sore bottom, as we walked up to my parents. "Mom, Dad, this is Bella" They both hugged her to them.

"And here are my sisters, Charlotte, Rose, and Alice"

"We're happy to meet you Bella" Alice told her.

Following everyone into the house, she was amazed at its beauty and size.

"Edward please take Bella to your room, and then come back, and we'll have lunch."

"Sure Mom"

I led her up to the 3rd floor, opened the first door on the right; stunned she stood looking at the lovely room, with a wall of glass for a back wall. The view overlooked the river below, and the forest beyond. In the middle, was a lovely black wrought iron bed, with roses climbing the posts and the head board as well. The bedding was soft silver, and lilac with green accents. Carpet was a dark grey and the walls a softer, almost not there grayish tone.

She loved it the bookcases were black the chair and desk was as well.

"Bella do you like our room?"

"Oh Edward it's stunning"

"I'm so glad baby" I whispered as, I hugged her to me.

"Darling lets go downstairs, visit and meet your new families, later we'll come up here, and try our new bed" She smiled, and took my hand and together we walked down the stairs.

Arriving in the living room, we seated ourselves in a large side chair, where I pulled her unto my lap. Everyone was silent for a few moments, before Dad asked for her story. By the time she was finished they were all dry sobbing, and Dad was crouching in front of her;

"Bella, our darling daughter, you will never suffer like that again" She grabbed his hand and squeezed it nodding her head. He kissed her hand and stood turning to me,

"Edward bring her up to my study, in 15 minutes, and let's see what damage has been done" "Yes dad, we'll come up" He walked up the stairs to get his medical bag and prepare to exam her, everyone else crowded around us hugging her, and kissing her cheek.

"Bella you and I, are going to be great friends" Alice proclaimed before, letting Rose hug her. "Bella, please know you are not alone, I too have suffered some of what you have endured, I want to be your friend, and sister, if you'll let me" Rose whispered as she hugged her.

"Darling, I'm your mother now, and I love you already as my own"

This earned her a tight squeeze from Bella,

"You are a Cullen now, and we stick together, and we love each other, so my new baby daughter, go upstairs. Let your new dad take a look at you, then we'll go, and get you some clothes" Esme kissed her cheek.

I stood up still holding her, and walked up the stairs to dads study. When we got there, I sat down still holding her. Dad asked her a lot of questions, and she was afraid to let me hear the answers. So I leaned over, whispering in her ear,

"Answer sweetheart I love you, and it only matters, so we know how you have been hurt, you are everything to me now, nothing can ever change that" I kissed her tear-stained face.

"Honest Eddie" Like a little girl, she sounded like a child just then, hardening my heart about giving Phil, any mercy at all.

"Scouts honor Bella" I replied smiling.

"Bella I want to examine you if you'll let me, well us really, Edward is a doctor too" Carlisle told her.

Staring at us both, with huge eyes she nodded okay,

"Come darling, let me help you get a gown on" with that, I opened a door to a small doctors office, complete with an exam table. Didn't take long for her to get undressed, Dad came in and we began with BP, and weight, then having her stand, I helped her move the gown, so dad could look at the bruises and scars.

"Bella honey, can I do a complete exam, or would you rather we went to the hosp. and found a female doctor?" Gulping she grabbed my hand, and started to cry clinging to me.

"You'll hurt me too; he always hurt me that way"

"What!" Carlisle was appalled "Who looked at you that way?"

"Phil's friend, the team doctor" she was shaking like a leaf now, if I had been human my hand would be numb for days.

Rose rushed in, and said she would help, as she had been to med school too.

"Edward hold her hand calm her, with that Rose, helped set the stirrups up, and guided Bella down the table. Esme came, and took Bella's other hand, speaking softly to her, assuring her all would well. We just needed to know, so she could get better and move on. Bella closed her eyes with tears running down her cheeks, when they started the exam.

Dad called to me in his mind, making me come, and see how truly bad she had been tortured. It took all of my might to keep from trashing the room. Especially, when I saw, in the bright lights, the scars, and deep bruises, all over, especially her upper thighs, what kind of a monster did this?

"Bella did I hurt you last night?" I ask a little more firmly than I meant too.

"No Eddie, you only made me feel loved, and cherished. Am I too broken, for you to still love me?" Now I felt my old heart break, and shatter at the thought of her not being with me forever.

"Oh my sweet baby, you will never be unloved by me, we are forever Bella, never doubt that" I told her kissing her tenderly.


"Yes sweetie, truly" Rose took a look as well, saying it looked like she had an abortion, or still birth before.

"Bella were you pregnant?" Rose asked her softly.

That made her hysterical, and only my grabbing her, and holding her down, kept her from trying to flee out of the room. Run away again, which I was never going to allow.

"Ssh baby girl, Ssh I've got you, you are safe, you are loved, tell me honey, tell us what happened, no one will judge you"

I let up on her, and she grabbed my hands. Looking only at me, in my eyes, she told us she had gotten pregnant at 13. When they discovered it, they had that team doctor come, while they held her down, he did an abortion, without giving her anything for pain. She bled for days, and as soon as it stopped, they put her on the pill, and the rapes began two weeks later again.

She kept telling me she was sorry, she didn't mean to do such a bad thing. Esme and Rose were holding her, but she never looked at them, only me, trying to see if I was disgusted enough, to throw her away. I could read her mind 50% of the time, but now it seemed when she was stressed like this, it was 100%, and all the visuals, of her tale, were now in my head, too. I closed my eyes for a moment, and then bent down to look right in her face

"My brave little girl, my angel, my baby, I love you so much, only you darling only you"

"But I let them kill a child Edward"

"Bella, I have killed more than that, you were a baby yourself, too young to ever be pregnant, in the first place, so don't think that ever" She looked at Rose and Esme, and saw only love there, Alice had come in too, and she was caressing her face softly, the boys were outside in the hall and heard it all. Charlotte just arrived for the end of it, so she came in, and told Bella she had been raped at age 16, and then her father hit her to make her lose the baby, so she understood. There was nothing, to forgive. She had only to forgive herself, for thinking herself evil, because of it.

"I was human, when Peter rescued me days after that, and I learned what he was, he saved me just like Edward found you, so you let us save you too. Please sister let us help you, we all will."

With that Bella went to pieces, so everyone left us alone. When it was just us together, I held and tried to comfort her. When she was calm enough, I helped her get cleaned up, and dressed, and then picking her up, while kissing her, I carried her down to the living room. The girls zoomed past us, to clean up and lock up the exam room.

"Bella" Carlisle called softly unsure if she was afraid of him now or not.

"Yes" She smiled at him shyly.

"Darling, tell us who this doctor is, and where he is, then tell us where you saw Phil. Plus everything you know about him, we are going hunting" I was shocked, Dad rarely wants anything to do with violence. And trust me there was going to be violence.

"Carlisle will you kill him?"

"Oh yes, daughter we will" He was kneeling in front of her again.

"Can you make him suffer, really suffer?"

I answered "I swear darling, he will wish he was in Hell, when I finish with him"

"No Edward, when we finish with them all" Peter called out, while all the boys nodded agreement.

"Good, I wish I could watch the devil suffer, but since I trust you, all it's probably better, not to remember that"

"Don't be afraid, we'll be here with you, while they are gone sister, we'll have fun, and get you some pretty things Edward will love" Alice winked at me earning herself a smile from me after all.

After she had told Jasper, everything she could remember, everywhere they had lived, and everyone's names, he, and Peter brought down two laptops, to begin a search. Emmett was already searching out the team doctor, on his laptop.

Carlisle called the hospital, telling them he needed to use one week, of his saved six week's vacation; and might need two if the family emergency wasn't over, in a week.

"Girls, do you want to stay here, or go to Seattle? You could stay at a luxury hotel, with a spa day, etc while were gone"

"Dad can we go, stay and shop for Bella, she needs a hair cut too"

This caused both Bella and I to yell NO at the same time, making everyone burst out laughing.

"I love her hair" I declared loudly.

"I love my hair" we said at the same time too.

"Not a big hair cut, just some layers, and a trim. Maybe add a few highlights, it will make her feel good, and she'll look so sexy Edward"

"Only if Bella approves, Mom you promise me, you'll keep Alice on a tight leash, or I'm bringing her with us boys" This stunned them all.

Jasper turned to Alice, and with a look that Bella recognized as the your bottom is soon to be on fire look he told her,

"Mary Alice, you WILL behave, and not roll over Bella, or you and I will have, a blistering session with my belt, do you understand young lady?" Jasper is scary when he's mad.

Surprising everyone, she nodded replying "Yes sir I understand" Gulping she apologized to Bella and me.

Bella smiled, and took her hand "Only what I want Ali, Edward likes my hair, and I want him to keep liking me for a long time"

I smiled at her, and winked causing her to blush a deep red.

By morning we had tracked Phil and his friends to Seattle. We made the decision, to take the girls to a posh hotel, check them in, then go and find the devils. This would allow us to keep, an eye on our ladies, at the same time. Everyone was running around packing, and getting ready to leave.

Bella was looking at the nice things, Mom and the girls had already bought her. Standing in a towel, looking in the dresser, for a panty set, when I walked in. And I wrapped my arms, around her, dropping her towel, to the floor.

"Can I help baby?" I purred in her ear making her giggle.

"Just trying to decide, which to wear and which to pack" I noticed the pretty new designer suitcase opened on the bed with mine alongside still empty too.

"Well, I like the pink set, the blue set, plus this pretty white set too" I told her, pulling out the sets smiling, as I examined them.

"Oh sweetie I love these best" I had just discovered the white set, with ruffles across the bottom and on the bra too. She turned red so fast, I was chuckling. So I kissed her, swatting her bottom while I whispered in her ear,

"I want to see daddy's little girl, in these ruffles later, do you hear me?" breathless she answered "Oh ok Eddie"

"Buy more of these, in all colors for me too" I winked at her which seemed to make her heart rate sky rocket. A perk if you ask me.

"If I see them, I will" with that she was late getting dressed, I had her on the bed and was inside her in a few seconds flat, it was quick but it was intense and both of us were satisfied, since neither of us wanted to be away from the other, for very long.

Arriving at the Hotel, they were pleased to note, they had the best suite in the house. Guest passes to the spa, beauty shop, and gym, also a hired car to take them shopping the next day, which pleased them all. We left them there in the lobby, after everyone gave their lady a deep kiss and hug.

After making her eat from the fruit basket, Mom decided they had time to shop in the mall inside the hotel. Going down in the elevator everyone was laughing and smiling at Bella's looking around like a tourist. She was shocked by the prices, refusing to even look in the stores, which caused Mom to call me on my cell.

"Mom is she alright?" I was thinking of running back to get her.

"Yes son, she just won't go into the high end stores, and refuses to move one inch, unless we go someplace cheaper"

"Put her on please" I sighed then said.

"Edward, they are killing me" she screeched like a banshee in my ear.

"Baby girl, are you being naughty again?"

"Am not" I told you, your wife, wasn't spending thousands of dollars, on underwear!"

Laughing, but trying to not let her know, I replied

"OK darling girl, here's what I want you to do, pick one shop there you like, then let them get you something, a purse, shoes, whatever, and afterwards, they will take you to someplace, you like better. But Bella buy some clothes, I mean it, I'm not kidding around, you understand daddy right?"

"Yes daddy, I do sorry, they called you"

"Now let me speak to Rose"

Bella turned, and stuck her tongue out at Alice, causing all the girls to, burst out laughing at her.

"Rose, I told her, she had to let you buy her something, a purse, whatever but after that make sure she gets to go someplace she feels better in. And Rose, I want her to have pretty things, lots of them"

"Edward, I understand, and will do, Alice is being pushy. I see Bella, isn't the type, to tolerate that"

"Thanks sis"

"No worries brother, we love you" She hung up.


"OK everyone, here is the plan we find a store here she likes, we buy one or two things. The WE GO Alice, to a place she feels better about, and we buy her a lot of stuff"

"What" I cried "he didn't really tell you to buy a lot did he?" I was shocked.

"Yes he did Bella, we know our boys, if you refuse, and he comes home, or here, to see what pretty things you have, and finds you wouldn't let us get you anything. Your bottom will be so blistered, you won't be sitting for at least two days, and we mean it"

"He really would?"

"Oh Bella he really will, he's just like his dad, when it comes to loving his mate" Mom told her.

I finally found a store I could go into and not flinch; it was mostly high end tees, with purses and some shoes etc. After forcing myself to pick out a couple of tees, I did find a bag I liked, with a matching wallet; I actually loved, once I got over the price.

So happy at last, we all trooped to the hired car, asking the driver to take us to the mall. Arriving there I was much happier. I tried to shop at Old Navy and nowhere else, but Alice and Charlotte said no way. So we ended up at the better stores in the mall, where happily we bought jeans, shirts, sweaters, then a coat and winter items.

Then we went into an expensive more formal type clothing store, I don't wear dresses.

Everyone started to bring me dresses anyway, to try on as well, but I pitched a fit. Mom came into the dressing room, grabbed me swatting my bottom several times,

"Oweee mom that hurts" Gads are they all that strong?

"Darling, I am your mom now, know this, there is a hair brush on my dresser, just for my darling girls naughty bottoms" She looked me in the eyes as she said that.

Ugh" cried I in despair "Are you all spanking fanatics?" There's no hope I thought.

"Darling, sex, spankings, and hunting, are the most done things, in our family"

I sat on the chair gingerly, between Edwards spanking, and Esme swats my bottom was on fire again.

"Now daughter, try on these dresses, we want you to look pretty for him, he'll want to take you dancing, and out to do nice things. He's waited a long time to have someone to care for, don't spoil it for him, he's a wonderful boy"

I felt terrible thinking, I had been a brat today, after all.

"OK mom, will he be mad at me, over this?"

"Honey, I can guarantee, you will not be sitting for at least one day, when you see him next. Accept it, it's our way. It's not such a bad price, when you think they let us, buy in reason whatever we want, they love us unconditionally, and they'd kill for us, what more could he give you? Are you willing to have a sore bottom often, for all that Bella?"

"Yes momma, I guess I am, I love him so much, plus I crave his body, and his love like a drug, more each day" This caused Esme to break into a smile.

"Then here's what we'll do, let's get four nice dresses we all like, four skirts, six blouses, then we'll go get lingerie, that I know you need, and some he'll like, shoes too, don't argue" she said, swatting my bottom, as I bent to put my pants back on. Esme held me so I was bent over, pulled my panties down, and spanked me four times, on each cheek.

"Now little girl, no more tantrums, or I will pull you over my knees right here"

With tears on my face, I nodded and finished getting dressed. Alice paid for everything while Rose came in taking my hand,

"Sister dear know this, it seems like we are punishing you all the time, but we love you, and the sooner you learn your mates rules, the happier you will be, and so will he"

"I understand Rose. I just don't like to submit"

"Is the sex afterwards good?"

'Oh, it's like more, than I ever thought it could be"

"Than it's worth it?"

"Yes I guess it is" I agreed.

Shoes turned out to be a bit of a fight but when they realized I wasn't giving in on heels, they found pretty sandals and wedges. I flat refused to spend more than $70 dollars on any pair of shoes, and they finally got me to spend twice that, by Charlotte using her charms on me. I then informed them, if Edward was paying for it, as I had seen the card with my name on it in Alice's hand. Then I was damn well buying chucks, and converse, for both him and me, so they had better tell me his size. I stomped my foot glaring at them all, Rose filmed this sending it to Edward not telling me. Edward does not like foot stomping.

I later learned that Edward was amused, and ticked at the same time; he told Rose he would deal with it when he was home later.

So with ten pairs of shoes for me, and four for him, fourteen bags of clothes, which they ran out to the car, we arrived at the lingerie shop, with them pushing me through the doors. They finally saw my eyes light up. Here I was willing to buy "Give me my card Alice" I demanded, as soon as they knew I wasn't going to break it, it was handed over.

"He wants ruffles" so we searched and found them in lots of colors, I picked up twenty sets, gowns and pj's, sleep pants, silly and sexy ones, sexy panties, comfortable ones, the same with bras, slippers, slips, and nylons, garter belts and pantyhose. Teddies and gym wear, socks and even headbands.

"OK family let's eat, and hit the spa, they have night times too." Esme declared.

"Bella, can I buy you a bigger suitcase, to match your carry on?" Alice asked

"Sure Alice is it nearby"

"Yes just two shops down, from here"

"OK lets go look" everyone had some bags, and as one, they walked to the luggage shop, passing a jewelry store. Where I froze looking in the window, this made them all come back, and look too. "What do you see Bella?"

"Oh, I love that mans ring, do you think my Eddie would like that? I want to thank him for saving me"

"Bella, I know he would love to wear it, he's a size 9 ring" Esme replied.

So, going in together, while Alice went, to get the luggage, we looked and I still loved the one in the window. Luckily it was a nine

"Can I have it engraved today?"

"Yes, our man is here right now, that does the engraving"

"Oh wonderful, I'll take it then" They seemed surprised a girl would want a man's ring, but when I pulled out my black card, they didn't quibble.

"What do you want on it?"

"Forever Lovers, Forever Friends" I answered blushing.


Esme and Charlotte both choked up at that. Rose had been looking at ladies rings, and saw the mate to the one Bella picked up; calling Edward, speaking vampire speed, he agreed, asking her to buy it for him. She asked a different clerk to have it engraved the same way, and to not let Bella see it. Sneakily, she got Bella to try on some birthstone rings, so they knew her size, she didn't want one, so they all agreed okay no rings, then she went, and told the clerk the correct size.

After getting her some lunch at the food court, Rose volunteered to run, and pick up the ring for Edward, so Bella could eat.

"Thanks Rose"

Well that worked well, Rose thought as she walked into the jewelers. She hid the box for Bella. On the way out, she saw a charm bracelet, very plain, but matching the white gold of the rings. Buying it she picked out a charm, a little kitten, Bella was after all, a tiger kitten, when she was mad. Texting the girls, she told them what she was doing, would they come, one at a time to pick out a charm? That way they could give it to her tonight, to welcome her to the family, after the spa. She walked back to the food court, and found Esme waiting with Bella.

"Hey Mom, why don't you go see, if they have that special paper, you like to sketch with next door. While I sit with Bella, where's everyone else"

"Oh darling, they all had things, they wanted for themselves, so if you don't mind, I'll run in and see too" with that she went to the jewelers, finding them all there, picking out a charm, Alice bought her a pair of shoes, since she fought her on them, Charlotte found her a Bat with its wings spread, and Esme a hairbrush charm.

"You know Mom, we should text Edward, and tell him, and then if they want to, they can get her a charm too, I know he will want to pick one out himself" Alice pointed out.

"When they have rounded up those devils that hurt her, I am sure he will" Esme replied.

Making their way back to the food court, they saw Rose coming out of the bookstore, followed by Bella holding two more bags.

"I think I'm in love" she smiled pointing to the store, "It's the coolest bookstore I have ever seen"

"Wonderful sweetie" Esme was thrilled to see her so happy. "Let's go back to the hotel now" Was a good thing Alice bought two pieces of that luggage; because all the bags just fit they looked a lot better dragging in luggage than 30 shopping bags. After dropping them off in their suite they headed to the spa, Bella's hair was trimmed layered and highlighted, which she loved. Massage, manicures plus the waxing which she refused, her legs fine, even her eyebrows but no way she was getting a bikini wax without talking to Edward first. This made them all smile but she was right it was what he liked too that mattered. Carlisle didn't like Esme bare had told her so she never had it done. Rose, Charlotte, and Alice always had it done. When they left the spa they looked like runway models and everyone was watching them get on the elevator.


Opening the suites door imagine our surprise when we found our boys there waiting for us. "How lovely darlings" Esme exclaimed. I ran to Edward and he picked me up chuckling.

"Happy to see me baby?"

"Yes I am" So we sat and visited, as the boys told how they were going out to trap the men, but wanted to let them lull themselves asleep, in the house they were staying in. Then they decided to come see their lovely ladies, for a few hours.

Everyone paired off; Edward led me to one of the two bedrooms, where my stuff was sitting. "What did you buy angel?"

"Well all sorts of things, Alice even got me these suitcases, to match my carry-on; she already bought me, anyway dresses, skirts, jeans, shoes and lingerie oh and books"

"Show me something pretty baby"

I pulled out the dresses, and then some of the lingerie "Ruffles oh you good girl" he said kissing me.

"I spent a lot Eddie"

"Baby you spent nothing, from what I see of the price tags"

"You're not mad?"

"No darling not about you buying clothes"

"Oh good"

"We are however, going to have a talk at home, about a little attitude problem today"

I blanched staring at him.

"Did you get a spanking from mom?" he asked me in a whisper in my ear as he held me to him,

"Yesss, I did in the dressing room, I am sorry daddy"

"Bella, when our parents spank the girls, their mate spanks them too, it's a rule"


"You heard me; tomorrow at home you and me, are going to have a little talk over my knee" "Oh Eddie please my bottom hurts from Esme and you already" I pleaded with him.

"Let me see" Blushing like a tomato I pulled my pants down for him to see my pink bottom.

"Ah yes it's a nice pink, but nearly as red as it's going to be"

"No Eddie, I just wasn't used to being pushed around for my own good, plus spending that kind of money, when I saw my name on the card, I made them give it to me"

"Did you buy anything afterwards?"

"Yes I did a lot actually"

By now he had pulled me onto his lap leaning back on the headboard.

"Baby I mean it, we are still having our talk tomorrow"

"I could walk away Edward, if this is what living with you is like, to be spanked every time I turn around" Growling he turned my face to his, holding my chin firmly with his hand.

"First off, you are Vampires mate, not a milk mans little girl. Second off, if you think you are leaving me, you are very much mistaken. I am your MATE baby, not your boyfriend, although I am that too" Crap he was really getting mad.

"We live by different rules, once you know these, you will be so happy, and we will have many lifetimes to do all the things you desire"

"As long as I follow the rules"

"Yes baby, doll follow the rules, that's all I ask"

"I still don't want another "talk" tomorrow" I meant it.

"Well too bad it's a done deal but…. I promise afterwards to make you feel lots better, I've missed my darling"

"Really I missed you so much too" I hugged him.

"Edward today at the spa, the girls said you would want me to be waxed everywhere, but I refused"


"Because that's between us and not them"

"You are so right baby did you want to do that?"

"No never, unless it pleases you, is it bad to keep it natural"

Blushing so hard, I barely got the last word out. He pulled my chin up again and looked into my eyes,

"I love you the way you are, I like it the way it is, it's mine, and I like it, if you want to wax it off, to try it once, we will and then if you don't like it, we'll never do it again"


"Of course, besides when you are changed, it will not grow back very much, and makes stubble which, I would imagine is itchy"

"Oh I didn't know" then I added,

"I like your stubble Eddie" making him smile at me.

"Well I don't have it very often, it takes weeks to grow, and I need to shave it soon"

I pushed myself off his lap, climbed off the bed going to my purse; I brought him the little bag from the jewelry store.

"What's this?"

"I got this to thank you for saving me and loving me"

"Even when daddy spanks his baby girl"

"Even then Eddie" he took the bag slid the box out opening it he was stunned and his eyes filled with tears.

"Oh baby I love this"

"Look inside it's engraved"

He grabbed me and kissed me till I needed breath, swinging me around, then he stopped as he placed the ring on his ring finger.

"Until you place my wedding band here" he said kissing me.

"Edward, I just wanted you to know what you mean to me, and the answer to a question you haven't asked me yet, but I already know my answer"

"Bella, I have something for you too darling" he reached into his pocket and pulled out a similar box handing it to me. I shakily took it from him, and opened it with tears running down my face

"Edward it's stunning"

"Look inside baby" The same phrase was in mine that was in his.

"How Eddie?"

"I asked Rose to pick yours up, I hope that was okay with you darling"

He placed it on my ring finger

"Until I put your wedding ring here, will you wear this baby?"

"Yes a thousand times yes"