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After Carlisle left Edward knelt on the bed and kissed her head he prayed for her and for him. Then he slipped into bed and brought her up to him cradling her like a child;


"Baby daddy is getting sacred are you there honey?" he didn't even try to stop the tears from running down his face.

"I'm here I've got you darling come back to me" running his fingers through her hair.

"Eddie needs you baby" he began to sing a song her wrote for her, softly humming when he couldn't form the words because he was sobbing.

How many hours passed in that way he did not know; but the sun came and went by the window, but it made no difference at all. Nothing changed.

"How long now dear Lord, she is so quiet have I done something wrong? Bella, what will I do without you? How do I go through endless time alone now that I know what love truly is? You are my light darling. Please bring her back to me."

More hours passed the family come and go and he has not moved will not move and they stop asking him.

Another sunset, he doesn't bother with the lights tonight. Light will not show him what he needs to see. Slowly ever so slowly he becomes aware of a tingling in his head, a series of vague pictures and sounds. Her heart is speeding up and Carlisle comes to be with him, he wants no others in the room.

Finally it stops, and there is silence for several minutes, he moves from behind her to kneeling next to her, he has the lights off everywhere but on in the bathroom. Her eyes pop open staring at nothing, staring at everything. She becomes aware she isn't alone and in an instant she is in the corner crouching growling shaking with terror.

"Baby it's me" no response "Bella darling it Edward" nothing just growls, finally he draws himself up and in his "daddy" voice "Isabella look at me now!"

Her eyes shift to him she takes a few moments to study his face, he smirks at her,

"He is so sexy" Why is he over there? Am I in trouble, did I do something naughty again?"

Oh my heavens I can hear her. He is delighted.

"Bella come to daddy now, baby come here" She crawls to him sitting on her knees and he's on his they face each other

"I love you little girl" tears again but of joy not sorrow never sorrow again he vows to himself.

"I love you Eddie" with that she flings herself at him, causing them to lay flat on the floor. Something clicks in her eyes then she is pouncing on him, pulling his clothes, then kissing him in frenzy. He reaches up grabbing her hands gently,

"Slow down baby, we'll mate I promise. Yes Bella, just go slower sweetheart"

He has her clothes off and his too. When they finally finish she screams like a wild animal, he has a bite on his shoulder. She seems to come to herself "Eddie oh no did I bite you?"

"It's a mating mark, and yes you did, I love it"

"So I'm not in trouble?" she seems to remember not to get into trouble and it shows on her face. Making him smile at her tenderly and touch her face softly.

"Baby look, I bit you too" pointing to her shoulder.

"Oh it's alright then Eddie?" he just kisses her in answer to that.

"Dad is here say hello" she jumped up naked and hugged him not the least bit aware of it.

"Baby let's get you dressed, sorry dad" Carlisle was laughing "It's all good son"

"Bella remember our rules" she looked down at him as he was tying her shoes, kneeling in front of her.

"Yes, I must obey you and dad esp. now because I'm stronger"

"And if you don't?"

"My Eddie will spank me" he nods then adds "You know I will baby".

"Alright lets go hunt, you stay with us understand?"

"Yes" grabbing her hand they jump out the window running into the night.

After finding her four deer, and a bear she was back home and so much calmer. Everyone wanted to hug her to welcome her back. Alice brought out a mirror she looked at herself

"So pretty" she muttered Edward came behind her telling her,

"No so beautiful, so very beautiful"

"But my eyes"

"They will change soon, but you are my perfect angel, my mate" with that he kissed her.

Days pass and she gets calmer every day, hunts every night with the boys. Their sex life is off the charts, they can't seem to get enough of each other.

After a wonderful family hunt they were all settled in the living room.

"Bella, can you remember what happened to you, during the change?"

Scrunching up her face she thought about it,

"Yes, I remember it was horrid and I was screaming a lot"

"Bella you never moved, or made a sound I thought you were dead"

"How did I do that?"

Carlisle asked if she was trying to keep Edward from worrying,

"Yes, I thought if there is some way to spare him, so he doesn't know, and I felt a bubble like thing come over me I could hear you but you not me I guess" Jasper added

"She's a shield"

"Makes sense" Edward said to everyone.

"Is that bad Edward?"

"No darling it's a very good thing, and may one day save our family in times of trouble"

"Oh, if only I could, do something like that" she looked at him smiling.

"Bella sister we will help you manage it, and make it grow, don't you worry about that" Peter came and knelt in front of her taking her hand.

Edward hugged her tight "My little love, what a blessing you are to the family. I will forever be grateful you chose the stop running near my cabin to break down. How dark were my days until I came across a naughty angry girl with a big knife in the woods; even if you did drive me nuts at first Isabella."

She looked up at him, sitting next to him on the love seat,

"Edward I had no life before you and now I have forever, you have given me a family and a home. But I'm not sorry I drove you nuts, you were becoming a moody old man"

This caused them all to burst out laughing and for him to tickle her until she screamed uncle.

"You little Vixen!" He was up and twirling her around while she laughed.

The family looked at them and smiled at each other, their brother was happy at last, and yes he was becoming a very moody old man before her, but no longer. They had Bella to thank for that; she had brought them so much. Now with her shield there was the possibility of additional safety as well. Yes they had much to be thankful for, healed the family was healed and finally whole.