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The Mission

"Aww come on! Cheer up! It won't be so bad."

"Shut it, Kiba. You're not making it better."

"Who asked you, Shino!?"

Hinata's heart is racing, pounding in her ears as she watched Kiba and Shino arguing. Easy for Kiba to say it won't be difficult. This was her first mission as impersonating a "hooker".

"Well," she gulped, "What's the worst that could happen?"


"You are here, Hinata Hyuga, to receive a B- rank mission to the Land of Waves. All you have to do is get information out of a man in a reasonable matter." Tsunade stated.

"Reasonable matter?"

Tsunade walks up to Hinata and stares some-what softly yet sternly to her face while putter her hands on her shoulder.

"I didn't want to agree at first, but you're the only available kunoichi and this mission needs to be completed as quickly as possible. I had a talk with your father and he solemnly agreed on one condition.

She stared at the Hokage with a confused expression on her face.

"Hinata, you're going to infiltrate a bar as a streetwalker and get hold of a rich, evil man name Hiruku. He's been robbing the poor yet he claims they are doing more worse things to him but still he needs to be stopped before things get out of hand. You already have an appointment scheduled with him and you just coax him around until he spills. If not, you're going to have to use force. Do you understand? You can leave this mission on your own free will. No one is here to stop you. But if we don't get this case closed it will maybe start a war against us."

By the time Tsunade finished she was ready to call it quits. But if she already talked to my father, he's expecting me to do it.

"Hai, Hokage,sama. But what's this condition my father requested?" she asked in a monotone yet a little shaky voice.

Tsunade squeezed her hands onto my shoulder and said, "Your father accepted you to go on this mission if I promise you'll come back clean and like he said "untainted".


Hinata shook her head. Tsunade said he wasn't a skilled ninja so he won't be a challenge. The fact for being all seductive on a thirty-ish old man was not what she liked. Even though she has gotten strong and got rid of all her shyness and stuttering, she couldn't help but get some what nervous. Especially since her FATHER knew of this.

"Well, I'm gonna go now. I have to pack for tomorrow's mission. Arigato for the meal, Shino, Kiba."

Quickly she left her stool, left money on the table and left.

"Great, Shino! You hurt her feelings!" Kiba barked.

"I think she left because she couldn't bear to hear you're pathetic argument." Shino stated coolly.

"Why I otta..."

When Hinata reached her home, Neji greeted her with a bow.

"I believe you are going to get ready for tomorrow's mission," Neji asked.

Hinata froze. How did he find out? Did father tell him? As if reading her mind,

"You're father told me and he asked for my own personal opinion if this is the right thing for you."

"Wha… What did you say to father?"

Neji turned around and took a few steps and he spoke softly," I said to your father that I think you are willing to do any mission because of your way of the ninja is to never give up. And since the war, you've proven to show great strength. I have no doubt you will succeed. Am I to be proven wrong? Ask almost anyone and they would likely say you are definitely stronger and possibly strong to lead the Hyuga. Good luck, Lady Hinata. I have faith you'll come back alright."

As he said that, he left. Hinata stood there in awe yet relieved that Neji-san had told such things to her father. Without another thought, Hinata swiftly went to her room to pack for the mission. Through her mind, she quickly thought of the list of things she needed for the mission.

Weapons, Food rations, extra clothes..

Hinata stopped abruptly next to the bag Tsunade gave her. It consisted of makeup, jewelry, and the appropriate clothing she would need to wear when she entered. Plus, Tsunade added hair dye and contact lenses to disguise her so no one would suspect a Hyuga in an uncivilized area. Quickly she gathered her things and went to the kitchen to make some food for the trip and got ready to bed.

"Please let this mission be okay.." she thought and drifted to sleep.

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