Chapter 18

The masked woman revealed

A dark silhouette sat quietly in a tall tree, blood red eyes staring ahead. No sound was coming from the figure, only a small puff of smoke coming from it's mouth, proving the creature was alive.

His hand were on his knees, him being on the balls of his feet and holding perfect balance. He was as motionless as a owl, about to strike at its prey ahead. For him it was a building. The building was hidden in scattered leaves, making it look like it was abandoned and unoticable.

His eyes began to change. Black tomoes began to swirl and lines began to connect. No sooner did they started changing they finished. Their new stage. The mankgekyo sharingan filled his eyes, flaring bright red and black at the building. Chakra spurts filled his vision, giving him complete knowledge of who's in the building. He smirked softly. If it weren't for Hinata's paper that Misuma gave her, it would have taken him indeed a long time to find this. And he had to give credit to Mako. Who knew what what would have happened if he had found out about... he frowned. What was her name? How could he forget?

He mentally kicked himself for his stupidity. He shook his head lightly. Its fine. She's a threat and she needed to be taken out.

He eyed the building again. But Hiruku was the job right now. Two soldiers stood by the entrance of the structure and Sasuke smirked. The almost full moon shined throughout the trees and the owl swooped though the trees, taking down the helpless mice without an utter sound in the silent night.

Under seven minutes flat, all the guards were taken down. Sasuke stood in what looked like a bloody pool, and bodies seemed to float in the pools of blood. Red liquid dripped off his katana, the dripping sound heard throughout the building.

But Sasuke wasn't finished. He couldn't figure out if the guards just attacked without strategy or they were just plain stupid.

He stood there looking at them, eyes crossed. None of them cried for mercy or surrender which made him a little confused but dropped the topic.

Out of nowhere, three chakras burst into his vision and they were disappearing. FAST.

Sasuke stood there trying to identify it and decide if he should follow it. He decided to leave them be, since they're running, they must have retreated.

He took a few steps away before he faltered. The middle chakra...his feet began running at full speed. Wind whipped his hair away from him, feet hitting steadily against the ground and soon the tree tops. Sasuke growled deep in his throat.

That damn bastard, thinking he could get away from me, Sasuke thought angrily.

The three points were disappearing from his hindsight so the Uchiha pushed harder. But they were disappearing and they were fading but Sasuke still followed. He knew at this pace they were going, the were bound to leave a trail and he could still follow them.

He raced through the treetops and fortunately he was actually catching up. And then, something weird happened.

They vanished.

Sasuke stopped at a tree branch wondering what the hell was going on. He was close enough to hear birds meters away. Instead of them chirping, they flew away like a gust of wind pulled them off the branches and he heard something else besides their wings flapping.

Screaming. Men screaming.

Now Sasuke was REALLY confused. He began running at full speed again and minutes later he arrived at the scene. Two men were down, and just by looking at them, they were dead. But there was no blood. The third man was against a tree trunk, breathing heavily, also no blood.

And then Sasuke just grew dumbfounded. Standing in between the men was a woman in full combat gear, black hair in a high ponytail and if he could believe his eyes, lines were etching a porcelain face. Her hair was back to its normal state, and he couldn't be a little happy of seeing it.

He couldn't speak so he watched instead. She was standing in a form Sasuke knew too well and she was staring at the man at the trunk of the tree.

He didn't know what to feel. Angry? Relieved? Surprised? No, he was surprised. And what surprised him more was that she was smiling.

"Are you gonna come down here or what?"

Sasuke obliged and jumped off the branch. Then he walked to her, only keeping his eyes on her. He came merely less than a foot away and stopped and eyed her.

She didn't look up to him but sighed, dropping her smile. "So you left without me."

"You were in no condition," Sasuke barked out angrily, a little more angrily than he attended to. But she didn't flinch, instead she grew almost as angry as him.

"I was in a small trauma that's it. That shouldn't stop me from my mission."

"Small trauma? You couldn't even stand straight! And let alone you passed out as soon as you hit the bed!"

She scoffed and deactivated her eyes and came face to face with him. How she hated when people thought she was weak. As if she were disabled and couldn't take care of herself. "If you would have given me a little time to rest, and let me go on this mission instead of acting like a stubborn man you are, we wouldn't be having this argument!" She on instinct reached for a kunai out of her pouch. Sasuke took a step back, watching her confused.

She twirled the kunai once in her hand and aimed it at him. He immediately dodged by somersaulting and the kunai flew into the trees.

"What the hell was that for!?"

She didn't pay any attention to him, but to the trees and Sasuke turned his head just in time to see a human figure drop down from a tree.

She walked past him and came face to face with the culprit. Her hand grabbed a fistful of clothing and began dragging him to where Sasuke was, still squatting from his attempt of not getting killed.

When she came in the middle of the clearing she pushed the man down and pulled out another kunai, but she aimed it for his neck. The man was injured from her attack, his leg bleeding badly with a sharp deep cut from the knife.

He was wearing all brown and wearing a headband but the symbol was covered by his hair. He stared at the Hyuga, showing nothing but a sly grin.

The bluette dug the kunai to his neck. "Who are you? And who sent you?"

"None of your business, you whor-"

She punched him the gut, hard, and he gasped for air but still smiled like a mad man, as if he enjoyed the pain.

"I'm giving you one more chance. Who sent you?" She gritted through her teeth while placing the kunai deeper against his throat. Sasuke watched the scene, angry at the man and concerned for Hinata.

The man just kept grinning but he gave out a terrible laugh that sent both Konoha shinobi shivers up their spines.

"You really think i'll tell you anything? You guys are both stupid."

Hinata grimaced and readied for another punch to his gut but a voice stopped her. "Let him go, I'll handle him."

She didn't turn to the figure who spoke but instead activated her bloodline, putting two fingers against his shoulder. Before Sasuke could object she jabbed her fingers in the man's shoulders and he gave out a small yell.

She retreated her weapon and rose from her position. She glanced over her shoulder to her partner before walking to the man near at the edge of the tree. Sasuke watched her squat next to the man and began doing something to him, Sasuke couldn't tell.

Slowly he lowered himself to the hysterical man in front of him and grimaced. The man just stared at him as if he wanted to eat him, eyes big and blood shot looking.

"Who sent you?" Sasuke asked in a semi-calm voice.

The man smirked nastily. "You think I'll start talking to you when that bitch couldn't make me?"

A hard fist collided with the man's face as soon as he finished his sentence, making him fly a couple feet in the air. The culprit landed in the tree, hearing his teeth clatter in his mouth and his back created a fairly large crack in the tree.

Sasuke walked up to him and squatted. His eyes were already in Mangekyo state. "Better mind your language, or I'll give you something worse than soap in your mouth." His voice was edgy and venom laced through it.

The man coughed and rose his head. He spit on Sasuke face, some teeth flying out of his mouth.

The avenger just watched him. He raised his hand to wipe the spit on his face with his sleeve. The man watched him as well and instead of smiling he was almost snarling at the black haired shinobi.

The Uchiha kept watching him and he watched back. When the man began to feel a little weary he cursed to himself. Seconds later, his eyes dropped and his head hung down to his chest. Sasuke frowned at the man. He was stuck in a genjutsu and there was no way he'll get out of it.

He rose from his position and turned to the staring white eyes that saw the whole scene. She looked at him and he looked back. Nothing was spoken between them for a full minute but Sasuke finally sighed.

"I still think you shouldn't be here."

She turned away to look at the man at the tree. "I'm actually needed here, and don't tell me you didn't need my help."

"I wasn't planning to," Sasuke muttered.


"Nothing." He looked back at the ninja who was at the moment, in a genjutsu that tortures you for days, making you slowly lose sanity and grow insane. He came eye level to him and eyed his face. He looked like an ordinary man when he didn't have an insane smile on. Sasuke's eye caught on to something. His headband.

Sasuke reached to his forehead and moved away his hair only to abruptly stand and stare with shock at the unconscious man.

A snake headband. And not just any snake. It was engaged in an 'S' shape. Just like he remembered. Who was he? Instantly Sasuke reached for the man's shoulder and just like he predicted, the same logo was seen into his shoulder.

He turned to Hinata who was busy blocking several points in the bastard's body. Sasuke untied the headband and put it in his pouch. He wasn't going to tell Hinata yet but right now was not a good time.

He retreated from the ninja and came to the two people near the tree. He crossed his arms across his chest. "Why won't you just kill him?"

Hinata stopped for a second before continuing her job. "He doesn't need to die."

"But you were sent to-"

"He's innocent."

Sasuke opened his mouth but shut in as quickly as it opened. "How is he innocent? He killed many poor people. He even killed his own wife."

"He had no choice. Senya made him steal from the poor and murder." She jabbed at his arm. "And he didn't physically kill his wife. He sent someone else."

"He's still a part of it."

"I know that. That's why he'll be sentenced to prison for a long time. Maybe for the rest of his life."

A hiss came from the man in front of her. "Heh, you're too kind. You should just finish me off for good. It doesn't matter that the war is over, violence will still take its place in the world, and I don't want to witness it anymore."

Hinata frowned. "You won't. A cell away for the world should help you with your peace."

He gave a small chuckle. "That sounds inviting but I still have unfinished business in the reality would."

Sasuke beat Hinata with the question that was both on their minds. "What unfinished business?"

Hiruku looked past Sasuke's shoulder. "That."

Both shinobi turned their heads sharply, only to see every branch covered with ninjas, and by the look of them, were trained.

Sasuke's hand pulled out his katana and Hinata took her juken stance, Byakugan activated.

The ninja were all ready to strike as well, weapons outstretched. "Give up," a man yelled from Sasuke's and Hinata's right.

Sasuke frowned and looked at the Hyuga. She was looking ahead, her face serious. "We're outnumbered," Sasuke muttered, his words unheard to the enemy.

Hinata's lip lifted tiny, a total look of mockery on her face. "Please correct me if I'm wrong, but are you not the man who killed a thousand men without a scratch left on you?"

Sasuke frowned. "That was a different situation. They were-"

"They were posing a threat on you and you guarded yourself," Hinata interrupted. "And there's not even that amount present here."

"They're professionals. Those men weren't. They were merely experiments and it was a test."

Hinata's burrowed her brows. "They look strong but not professionals."

"Look at their foreheads and shoulders."

Hinata did so at the man closest to her. His brown hair was spiked up immensely high and his headband was shining in plain sight. A snake was imprinted on it, and so was on his shoulder. Hinata's eyes widened.

"Exactly," Sasuke muttered.

Hinata looked to him, obviously astonished. "You remembered them then?"

"I know who's the leader," Sasuke gritted through his teeth.

Hiruku gave out a forced cough, starling the couple. "Oh you don't know who the leader is."

"As a matter of fact, I do," the Uchiha encountered and looked to him. "Woman, five feet, five inches, 28. Brown hair and eyes, wants to kill you. Should I continue?"

Hiruku chuckled coarsely. "You know how she looks like and her ambition. But what about her strength? Plans about the world?"

"She has an ambition to kill you, rule the world and she posses powers like Orochimaru."

"Bravo," he praised with a grin. "But there's one more thing that's important..."

"I doubt I missed anything."

Hiruku laughed again. "Oh really?" He tilted his head. "What's her name?"

Sasuke grew silent. Of all the things... "It's not important."

"Ha, don't judge too quickly."

Footsteps approached the surrounded Konoha shinobi and Sasuke looked back to who was approaching. The two figures weren't visible, due from the lack of sunshine. It was around three in the morning, judging by the moon and still dark.

The moon still shined its light but from the distance they were invisible. The ninjas waited for the approaching victims to step into the light to reveal themselves.

The figures kept on walking slowly, and the two of them readied for an attack, but were thrown off completely on who came into the light.

Their eyes grew like saucers and they nearly dropped their stances.

The people finally came into the light, one face revealed, the other hidden with a very known mask Sasuke knew to well.

Hinata's face grew hard. Her feelings raveled inside of her. Confusion, regret, anger. She flared chakra in her hands, blue-like fire engulfing her palms. Her eyes were on the revealed man, but Sasuke stared the the masked stranger.

"I can't believe you," Hinata spoke through her teeth.

The man laughed. "You ought to be more careful. Or you might get back stabbed."

Hinata's blood boiled inside of her. How stupid of her! "So you faked the story about your wife. How helpless, MAKO."

He shrugged his shoulders playfully. "At least you fell for it."

Sasuke paid barely any attention to them but had his eyes on the masked woman. He grabbed his sword harder, and despite him not liking to kill, his blood lust grew fairly large just by staring at her. Obsidian eyes grew red, black swirls turning to patterns. He wasn't going easy on anyone. Purple fire began to escape him, covering him protectively with a ribcage.

No one seemed fazed except for Hinata. His power always surprised her, no matter how many times she'd seen it.

Sasuke raised his hand with his sword. "Time to get this over with."

The mask woman still stood there, which angered Sasuke more. She didn't seem afraid of him, which caused him to grow impatient by the second.

Violet swirls of fire grew bigger, muscles began attaching to the bones. But he didn't stop there. The fire danced around him, covering him like a shield and he outstretched his arm, the fiery hand copying him. He closed his eyes, and took a deep breath before tossing them open again and he threw his sword.

Everything seemed it was going in slow motion for Hinata. She watched the katana fly slowly with precise aim towards the enemy. The sword flew closer and closer to the masked woman. Before she knew, she blinked and when she opened her eyes the sword was through the masked woman, the edge if it coming from her back.

But no blood.

She frowned confusedly. Why didn't she try to dodge? But as soon as she thought that, something horrifyingly happened.

Before the body hit the ground, the body ripped into shreds and another body emerged from the first.

Hinata watched with disgust, Sasuke with anger and every one else, emotionless, even Hiruku.

The remains of the body plopped onto the ground, messily and Hinata had to try her best not to get overcome by the wave of nausea coming over her. She raised her hand to cover my mouth and nose, holding back a mouthful of vomit.

It was always different. No matter how many times she saw remains of a body, splattered guts, or a freshly killed ninja in front of her, her body would react immediately. It was disgusting, horrible.

That's why she wasn't a medic nin like Sakura. Being around this 24/7 would torture her and she wouldn't last a day. And she didn't possess the power Sakura or Ino had. That's why she preferred ANBU instead. She wasn't around littered bodies or organs. Unless she made that pile herself in the missions.

Tenten was ANBU and how much did she envy her. Every time they would have a girls night out, they would always talk about their jobs.

Sakura and Ino would go praising about her daily surgeries or jobs. The conversation was usually dropped momentarily, usually she and Tenten would lose their appetite.

And then Tenten would go on talking about ANBU. How she worked in a squad, even with Neji, which she rarely spoke of, even though he was team captain. Hinata knows there's something between them. Hanabi always would try to pair them up but failed.

But the way she talked about made Hinata want to join so badly. Neji's team was the best, including himself, Tenten, Kiba and Lee. They were called the Titanium squad for one and one only reason.

They never failed a mission. They had no weakness. With Kiba's and Akamaru's most trusted nose in the whole village, Neji's Byuakugan that was more powerful than her own's, the most skilled weaponist and the all famous ninja that can take down a hundreds of men with just taijustsu.

Hinata would have been honored to be in the same squad as them. But they were perfect and they wouldn't need a second pair of eyes in the group. She would only slow them down, and they would have to look after her.

She didn't want that. Instead, she wanted to her own squad. She wanted to be the leader of the squad. A squad that would treat her the same as themselves, an equal.

She would have an unstoppable team. A team she would have dreamed to had. If she had her way, she already knew what team she would approve of.

Shino, the best insect specialist in his whole clan and village.

Shikamaru, the brains of the team. His intelligence was part of the ending of the Fourth Shinobi War and Hinata always knew since childhood, he was a man to be worthy of.

Ino. A medic on the team would hold them together. Let them fight longer. Sakura would also be a great help, but since her marriage with Naruto, she's been working in the hospital all day and night.

And Chouji. People would always glance at him and forget him, but Hinata always saw potential in him. He's grown to being the greatest head leader of his clan from the whole clan leaders before him. He's kind and gentle but once he gets serious, his power is beyond imagine.

She thought her squad was perfect. Unstoppable like Neji's.

But she wasn't captain. And no group existed.

But now, she had a chance. She was married and she no longer has to be head of the clan. She could achieve a longing dream that can turn into reality. And she wanted to add someone else that had abnormal powers and amazing skill. Sasuke.

The Uchiha growled deep in his throat from the scene that just played in front of him.

"Probably wondering how I got this power, huh?" Those were the first words to come out of her mouth, and her voiced hissed like a snake.

"You're a meer copy of Orochimaru. I don't know what you did to posess this, but it seems you have got ahold of his blood."

The woman scoffed. "Oh please, like I'll ever use his blood."

Sasuke fisted his palms, his knuckles turning white. "Then would you care to explain how?"

She crackled out a nasty laugh. "I can't believe you haven't figured it out. And you were his pupil."

"His experimenting was none of my concern," He answered dryly.

"Yes, but power was what brought you to him. As it did for me." She walked to her deceased body and pulled out Sasuke's knife, only white slime was on the sword. "His power was magnificent and I was a mere helpless woman when I found out about him."

Sasuke burrowed his brows, his eyes burning crimson red. "That doesn't explain how you achieved it. He's dead and all of his remains were dissipated. Kabuto was destroyed as well, to the last cell. How else would you achieve it?"

She touched her mask with her right hand. Two wholes shined her brown insane eyes, and two lines drew vertically in them, making them look like real snake eyes.

In her left hand, she raised the katana to her eye level, as if marveling it. "I counted you as a smart man, Uchiha Sasuke. I wanted you to join me and my forces. It would have been perfect." She turned to face him staring at him with abnormal eyes. "We would have been unstoppable. I would have been the new Orochimaru! Powers just like in his Sannin years and even more powerful!" She pointed the sword to him. "You would help me restore peace in this world. We would RULE the world!" A hysterical chuckle escaped her lips behind her mask.

"Join me, and you'll achieve higher power than you have now. You'll be stronger than that stupid partner of yours that became Hokage. More power than the Sage of The Six Paths himself!"

Hinata scoffed loudly, causing Sasuke and the snake lady to look at her. Hinata looked back, eyes challenging hers. "No one can be more powerful than the Rikudo Sennin. Orochimaru couldn't stand a chance against Obito Uchiha in the Fourth Shinobi War. What makes you think his power can be greater that Naruto's or better yet the Sage's?"

The masked lady glared at her and her voice grew edgy, obviously offended from Hinata's outburst. "You have no idea what power means, child, and you'll never know."

"Power isn't everything."

"That's coming from a person who doesn't have it."

Hinata smirked at her, positioning herself in the famous Hyuga stance, eyes flaring white. "Why don't we find out?"

The masked woman turned her whole body to Hinata. Sasuke frowned. "Hinata, her power is not to be handled with. You won't be able to defeat her."

"You killed Orochimaru once. That was when you were strong but not as strong as you are now. You're indeed powerful, Sasuke, but I am too. I won't have a problem."

The woman placed her hand of her hip. "That sounds like an appealing proposition, but some other time." She looked at Hiruku. "But right now I need to take care of something."

Hiruku looked back at her, disgust in his eyes. But there was something else. Sorrow? "You're finally gonna get you're dream of killing me, wont you?"

The woman took a step towards him. "You seem to always read my mind."

Hiruku smiled sadly. "I guess that's why I loved you so much."

Hinata's eyes deactivated from her shock. Sasuke was so surprised, he didn't know how to react. She stared at Hiruku.

"You loved me so much, you wanted to kill me."

Sasuke's Susano died down and he had to cross his arms across his chest to not yank his hair out. Hinata walked to Sasuke, not leaving her eyes of the man at the trunk or the woman in the mask.

She blinked several times. "B-but, that means-"

The woman turned to the two Konoha shinobi and sighed. She dropped Sasuke's sword, and reached for the strings around her mask. In one tug, the knot untied and the mask fell into her hands.

Her head rose and no one said a word except her. Her face was half covered in brown scales, and she smiled wickedly.

Hiruku watched her sadly. "You really have changed...Senya."

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